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  • Hat Brat: 9 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

    Paper and Stitch
    1 Sep 2015 | 5:09 am
    I don't know how it happened exactly, but over the years, I've become a little bit of a hat brat. SO, I thought I'd roundup some of my favorite hats to take us into fall, since the change of seasons is right around the corner. Who's with me? (above) 1. straw hat with a cozy sweater 2. Janessa Leone henninsen hat 3. similar to my burgundy hat above (from this shoot) is this one from ASOS 4. flat top boater hat 5. Maxwell black brim hat 6. fall fedora from Kendi Everyday 7. flat top straw hat, like the one I wore during the farm to table shoot 8. Found this big black hat from Smitten…
  • Shopping List: Best Kid Underwear

    Design Mom
    Design Mom
    1 Sep 2015 | 9:00 am
    By Gabrielle. At this point in my parenting life I’ve now purchased approximately 1 million pairs of kid underwear. I’ve bought them from lots of different stores, in lots of different cuts. And it turns out I have some strong opinions. So I thought I’d share what I’ve learned, and you can chime in with your thoughts and favorite sources, and then this post can hopefully be a great resource for anyone out there shopping for kid unders and wondering what the options are. How’s that sound? THE BASIC INFO Let’s start with boys. For little boys you basically…
  • Three Bird Nest No Longer On Etsy

    Timothy Adam
    26 Aug 2015 | 10:35 am
    Alicia Shaffer of ThreeBirdNest is taking a break from Etsy aftet becoming one of the fastest growing shops since 2011.  Take look and see infamous 3 armed sweater page! For the full story check out Etsy-Preneurship _  ThreeBirdNest taking a “break” from Etsy You can see That Three Bird Nest was in the top 10 of the shops with the most sales in 2014. Top Sellers 2014 Handmade Rank Name Sales Country 1 ThinkPinkBows 119180 United States 2 RivermillEmbroidery 104220 United States 3 Thevelvetacorn 96605 United States 4 beanforest 96106 United States 5 threebirdnest 90726 United States 6…
  • Build Your Supply of Wool-Blend Felt -- Amazing Opportunity

    12 Aug 2015 | 12:35 pm
    This week, Massdrop has posted an amazing opportunity for you to SAVE 33% on my All-Wool-Blend-Felts Pack from the Heather Bailey Store. Included with these 50 designer felt sheets is a FREE copy of my Full Bloom Felt & Fabric Roses pattern.  Take a look. Only FOUR more days to go. Visit and type "felt" into the search bar. Please share this news. The more who join in, the lower the price becomes.
  • sneak peek: idea-ology christmas…

    Tim Holtz
    tim holtz
    2 Sep 2015 | 7:37 am
    get ready to deck the halls and make your christmas creativity merry & bright with the new yuletide collection.  this vintage inspired assortment of festive findings and timeless papers will spark your creative imagination with holiday cheer.  inspired by seasons of the past, yuletide combines a traditional palette and iconic patterns.  this release also features a joyful mix of Continue Reading
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  • Build Your Supply of Wool-Blend Felt -- Amazing Opportunity

    12 Aug 2015 | 12:35 pm
    This week, Massdrop has posted an amazing opportunity for you to SAVE 33% on my All-Wool-Blend-Felts Pack from the Heather Bailey Store. Included with these 50 designer felt sheets is a FREE copy of my Full Bloom Felt & Fabric Roses pattern.  Take a look. Only FOUR more days to go. Visit and type "felt" into the search bar. Please share this news. The more who join in, the lower the price becomes.
  • 10 Facts & 10 Yards of FREE Fabric

    16 Apr 2015 | 3:24 pm
    For the entire month of April 2015, Free Spirit, the company that publishes my fabric collections, is featuring me on their blog. Currently there is a post up with 10 Facts about Heather Bailey you probably don't know: secret ambitions, my childhood nickname, etc. And Free Spirit is having a significant giveaway in association with that post. The winner will receive 10 yards of fabric from my latest collection, Clementine. To enter the giveaway, share what you have in common with me in the comments of their post. A winner will be chosen on April 17th, so hurry on over—after saying…
  • In the Grip of Gratitude

    28 Mar 2015 | 5:30 am
    March. I like March. I'm recovered from the holidays and from two January birthdays (Elijah and Charlotte). It's still early in the year for big plans and the Arizona weather is delightful. (I'm sorry this isn't the case for everyone.) Despite the lovely Marchness all around me, I'm also facing some distinct challenges and some tough decisions this year. Instead of running from them any longer or glossing things over, I've decided to plow into these matters head-on. And though difficult and strange, it feels good. I'm a doer and it's time to…
  • NEW Pattern! Prize Bloom Quilt

    9 Dec 2014 | 12:20 pm
    I have two new sewing patterns to announce this week, starting with the Prize Bloom Quilt. This three-dimensional floral design is a rewarding project. It gives you the opportunity to practice a variety of techniques (curved piecing, inset corners, appliqué), yet it is quick to sew. You complete one, large flower and a simple, pieced foundation, then put them together and you're done. Practically. There is quilting and binding as well, but those go quickly too. The large, dahlia-like flower is gathered at the center and a round of three-dimensional petals is added. These details draw…
  • Luxury Bedding

    3 Dec 2014 | 6:02 am
    I've come across the most luxurious baby bedding by Tushies & Tantrums. I believe I was originally tagged in an Instagram post. (Which is one of my favorite things about Instagram—getting to see what is being made with my fabric collections. Tagging is such an easy way to share.) Below is just one of the luxurious sets that Tushies & Tantrums has put together using Heather Bailey fabrics. The featured prints are those shown above, all from my Lottie Da collection: Dauphine turquoise, Lottie Dot purple, Carousel Stripe orchid, and Lottie Dot olive. I adore this Jenny-Lind style…
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    Tim Holtz

  • sneak peek: idea-ology christmas…

    tim holtz
    2 Sep 2015 | 7:37 am
    get ready to deck the halls and make your christmas creativity merry & bright with the new yuletide collection.  this vintage inspired assortment of festive findings and timeless papers will spark your creative imagination with holiday cheer.  inspired by seasons of the past, yuletide combines a traditional palette and iconic patterns.  this release also features a joyful mix of Continue Reading
  • 12 tags of 2015 – september…

    tim holtz
    1 Sep 2015 | 7:00 am
    exploring the use of color and texture is one of my favorite things to do.  by combining these elements in various ways it allows the imagination to run wild with possibility.  alcohol inks have a unique ability to blend into vibrant colorful backgrounds on slick surfaces, and although the techniques can vary, the end results Continue Reading
  • studio improvements…

    tim holtz
    14 Aug 2015 | 6:45 am
    well if you’ve been following us on social media you know we’ve been busy the last month with a few home improvements installing cool new vintage style wood floors.  for the past two weeks we’ve taken on the last room in the house which is the studio, and let me tell you this was no easy task.  my studio Continue Reading
  • UPDATE: halloween inspiration series (POSTPONED)

    tim holtz
    13 Aug 2015 | 1:49 pm
    hey everyone – i’ve recently been getting emails and comments on social media from many of you voicing your disappointment that some of the new release products we have been showing here on the blog are not in stores yet.  i looked into it and have been informed that there are in fact delays on some of the new Continue Reading
  • halloween inspiration series: barbarayaya…

    tim holtz
    12 Aug 2015 | 8:43 am
    if you love dimensional detail, color, and texture then today’s halloween project will conjure up your creativity.  i’m always amazed by the pure imagination today’s talented designer puts into her art.  be sure to click the link to see the tutorial and lots of close-up photos of this masterpiece… barbarayaya – “spooky folio” is layered with Continue Reading
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    Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers

  • New Project: Payload Box and Drop Mechanism for Drones and R/C Planes

    Nathan Hurst
    2 Sep 2015 | 7:30 am
    How to adapt a UAV Drone with a dropper mechanism. Read more on MAKE The post Payload Box and Drop Mechanism for Drones and R/C Planes appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.
  • These Art Cars Are Cruising Across Burning Man in Style

    Caleb Kraft
    2 Sep 2015 | 7:00 am
    Whether you're missing Burning Man this year or you're about to head out to the playa, check out the most impressive art cars that will be cruising the desert. Read more on MAKE The post These Art Cars Are Cruising Across Burning Man in Style appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.
  • Painting Gorgeous Colors onto Copper Using Only An Open Flame

    Theron Sturgess
    2 Sep 2015 | 6:30 am
    Watch as metalworking artist Philip Cook demonstrates his skill with "painting" brilliant colors onto copper with a blowtorch. Read more on MAKE The post Painting Gorgeous Colors onto Copper Using Only An Open Flame appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.
  • Ferrofluid Clock Moves Like Elegant Little Caterpillars

    Sophia Smith
    2 Sep 2015 | 6:00 am
    Created by designer Zelf Koelman, Ferrolic is a clock that displays time in a liquid that is controlled by magnets. Yes, really. Read more on MAKE The post Ferrofluid Clock Moves Like Elegant Little Caterpillars appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.
  • Learn About Hand-Lashed Kayaks at the Shreveport Mini Maker Faire

    Caleb Kraft
    2 Sep 2015 | 5:30 am
    Don Fraser has been building kayaks for 45 years, and he will be coming to Shreveport Mini Maker Faire this month to share his expertise. Read more on MAKE The post Learn About Hand-Lashed Kayaks at the Shreveport Mini Maker Faire appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.
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    not martha

  • links: food

    18 Aug 2015 | 5:20 pm
    Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk Is Probably the Best Chicken Recipe of All Time — Recipe Review | The Kitchn. I will be trying this soon. How to Make a Pizza Decorated to Look Like Captain America’s Shield at Laughing Squid. Compact Charcoal Grills — Shoebox Dwelling. crunchy cabbage salad with spicy peanut dressing | Scaling Back. Yum, via Whoorl. How to Cook Spanish-Style Pimientos de Padrón | Serious Eats. I’m excited for Padron pepper season to return. Genius Kale Salad Recipe – 101 Cookbooks. Heirloom Seeds – Vegetable Seeds and Plants, Melon, Charentais.
  • links: misc

    13 Aug 2015 | 12:09 pm
    A Common Nomenclature for Lego Families – The Morning News. What to call the various Lego bricks. The Essential Cyberpunk Reading List at io9. Aladdin: When Chaos Comes Calling Episode Trivia – Under “allusions” here they describe a scene with a whale and a bowl of petunias which is a reference to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The moment lasts seconds and it’s over and when I saw it as a kid I nearly thought I’d imagined it. Glad to finally have confirmation that it was real. Inner Vision for the weekend of July 10,…
  • links: the home

    9 Jul 2015 | 1:37 pm
    Soapbox, pretty and simple furniture. Via Swissmiss. Ceiling Hook — Shoebox Dwelling. A clean way to reposition that pendant light that hangs in the wrong spot, I need this for my own dining room. Easy Houseplants – Easy To Care For Indoor Plants, at House Beautiful. Via The Wirecutter. 28 DIYs You Need for Your First Apartment | Brit + Co. I love the suggestions for cheap, giant art treatments here. 14 Ways to Decorate With Air Plants (aka the New Succulent!) | Brit + Co. Having killed a few non-air plants I might be reconsidering my choice of interior plants. A Box-Like House is…
  • links: misc

    25 Jun 2015 | 5:54 am
    My daughter and I almost escaped from a sealed cavern before running out of air – Boing Boing. I’ve done one of these real life room escape games and it was super fun. See also: Let Me Out of Here! Inside Seattle’s Real-Life-Room-Escape Boom. I’m wondering if anyone knows where the title for “The Breakfast Club” film came from. | Ask MetaFilter. Seven Of The Most Beautiful Botanical Mazes On Earth at io9. Flexible, Fluid ‘Revision’ Bounces From Rom-Com To Sci-Fi : NPR. Huge congratulations to Andrea on the great reviews in her first book, I…
  • two things from Ikea that I like

    17 Jun 2015 | 8:00 am
    #1: Sexy tumblers. There is a restaurant near us, Bar del Corso, that serves wine in low, wide tumblers. I’ve always found them very pleasing so I was happy to find similarly shaped glasses at Ikea recently and they’ve become my default vessel for sipping rose wine out of. Two things: at $3 for a set of six glasses they are ridiculously affordable, and if you buy them pay attention to how the packaging they come in unfolds into a single rectangle of cardboard, it’s a remarkable feat of engineering. We’ve also been using these for cocktails but they aren’t…
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  • Simon Says Stamp Happy Birthday

    31 Aug 2015 | 11:26 am
    Hello, Friends! Simon Says Stamp is bringing big fun for Stamp Tember again this year. I was super excited to receive this die from them and just had to cut out a sparkly silver happy birthday. I love all the loops and sparkles because, of course I do. The background is Ranger Watercolor Paper with Brusho Crystals mounted on My Favorite Things After Midnight Cardstock. I can’t wait to see what else is coming during Stamp Tember! Thank You for stopping by! Love Love and Blog you later, Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)  
  • MFT Sketch Challenge #234

    24 Jun 2015 | 5:00 am
    Hello, Friends! I’m back again with the last sketch challenge of this month. It has been so much fun playing along with the MFT Challenge team. Thanks for welcoming me! :) Here’s the sketch for this week: MFT Stamps:  Count The Stars MFT Dies: Lucky Stars, Stars & Wishes MFT Cardstock: Smooth White, Translucent Vellum, Coral Crush, After Midnight Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll be playing along with us! Check out what the other ladies did and link up your cards on the Card Challenge Blog! Love Love and Blog you Later, Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)
  • Bluebird Chic Camera Strap winner

    23 Jun 2015 | 8:23 am
    Hello, Friends! Thank you so much for all the entries, I love that you all loved Leah and the winner is… Congratulations Suzy! I’ll email you with details. and to all my other friends, I hope you’ll have an opportunity to use the 20% off discount code Leah has offered to you, it’s good until June 29! Bluebird Chic Thanks for stopping by! Love Love and Blog you Later, Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)
  • 6 months of Headshots

    21 Jun 2015 | 11:00 pm
    The one project I have really been faithful to is our monthly headshots. As long as I have somewhat cheerful participants, I will continue on with this project. Here are the headshots from the past 6 months. These boys are growing up so quickly, I’m thankful for these monthly snapshots. Thanks for stopping by! Love Love and Blog you Later, Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)
  • Happy Father’s Day

    21 Jun 2015 | 11:33 am
    Hello, Friends! Today we celebrate Troy for father’s day with our handmade cards and lots of hugs and quality time. My Favorite Things Terrific Ties, For The Boys Mama Elephant Bear Hugs My Favorite Things The Whole Herd Happy Father’s Day to ALL MEN who love, nurture, guide, teach, lead, influence children. xo Thanks for stopping by! Love Love and Blog you Later, Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)
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    Wee Wonderfuls

  • doll giveaway!

    Hillary Lang
    31 Aug 2015 | 11:16 am
    Today's giveaway is a sprite or a fairy, something with funny little antennae off her head. Like Willow, she is made from the basic Elsa pattern. She has little buns made from a yellow fuzzy acrylic yarn. Her body is flannel and cotton and her dress was repurposed from a toddler shirt of Phoebe's. Her tulle wings are sewn to the back of her dress and the dress and shoes are removable. She was put together pretty quickly while I was working on fairy ideas for Land of Nod so she's not incredibly sturdy and may need some shoring up before any play. Let's see, we need a question for the…
  • tgif

    Hillary Lang
    28 Aug 2015 | 8:22 am
     things making me batty today biting my tongue so my comments don't influence how a teacher interacts with my child more struggles with social media. why can't I follow a fan page from a group? why won't my pins come up in fan page's facebook feed? luddites   (screenshot of my pretty pretty pins     things making me happy today enjoying the last day of 70s before 90s come back after being knocked about by middle school I feel like I'm back in the ring filling up pages in my project life album is the only thing on my to-do list for today I figured out how to recolor…
  • robbing peter to save paul

    Hillary Lang
    26 Aug 2015 | 9:40 am
    I swear, in the amount of time I spend trying to get all my social media to work in harmony with this blog, I could have just redone it in wordpress and been done with it! Right now I'm half an hour in to trying to figure out easiest way to pin instagrams on my phone. I've been taking screen shots and saving with my photos but what a mess. I have about 20 different inspiration collections going. I need to condense! Yesterday I made a woven wall hanging for Phoebe (here on my instagram). This morning I picked out next doll for giveaway, just waiting for some sun to photograph her.   
  • hybrid scrapbooking

    Hillary Lang
    24 Aug 2015 | 8:52 am
    When I first started scrapbooking/project life a few years ago I was super into the physicality and craft of it all. I'd never been a paper crafter and this was my first experience playing with stamps and pens and embellishments and I loved it, still do. But this Summer I started experimenting with digital scrapbooking and was instantly hooked. I think I'm doing what they'd call a hybrid now. I buy way too much cute stuff from the lily pad, add embellishments and journaling to the photos and then print them out and put them in the physical pocket folder sleeves. Things I love about this…
  • impatient

    Hillary Lang
    21 Aug 2015 | 12:29 pm
    Whenever anything is bugging me I can generally boil it down to my impatience. If not my worst trait, at least in the top 5. Things I'm impatient with today... I'm trying to learn now to make a weaving fiber art wall hanging thing. I'm not sure I really even want one on my wall as decor but every one I see on pinterest I love. I can't figure out how to line up sections with different weight yarn but am too impatient to look it up.  And obviously too impatient to move to better light for my photo.  Also impatient with back to school. Kids are in day 3 now. That dumb week leading up…
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    Make and Takes

  • 13 Magical Science Experiments for Kids

    1 Sep 2015 | 2:00 pm
    We’re jazzed about these magical science experiments we’ve been seeing all around and we know you’ll love them too. Use up all your senses as you explore each of these experiments made of magic! They are all about diving in and getting seriously silly about science. There’s mixing, growing, shaking, and swirling! Here are 13 magical science experiments kids will love: 1. Rainbow Marker Coffee Filters 2. Frozen Silly Putty via Paging Super Mums 3. Dancing Raisins via Buggy and Buddy 4. Making Butter and Whipped Cream 5. Glitter Sensory Bottle via See Vanessa Craft…
  • Banana Hazelnut Burritos for an After-School Snack

    31 Aug 2015 | 1:19 am
    With school around the corner, we’re getting busy prepping for the first day of school. I’m already anticipating the craziness of the start of the school year, so I’m getting ready with a few after-school snack ideas we can make for when they get home and are hungry. These banana hazelnut burritos are easy to make for after-school and my kids love them! I’m happy to be partnering with Old El Paso in bringing you a super easy snack for busy families, especially now that it’s back to school. Head over to your local Safeway or Albertsons to find Old El Paso…
  • Washi Tape Pencil Flags

    30 Aug 2015 | 8:29 am
    We’re gifting our teachers with a few fun pencils for the first day of school! It was fun to come up with silly things to say on our pencils, something to motivate both teachers and kids for back to school. These are simple to make as we use one of our favorite crafting supplies… washi tape! Make a whole set for your child’s teacher to help them “stay sharp” all year long. Find the full step-by-step tutorial for this Washi Tape Pencil Teacher’s Gift over at the Family Crafts channel on The post Washi Tape Pencil Flags appeared first on Make and…
  • Life Hack: Cover Scuffed Shoes with Duct Tape

    28 Aug 2015 | 12:15 pm
    Let’s face it, kids are tough on shoes. Just one bike ride with toes dragging can ruin a perfectly good pair. Or normal play at parks and on playgrounds. Or kneeling on cement doing sidewalk chalk. The toes are the first to go, but with a little decorative duct tape you can put a few more miles on those cute kicks. Here’s how we covered our scuffed shoes with a super simple trick! Supplies needed for Duct Tape Covered Shoes: scuffed up shoes patterned or colorful duct tape in color combos you like strong scissors Cut a piece of duct tape just a little longer and wider than you…
  • Back to School DIY Craft Caddy

    27 Aug 2015 | 1:46 am
    With my kids gearing up for back to school, we’ve got school supplies on the brain! We have our lists from the teachers for what our kids need to bring on the first day, so we’re getting everything ready. Along with supplies for school, I also like to have a set of supplies for my kids at home. This helps with homework and craft time, so we’re getting organized with a fun DIY Craft Caddy. I found this fun caddy at our local craft store and thought it was perfect for our everyday supplies at home. After school, my girls can carry this caddy out to the kitchen table to do…
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    angry chicken

  • brownies

    amy k.
    30 Aug 2015 | 11:14 am
    It was cool enough to bake last week. Fall is coming here. These were made from my family cookbook, the recipe and notes are in this older post. These were made by Lydia and Sadie and they added Trader Joe's chocolate chips, which I think make all the difference. Not about brownies: We are still loving Adobe Voice on our ipad for projects—I'm so proud of this movie Sadie and Delia made about Nelie Bly all by themselves. So great. I started and finished sewing Sadie's coat. I will show it soon. I also was told about this site full of podcast goodness, Radiotopia, which is full of…
  • weekend sewing

    amy k.
    17 Aug 2015 | 9:30 am
    I have been working on some crewel projects in the evenings while the girls are hanging out working on their own sewing projects—right now it's sewing on their pointe shoes. I have mixed feeling about these beautiful hand made shoes. The mom in me is concerned and the little girl in me loves them. And there's a third part of me that would love to learn how to make them. Unrelated to dance: Pete sent me a link to this amazing 5 minute podcast from the memory palace about John Glenn and space and I'm not going to say anything else—but please listen to the whole thing, it's…
  • more hand-sewing of creatures

    amy k.
    12 Aug 2015 | 9:21 am
    We are still in a hand-sewing kick around here. This one was almost entirely sewn by Delia. It's made from Mimi Kirchner's excellent friend Kitty ODF pattern. The dress was made by my mom for my Mandy doll, from about 1978. The neck on the dress is a bit small, but from the front it looks just fine. We hand-sewed this kitty doll, but the directions call for stitching by machine. I had felted the heck out of a sweater and the weave was so tight, using a whip stitch by hand was really easy.
  • escape from the heat

    amy k.
    5 Aug 2015 | 9:48 am
    Last week in Portland it was really hot. We don't have AC, just fans, but the evenings have been too hot for the fans to even help. We had camping reservations, but at the last minute, I just couldn't face it. Where we were camping it wasn't going to be any cooler—just the idea of packing for camping was making me sweat. So, we headed to the coast instead where it wasn't hot at all. It was heaven. We had a lovely time with Grandma and Grandpa at their beach house and we set up the tent in the yard, so there was camping, too. The girls slept in the tent both nights and I…
  • maggie rabbit and summer reading

    amy k.
    26 Jul 2015 | 5:52 pm
    I had a lot of time with my youngest child these last four weeks while the older girls were dancing all day. It was so nice and leisurely—we made lots of lemonade, sewed, went to the zoo, baked cookies, and had several tea parties. Last night, on the last day we had together alone, she asked to sew this adorable Miss Maggie Rabbit kit, by the amazing talented Alicia Paulson. She cut out all the pieces, sewed a whole lot of it herself, and learned all about Liberty cottons and why they are so treasured. Lydia also knits, so she is going to try her hand at the capelet. All the wooden doll…
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  • hello!!!
    29 Aug 2015 | 1:46 pm
    The whirlwind of releasing the month long Creativebug class (link in sidebar), Creative Sketchbooking has come and gone. That was fun! I'm still behind on checking in everywhere and can't wait for a break to do so. I owe so many of you a great big thank you for sharing in the enthusiasm and participating! I am grateful. For those that didn't, no worries, it's never too late to take the class, it remains on the Creativebug site, so join in the fun if you want to, anytime!  What's currently taking up all my creative time and energy is the continued work on my first ever…
  • week 2 of Creative Sketchbooking is here!
    5 Aug 2015 | 12:02 pm
    creative sketchbooking on creativebug week 2 promo from Pamela Garrison on Vimeo. Sheesh! Yesterday got away from me before I could mention that the 2nd part of my Creative Sketchbooking class on Creativebug went live yesterday!!! That means new exercises (see the video above for content), a whole new round of sharing all over, and a new contest by Creativebug for helping promote- one on facebook, one on instagram. Here are all the details on the contest.  This week we are doing exercises in responsive drawing, and I am using a watercolor sketchbook, this one specifically: You can get…
  • Happy Monday!
    3 Aug 2015 | 2:38 pm
    Hope you had a nice weekend! Get any Creative Sketchbooking in? I had just a little time to play and started the page above. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, lost in the process. Here it is after adding Gelly Roll pens on top: Tomorrow we start a whole new week with new exercises and new class content. There's also a new contest for helping to promote on IG and Facebook. I really appreciate all the excitement and the help sharing the class. Thank you! I do want to make sure you are entered for the contest if you did share- be sure you go to and go to the blog post :…
  • still talking creative sketchbooking class
    30 Jul 2015 | 6:57 pm
    Eventually I'll stop talking all Creative Sketchbooking class here, there, and everywhere...eventually ;). But not today! Today I have more to say. So, are you in the class with us? If yes, yay, fun, right?!? If no, what?!? ...I kid, I's ok, it's not for everyone, I know, you'll just have to bear with our excitement while we go on about it a little more. ;) If you are in the class, I wanted to make sure you know you can watch it by logging in via any internet browser on any computer or device, you don't have to download the app. I mention it because I know one…
  • so fun!
    29 Jul 2015 | 3:16 pm
    creative sketchbooking class from Pamela Garrison on Vimeo.   You all are the best! I so appreciate all the enthusiasm and participation in my first ever online class, Creative Sketchbooking! I'm trying hard to stay caught up here, in the classroom gallery, on my facebook page and on instagram. Everyone has their own favorite sharing platform, and I'm trying hard to not miss anyone. If you share what you make in class on a blog I hope you'll leave a comment so we can visit! People are just beginning to upload some work (play) to the online class gallery and with the…
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    The Etsy Blog

  • Featured Shop: Dan Cordero

    Dan Cordero
    2 Sep 2015 | 2:11 am
    Hi there! My name is Dan Cordero, and I’m an Emmy award-winning video producer, husband, and new father based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In my spare time, I make lighting and home decor out of repurposed vintage gadgets. I’ve worked in video production for the last 15 years. I never thought I’d find satisfaction building stuff in a workshop – in fact, I took a stagecraft class in college as part of my film degree and hated every minute! It wasn’t until I worked alongside industrial designers and engineers that I began to appreciate the art of creating objects by…
  • 34 Surprising Engagement Rings Under $1,000

    Aleksa Brown
    1 Sep 2015 | 4:52 am
    Getting engaged is a big deal: After all, it’s not every day that you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone. But even so, there’s no need to break the bank over the engagement ring. With so many talented designers from around the world on Etsy, it’s easy to find something unique, creative and totally unexpected for under $1,000 (which means more money for the honeymoon!). Scroll on for 34 fresh takes on engagement rings — from styles featuring recycled materials and diamond alternatives to those with symbolic motifs and sweetly sentimental bands. A world of…
  • Featured Shop: La Pomme et la Pipe

    La Pomme et la Pipe
    31 Aug 2015 | 4:04 am
    Hello, bonjour, and g’day! My name is Amanda, and I’m an American expat living in Canberra, Australia, with my wonderful husband and our loyal Jack Russell Terrier. I’m also the creator, designer and maker behind La Pomme et la Pipe, where I specialize in handmade, environmentally-friendly wedding stationery. My shop name is inspired by my favorite paintings by René Magritte and my love for all things français. Prior to moving to Australia, I spent two years living in Oxford, England; that’s where I started La Pomme et la Pipe. Before that, I was working in the…
  • Featured Shop: InconnuLAB

    Nora Dzsida
    28 Aug 2015 | 2:24 am
    Greetings from beautiful Italy! My name is Nora Dzsida, and I’m the owner and designer behind InconnuLAB. I create unconventional and customizable bags with a focus on environmentally-friendly practices. My background isn’t as creative as you might imagine. I studied economics in Hungary. After years of working internationally, I dropped everything to move to Italy. The move wasn’t easy because I loved Budapest, but trying something new was the best decision (and I like the unknown and getting out of my comfort zone). I believe that you can only grow if you’re willing…
  • Make an Adorable DIY Headband in Minutes

    Lucy Blaire
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:51 am
    Lucy Blaire learned the ins and outs of sewing while working as a seamstress in a custom drapery workroom. She’s since broken out on her own and is currently taking on the world of pattern design and craft writing. When she’s not whipping things up in the studio, Lucy spends her time with her husband and daughter in Catskill, NY. I live to design things for my daughter, but it’s safe to say that she, like most toddlers, is a bit finicky — and stubborn, and contrarian, and disobliging, and any number of synonyms for “kinda difficult.” Today she loves flowers…
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    Geek Crafts

  • Make Your Own Felt Sugar Skull Sachets

    31 Aug 2015 | 6:55 am
    I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the colorful and ornate look of sugar skulls. So when I saw this fun tutorial and pattern by Rachel on the blog Adventures in Making, I knew I needed to share it.  The tutorial has a downloadable template and step-by-step instructions, complete with plenty of pictures, so you can make your own lovely sugar skull sachet. There are even instructions on making your own sachet mix to go inside the felt sugar skull.  Wouldn’t this make a fun gift? More Links of Interest Rachel’s Tutorial and Pattern for making your own Felt Sugar…
  • Doctor Who Knitting: 10th Doctor Headband

    30 Aug 2015 | 11:15 am
    Who else is counting down the days to the premiere of the next season of Doctor Who? If your fingers are itching to get geek-crafty as you wait, check out H3Dakota’s 10th Doctor-inspired knit headband. Using the brioche knitting stitch, she made a reversible headband – “One side looks like his brown suit while the other looks like his blue suit,” she wrote. So are you a fan of 10? Or is another “your Doctor?” (David Tennant is my personal fav.) Links of Interest: 10th Doctor-inspired brioche knit headband by H3Dakota More Doctor Who crafts on GeekCrafts…
  • Sweetums from “The Muppets” as a Messenger Bag

    29 Aug 2015 | 5:50 pm
    NH822, a poster from Michigan, posted this messenger bag she made of Sweetums from “The Muppets,” in a Jim Henson-themed swap in 2012. The eyes are Teesha Moore style patches and the strap is a result of weaving some fuzzy yarn. The eyebrow was crocheted and then sewn on, the teeth are felt cones and the nose and lip are stuffed fleece. Sweetums is a very large, imposing and hairy Muppet ogre about nine feet tall. Despite appearing menacing, he is often depicted as friendly and harmless.
  • Make Your Halloween Yard Decor EPIC This Year

    24 Aug 2015 | 8:03 am
    I’m growing tired of summer and am totally ready for the Fall to begin. So, I’ve been hunting down more and more Halloween craft ideas. When I ran across this one, I knew I had to share it with you guys. I haven’t tried this yet, but the instructions make it sound super easy, and the effect is delightful. Can you imagine a half dozen of these man-eating beauties on your porch this year? Check out the full tutorial by Shirley Bovshow in the Garden Crafts section of the Eden Maker Blog. And be sure to share the results of your fabulous Halloween decorating! More Links of…
  • Using a 3D Printer for Cosplay Props

    23 Aug 2015 | 9:15 am
    At each MakerFaire I’ve attended, 3D printers always have a large presence. So I was intrigued when I saw Jade Falcon’s post about using a 3D printer to create cosplay props. The photo above features her prop of San’s dagger from Princess Mononoke. In her post, she talks about finding free 3D printing source files on Thingiverse. I also recently took advantage of their file archive to create a Father’s Day gift for my husband. It was a cool group effort. My son came up with the idea of 3D printing a small dagger for him, but couldn’t find a cheap way to handle…
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    house on hill road

  • That Raspberry Dessert

    Erin | house on hill road
    1 Sep 2015 | 6:42 am
    A few weeks ago I posted a photo of something I was baking on Instagram and promised Molly that I would post the recipe. I did mention that it is my favorite dessert. And it is. My mom used to make this in the summer, once or maybe twice each year. Her mom, my grandmother, also made this with just-picked raspberries when we would visit their farm. It's a sentimental dessert for me - truly the taste of my childhood summers. It is one first recipes I asked my mom for when Fatty and I were first dating. It has three main ingredients: fruit, sugar and Bisquick.  Nothing high brow about that…
  • Tune In: American Patchwork and Quilting Radio

    Erin | house on hill road
    21 Aug 2015 | 3:34 am
    Popping in to let you all know that I am honored and super excited to be a guest on Pat Sloan's American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast this coming Monday, August 24th. The show airs at 4:00 pm EST and you can listen to it live by clicking this link. I hope you tune it! In other news: both girls are back in school! I'm taking some time to get into some kind of a routine and hope to be back here next week with some pretty things to show and tell. Have a great weekend!
  • Scrap bags are BACK!

    Erin | house on hill road
    12 Aug 2015 | 9:59 am
    Stopping by quickly to let you know that I restocked my little shop with scrap bags. Again, I have sorted them by size  - Large bags have medium to large scraps that will be great to cut up and use in patchwork of all kinds. They each have 1 1/2 yards of fabric by weight (8 to 9 oz.) and have been sorted by cool colors, warm colors and mixed colors (warm & cool). The small bags have little scraps that work well in scrappy log cabins, English paper piecing, applique accents, etc. They are also sorted by color and contain 1/2 yard by weight (2.5 to 3 oz.). AND there are a few camera straps…
  • Summer.

    Erin | house on hill road
    5 Aug 2015 | 7:59 am
    Summer. So lovely and bright, but so hard to get a hold of, if that makes any sense. Fatty and I went to Switzerland! It was amazing - full of good food, good people, amazing scenery. It was a fast week, full to the brim with fun, but re-entry is always hard. Schools starts next week. Books are purchased, along with new uniforms, a fancy graphing calculator and 14 sewing machines for the arts elective that my friend, Jill, and I teach. Exciting stuff! There have been volleyball tryouts and auditions for the school play are next week. Summer reading is almost complete! It doesn't seem…
  • Canyon Path Quilt

    Erin | house on hill road
    17 Jul 2015 | 4:18 am
    My final donation quilt for our school and church carnival is this Canyon Path quilt done up in some gorgeous Cotton + Steel. The pattern is by Alexia Abegg and is available on the Cotton + Steel website. I bought the kit for this quilt on Craftsy a few months back. It has enough extra fabric included to piece a backing, or if you are ambitious, you could make a few extra blocks! I chose to keep the quilt at nine blocks as written. The cutting and piecing is very straightforward if you are comfortable with half square triangles. The only change I made was to cut the squares for the half…
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    The Etsy Blog

  • Featured Shop: Dan Cordero

    Dan Cordero
    2 Sep 2015 | 2:11 am
    Hi there! My name is Dan Cordero, and I’m an Emmy award-winning video producer, husband, and new father based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In my spare time, I make lighting and home decor out of repurposed vintage gadgets. I’ve worked in video production for the last 15 years. I never thought I’d find satisfaction building stuff in a workshop – in fact, I took a stagecraft class in college as part of my film degree and hated every minute! It wasn’t until I worked alongside industrial designers and engineers that I began to appreciate the art of creating objects by…
  • 34 Surprising Engagement Rings Under $1,000

    Aleksa Brown
    1 Sep 2015 | 4:52 am
    Getting engaged is a big deal: After all, it’s not every day that you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone. But even so, there’s no need to break the bank over the engagement ring. With so many talented designers from around the world on Etsy, it’s easy to find something unique, creative and totally unexpected for under $1,000 (which means more money for the honeymoon!). Scroll on for 34 fresh takes on engagement rings — from styles featuring recycled materials and diamond alternatives to those with symbolic motifs and sweetly sentimental bands. A world of…
  • Featured Shop: La Pomme et la Pipe

    La Pomme et la Pipe
    31 Aug 2015 | 4:04 am
    Hello, bonjour, and g’day! My name is Amanda, and I’m an American expat living in Canberra, Australia, with my wonderful husband and our loyal Jack Russell Terrier. I’m also the creator, designer and maker behind La Pomme et la Pipe, where I specialize in handmade, environmentally-friendly wedding stationery. My shop name is inspired by my favorite paintings by René Magritte and my love for all things français. Prior to moving to Australia, I spent two years living in Oxford, England; that’s where I started La Pomme et la Pipe. Before that, I was working in the…
  • Featured Shop: InconnuLAB

    Nora Dzsida
    28 Aug 2015 | 2:24 am
    Greetings from beautiful Italy! My name is Nora Dzsida, and I’m the owner and designer behind InconnuLAB. I create unconventional and customizable bags with a focus on environmentally-friendly practices. My background isn’t as creative as you might imagine. I studied economics in Hungary. After years of working internationally, I dropped everything to move to Italy. The move wasn’t easy because I loved Budapest, but trying something new was the best decision (and I like the unknown and getting out of my comfort zone). I believe that you can only grow if you’re willing…
  • Make an Adorable DIY Headband in Minutes

    Lucy Blaire
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:51 am
    Lucy Blaire learned the ins and outs of sewing while working as a seamstress in a custom drapery workroom. She’s since broken out on her own and is currently taking on the world of pattern design and craft writing. When she’s not whipping things up in the studio, Lucy spends her time with her husband and daughter in Catskill, NY. I live to design things for my daughter, but it’s safe to say that she, like most toddlers, is a bit finicky — and stubborn, and contrarian, and disobliging, and any number of synonyms for “kinda difficult.” Today she loves flowers…
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  • Daftar Katalog Promo Alfamart Update

    Erma Iriana
    1 Sep 2015 | 6:47 pm
    You need to purchase worms that carry this label associated with red wriggler often known as redworms as well as brandling worms. Redworms as well as brandling worms can be bought from a trap retail outlet, some regional horticulture focuses as well as by simply postal mail buy. A normal earthworm may take in its excess weight with substance Promo Alfamart with several hours; maintain this particular as the primary goal when you find yourself finding out the dimensions of your current compost bin as well as the amount of worms you'll need. While using the charge of which this worms consume…
  • Kumpulan Kata Kata Mutiara di Indonesia

    Erma Iriana
    1 Sep 2015 | 4:06 pm
    Therefore, seaplanes have been an ideal plane so they really could possibly be utilized to area within a body regarding h2o particularly around coastlines. An exclusive massive sea/airfield was intended with the hawaiian islands to allow transoceanic routes that may bring people by using soaring fishing boats via the hawaiian islands in Kata Kata Mutiara order to mainland. Because of the arrival regarding s the particular time regarding aeroplanes actually began plus the soaring fishing boats like a professional aircraft was concluded. Because of the s with all the arrival regarding boeing…
  • Daftar Katalog Promo Tupperware Terbaik 2015

    Erma Iriana
    31 Aug 2015 | 7:23 pm
    That assist comes via an attorney at law dedicated real estate property or foreclosures, a hud okayed houses consultant, or perhaps your own personal loan company. If you are a home owner, foreclosures shouldn't come like a shock for you. You might acquire a lot of messages or calls as well as words through your personal loan company, perhaps Promo Tupperware prior to foreclosures method starts. In the event you would like to work, it is now time to take action. If you are confronted with merely short-lived personal issues, for instance a personal injury that could preserve a person needing…
  • List Katalog Promo Indomaret di Indonesia

    Erma Iriana
    31 Aug 2015 | 4:28 pm
    To the ever busy specialists that must deal with a great deal of enterprise extramarital liasons, ipod can’t quite possibly meet their requirements specially regarding numerous software applications. Regardless of substantial value of the jean pocket personal computers, the item is surely a excellent investment decision simply because Promo Indomaret you should utilize the item at the office to evaluate your small business procedures. Simply by deciding on industry related applications, your requirements is usually satisfied through the cell phone system. By having the zune in your jean…
  • Daftar Promo Harga Tiket Dufan di Indonesia

    Erma Iriana
    31 Aug 2015 | 7:10 am
    Unless of course you would like to that is certainly. Company web-sites tend to be the favorite approach to acquiring on the internet. Rain forest, Gevalia, Wal Mart, the idea doesnt genuinely subject. You already know you are working with the respectable firm along with will definitely find lots on the merchandise. Discount internet sites may give Promo Dufan you even greater cost savings however you'll receive quite creepy brand names that may not be obtainable in your town or country. Be sure they have got this functions you are interested in along with arent gonna sink or certainly be a…
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    Design Mom

  • Shopping List: Best Kid Underwear

    Design Mom
    1 Sep 2015 | 9:00 am
    By Gabrielle. At this point in my parenting life I’ve now purchased approximately 1 million pairs of kid underwear. I’ve bought them from lots of different stores, in lots of different cuts. And it turns out I have some strong opinions. So I thought I’d share what I’ve learned, and you can chime in with your thoughts and favorite sources, and then this post can hopefully be a great resource for anyone out there shopping for kid unders and wondering what the options are. How’s that sound? THE BASIC INFO Let’s start with boys. For little boys you basically…
  • Living With Kids: Michelle Waters

    Design Mom
    1 Sep 2015 | 5:00 am
    By Gabrielle. Michelle is a total joy. I know you’re going to be moved by her words, her enthusiasm for her city, and even her love for a feature in her basement renovation. You’ve just got to adore someone who describes her basement-turned-kids-bedroom like this: “I figured that exposed brick is a thing nowadays, so now I’m trying to make exposed concrete a thing, too.” I enjoy people who make things a thing, don’t you? And her memories of a bittersweet home project…oh, it made me swallow a gulp. There’s a lot to enjoy in this one, Friends. Enjoy it, please. Welcome,…
  • Super Lice??

    Design Mom
    31 Aug 2015 | 11:05 am
    Photo and text by Gabrielle. Have you been reading the crazy headlines about Super Lice? If you’ve missed out, here’s the summary: apparently, head lice in at least 25 states have become resistant to over-the-counter pesticides. Yuck. But I have to say, I’m reading these reports with a raised eyebrow, because our big run-in with lice was over 6 years ago, and even back then, before “super lice” existed, I had zero luck with chemical responses to the bugs. In fact, if anyone asks me for lice advice, based on my own family’s experience, my response is always:…
  • A Few Things

    Design Mom
    28 Aug 2015 | 11:30 am
    Photo and text by Gabrielle. Hello, Friends! I feel like giving high fives to everyone, because we made it through the first week of school!! I’m not sure what it is, but this year, that feels like a big accomplishment. Hah! To celebrate, we’re hosting a cousins sleepover tonight. Which means this should be a great weekend! How about you? Any fun plans? Before I say see ya later alligator, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share: - Alt Summit registration for the flagship January conference is now open! Will I see you there? (Oh. And the Call for Speakers ends on the…
  • Family Finances: Creating a Budget

    Design Mom
    27 Aug 2015 | 5:29 pm
    Photos and text by Gabrielle. As you may already know, I’m working with ScholarShare, California’s 529 savings plan, on a series of 4 posts about family finances. In the first post, we talked about teaching kids about finances (and I shared the money game I made up for my teens!). Then we covered Bookkeeping 101. And today, it’s all about Creating a Family Budget. I mentioned this in the last posts, but it’s worth repeating: I know talking about finances can trigger worry or shame for lots of us, so I promise to keep things shame-free and totally…
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  • new (& old), in the garden (& in the kitchen)

    1 Sep 2015 | 5:00 am
    I adore how each and every new garden season brings us the opportunity to try something new - to plant, to grow, or a means by which to preserve. Alongside the standbys and family favorites and easiest of methods, it's...
  • September 1

    1 Sep 2015 | 4:57 am
    Hello September! And welcome (and welcome back) to the newest Sponsors here at SouleMama... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activate your Core Calling: 3 Tools to Embody Who You...
  • paint face

    31 Aug 2015 | 6:08 am
    When Calvin was a toddler, he couldn't quite say 'beautiful' in the way that the rest of us do, and so it came out something like "bucicle". And that is precisely how you'll hear it said in our house, from...
  • urban baby bonnets {a soulemama sponsor}

    29 Aug 2015 | 6:25 am
    Greetings from urban baby bonnets! modern little sun hats for all the lovely littles in your life! perfectly hip fabrics and a totally updated design make our sun hats perfect for today's parent! no more slathered chemical sunscreens that inevitably...
  • in the garden, August 28

    28 Aug 2015 | 6:11 am
    There are signs of the season changing everywhere I look in the garden. Pumpkins turning orange, beds a wee bit overrun with weeds, new beds for next year in the beginning stages of progress, and tomato plants looking more than...
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    Yarn Harlot

  • Nothing to see here

    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    1 Sep 2015 | 12:24 pm
    This cowl I’m knitting and I, we were nearing the end of the road. I’d powered through what was almost left of the knitting, and I was at that tricky bit at the end of a handspun thing.  I had a little bit left when I finished the repeats of the lace, but I handspun is so precious that I hate to waste any, and this particular skein ended in a bit of brown-ish business that I thought would look nice at the edge.  I decided, likely because Joe is still out of town and that makes me believe I can concentrate on things, to play a little game of yarn chicken.  I measured out what i…
  • More and More

    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    29 Aug 2015 | 1:31 pm
    Joe packed up this morning and took off on a business trip, and to be totally and completely honest, his timing is great.  I’ve got something I’m working on, so the peace and quiet will be nice, and frankly he’s been on such a roll around here that yesterday Ken texted to ask if Joe and I were still married. We were, we are, and poor Joe has had a heck of a week, and I think that he’s just as happy for a few quiet days as I am.  He’s had one mishap after another, and last night the guy tried to make up for the craptastic week he’s had, and we went out…
  • That moment right there

    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    28 Aug 2015 | 1:24 pm
    There are a lot of things about knitting that I like. I like that I’m making something, I like that those things are (mostly) beautiful.  I like that it’s good for my brain, I like that it’s good for my sanity (mostly) and I like that my ability to make clothes gives my fellow humans a fairly decent reason to help me stay alive after the zombie apocalypse. Those are the big things I like.  This morning, drinking coffee and planning my day, I was knitting on the cowl and I looked over at the ball of yarn, and my heart leapt a little for just a moment, and I thought of a…
  • Actually, in Reverse

    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    27 Aug 2015 | 11:39 am
    For something that started so quickly, that cowl is totally going the other way now. The spinning and plying flew by and now…  The problem is me, like it always is.  I started knitting the cowl, charging along – following the pattern and when I had about 8cm, I realized that the gauge wasn’t working out, and that it was coming out too small, and… I ripped it back added another repeat, and kept going. Now the astute among you will notice that I have here violated knitting rule #1, which is that I didn’t do a swatch, if I’d have done a swatch, I would have…
  • Whoosh

    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    24 Aug 2015 | 1:50 pm
    Whoosh, that’s the sound that the last week made as it blew right by me. I’ve been so determined to enjoy what’s left of the summer, before everyone gets all the way back to work, and the weather turns. There’s only a little time left for sailing and bike riding, and going outside without layers on, and I haven’t wanted to miss a minute of it – so that’s where I’ve been, making hay while the sun shines.  A very busy September looms right around the corner (I’ll be in Lethbridge, and Calgary, and Downsville, Wisconsin, and there’s…
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    My Paper Crane

  • Plush Of The Month Club

    Heidi Kenney
    31 Aug 2015 | 7:14 am
    I have a few more spots in Plush Of The Month Club for boxes shipping tomorrow Sept. 1st Above you can see the box that shipped out August 1st. I’ll have a proper post with all the details of August boxes tomorrow.
  • Halloween Fabric

    Heidi Kenney
    21 Aug 2015 | 5:44 pm
    This time of year I have a one-track Halloween mind. Once school starts and all the stores start sneaking out that Halloween merchandise its all I can think about. I love Halloween! Here are my newest Spoonflower fabrics with my little characters getting themselves ready for Halloween.
  • ebay

    Heidi Kenney
    15 Aug 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Just a head’s up for Yummy collectors out there that I finally begun the huge task of cleaning out my attic and selling off a lot of my artist royalties from Kidrobot over on eBay. I have so much to get to that its going to take months, but I will try to list a little bit each day. If you miss out on something, fear not I probably have more. I just won’t be able to say for certain when and how many things will be up there, but currently there is a BUNCH! You might notice some books and vintage stuff too…you know once you start clearing things out it is a bit addictive. Time…
  • Spoonflower’s free swatch day

    Heidi Kenney
    4 Aug 2015 | 10:50 am
    Today you can get a free 8×8 inch swatch of Spoonflower’s new fabric sport lycra (free shipping too!) all you need to do is go to spoonflower, pick your fabric, add a swatch size in the sport lycra and you will see it says get your free swatch. It’s free until Wednesday Aug 5th at 12 EDT, so hurry!
  • New Nuns

    Heidi Kenney
    27 Jul 2015 | 6:00 am
    I have some new and improved nun fabrics over at Spoonflower. I made my first nun fabric years ago and have loved seeing it used for some many fun things. Can’t wait to see what my new nuns become!
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    Betz White

  • Cargo Tablet Sleeve with Stacy – Sewing Collective

    Betz White
    28 Aug 2015 | 6:41 am
      Hi everyone! It’s Stacy from StacySews again. This week, I’m getting ready for back-to-school by sewing up the perfect project for just about everyone in the family – The Cargo Tablet Sleeve from Betz’s book, Present Perfect.   Cargo Table Sleeve, image from Present Perfect When I went looking for fabric for this project, I stumbled across some quilting weight material and fell in love with it… not only am I a HUGE Wonder Woman fan, I have a soft spot for novelty prints. Since the instructions for the Cargo Tablet Sleeve calls for canvas, I knew that…
  • Cosmos Infinity Scarf with Wendi – Sewing Collective

    Betz White
    21 Aug 2015 | 7:29 am
    Wendi and her daughter join us today with a little back-to-school idea! – Betz My daughter is getting ready to head off to school in a couple more weeks and I wanted to give her a gift for the new school year – something she would get a lot of use out of. I picked up Present Perfect (full of cute gift ideas) and settled immediately on the very first project. The Cosmos Infinity Cowl.     My daughter loves scarves and cowls and she has lots of warm knitted and crocheted ones, but I loved the idea of making her a lighter weight cowl that she could wear in the fall and…
  • Worktable Wednesday: Totally Totes

    Betz White
    18 Aug 2015 | 2:20 pm
    I’m knee deep in tote bags around here! This week (Actually, the whole month) I’ve been working on a few tote bag designs for upcoming online workshops I’ll be offering. I’m super excited about it. I’ll be diving deep into all of the details it takes to  make a bag just exactly how you want it to be. Pockets! Handles! Hardware! Oh My! Even if you’ve never sewn a bag before, I’ve got something for you. If you’re curious about the fabrics I’m using, they are part of my Mod Max collection, available on Spoonflower, shown here in the…
  • Hexie the Turtle with Stephanie – Sewing Collective

    Betz White
    14 Aug 2015 | 5:48 am
    Stephanie joins us today with one of my favorite projects for kids from Present Perfect with some great added touches! – Betz   How much fun is this bright, colorful turtle! I am an inexperienced quilter but I love handmade toys and softies so I jumped at the chance to sew up a big floor pillow. Reading is one of my son’s favorite things to do, so he immediately grabbed a book out and tested it out. He was not thrilled when I told him I’d made it for someone else – I think there will definitely be another turtle on my sewing room table soon.     Hexie the Turtle…
  • Greta Cloche with Pamela – Sewing Collective

    Betz White
    7 Aug 2015 | 6:00 am
    Pamela’s back with more pleats! This time she enlisted her daughter to help out with the project. Very fun! – Betz I loved learning how to do the pleats on the Pasha Pleated Clutch, and so I jumped at the chance to make the Greta Cloche from Betz’s book Present Perfect. This is the adorable hat shown in the book:   So adorable that I ended up making two of them. My daughter wanted one, but so did I, so I made us each one!   Here is the one I made for my six-year-old. She just loves the flowers on it, which she helped me stitch together.     To scale it…
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    Illustration Friday

  • WORK by Beatrice Goh

    Thomas James
    2 Sep 2015 | 1:57 pm
    Submitted by Beatrice Goh for the Illustration Friday topic WORK.
  • Illustrator Cristina de Lera

    Thomas James
    2 Sep 2015 | 2:42 am
    Cristina de Lera Website >>
  • Pick of the Week for PEOPLE and This Week’s Topic

    Thomas James
    31 Aug 2015 | 9:19 am
    Happy Illustration Friday! We’re ready to announce this week’s topic, but first please enjoy the wonderful illustration above by Tamara Cosendey, our Pick of the Week for last week’s topic of PEOPLE. Thanks to everyone who participated with drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more. We love seeing it all! You can see a gallery of ALL the entries here. And of course, you can now participate in this week’s topic: WORK Here’s how: Step 1: Illustrate your interpretation of the current week’s topic (always viewable on the homepage). Step 2: Post your image onto your…
  • The 5 Dirty Words of Freelance Illustration

    Thomas James
    31 Aug 2015 | 2:06 am
    Illustration by Thomas James In our daily lives as freelance Illustrators, we experience both the joys and terrors of our unique creative profession. As you probably know, freelance Illustration isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. Those are just the facts of life. One of the redeeming things about this, however, is that we can often recognize the more common dangers and take steps to avoid them because they are usually pretty clearly defined. Here’s my list of the 5 dirty words you’re likely to encounter in your day-to-day life as a professional Illustrator: 1. Spec work…
  • Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Javier Rodriguez

    Andy Yates
    27 Aug 2015 | 4:40 pm
    This week we honor another Spanish artist, the emerging star on the all-new Spider-Woman, Javier Rodriguez! Now, Javier has been around for a while, but he’d been working mainly as a colorist here in the U.S. until recently. He worked closely with fellow Spanish artist Marcos Martin on titles like Batgirl: Year One, Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, Amazing Spider-Man, and the earlier issues of Mark Waid’s Daredevil run, which he would stay on after Martin left.  I was already a huge fan of the artists on that series, including Martin, Paolo & Joe Rivera, Chris…
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  • polka dots and tutu

    29 Aug 2015 | 7:00 am
    She is the last one for now. And here are all the ladies, out on the porch, enjoying the day.
  • patriotic lady

    28 Aug 2015 | 4:49 pm
    Red, white and blue with stars- that’s fancy! I like how the horse looks on her back.
  • Pirate lady

    27 Aug 2015 | 6:35 am
    I gave her earrings. Her hair is wind-blown, from being out on the ocean, you know.
  • the ladies have a turn

    26 Aug 2015 | 5:37 pm
    I am working on 4 tattooed ladies. Here is the first. She has a silk ribbon bow in her hair. I love this russet fabric with a printed subtle texture and now I am almost out of it. Does anyone know what it is? I want to see if I can track down some more. She also has a silk ribbon at her waist, with a bow in the back. You can see the little star design on her clothes in the picture above. Her arm tattoos-
  • man with a forelock

    21 Aug 2015 | 12:01 pm
    This is the last of this batch of men. They all went up on etsy on Wednesday. And here is the whole gang-
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    Spirit Cloth

  • Turning a page into September

    2 Sep 2015 | 5:36 am
    Turning has begun here. Not because of chill but because of dry-ness. Long hot humid days but no rain. I am a bit fatigued with the humidity. I just want to sit in the chair and stitch.  Catch stray stories. Single strand embroidery goes so slow  I can just go and seem to be right there with the thread. No  line guide necessary. Most of my small works these days have begun as pairings.  Those small  beginnings that have collected in a basket.  Two stray scraps touching. My goal this year is to use all these little bits. As story tellers. Quite often they…
  • September

    1 Sep 2015 | 5:57 am
     Already. It's hot. These orbs like ripe fruit. Nine for Growth keeps going. Given time, things evolve. Cloth. Self. Still waiting for World Peace and Common Sense. The early September stray is In Between yesterday and tomorrow. A pile of stray cloth.
  • In Between

    31 Aug 2015 | 4:25 am
    In Between. This is what was in my mind this last month. The place between here and there. Not nowhere. A holding is evident. Even if it is between the lines. Perhaps "art" simply gives a sense of home/place to stray thoughts? In this life there is really no No-Where. To be is to know place. To choose it, use it.  
  • Hello. it's Almost September

    30 Aug 2015 | 5:48 am
    In between I am. Some old basket (which often seems moon like) is unraveling. And the Almost September Stray  (temporarily tail-less but not tale-less)... ...she got caught up in the overwhelming scale of basket-self-less-ness and is being transformed by the vastness of it all.   
  • home. and wordless as night falls

    29 Aug 2015 | 3:37 pm
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    Judy Wise

  • Sweet Corn and Summer

    Judy Wise
    10 Aug 2015 | 6:24 pm
    Keeping busy on my end. We had the first ears of corn out of the garden last night and they were so tender that we ate them raw. One of my favorite garden treats.Summer here is divine. No rain since May; I really miss the seasonal rains and thunder, but why wish for the moon when you have the stars?My daughters have been visiting several times a week to paint with me. I love that. Usually, I work in the journal when they're here.I also have a little project going on in the studio. Well, a big project, actually.A canvas that's 45x60" that I'm adding to on a daily basis and then posting the…
  • Recycling Old Paintings

    Judy Wise
    30 Jul 2015 | 2:45 pm
    This is my latest journal.I just finished sewing it yesterday and thought I'd share my process to help spark ideas for you in the studio.I know a lot of you, like me, generate works on paper that stack up in the studio. While the paintings may be beautiful, they aren't really enjoyed if they're languishing in a folder in the dark.The painting above, 12x12" on 140# watercolor paper, was in a folder with a stack of other non representational paintings that I did over a year ago.This one above was in the same folder. I used both of them on the cover and end sheets of my new…
  • July Garden

    Judy Wise
    27 Jul 2015 | 9:45 pm
    Despite our drought, John's garden looks as beautiful as ever.People keep asking if he's cutting back; making it smaller.Well, the answer is no. It gets bigger each year if anything.He's cut off the sugar peas that have stopped producing to save seed.Meanwhile, there's a bean crop sprouting below that will utilize the trellis.He plants flowers among the veggies, like the English.And grows lots of peppers, like these jalapenos.We got our first tomatoes in June. Stupice; short growing season and dependable.Mystery perennial that came in with a load of chips. Some type of Rudbeckia.And then…
  • July

    Judy Wise
    20 Jul 2015 | 6:20 pm
     Hello my faithful friends. I've taken time out to just live without blogging, without taking photos, without creating the time needed to organize and report. It's been that kind of summer, in a very good way.(check one more off my bucket list: paddling a kayak)This photo above sums up for me a time with friends on Bainbridge Island a few weeks ago. Bare feet and fresh air. Campfires. Letting go and letting ourselves just be. Asking life to slow down a bit.Nia class with the women. Surrounding each other with love, kindness, and willingness. We gathered to paint with Misty. Check…
  • Amsterdam!

    Judy Wise
    9 Jun 2015 | 9:41 am
    I'm so excited to announce that Katie Kendrick and I will be teaching in Amsterdam next May. We've been planning this for some time now so I was especially alert when flying in to Amsterdam last month on my way to Scotland to observe the offshore wind farms, canals and lovely old buildings of that city, knowing that I'd be returning there in a year.Incidentally, Portland has a direct 9 hour flight to Amsterdam now. Wow!! Easy!Oh, to see the wonderful museums, the Dutch Masters, the modern city, the beauty of this place. And to see it with a wonderful group of artists who will share your love…
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    Cut Out + Keep

  • Pallet Map Coffee Table

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:52 am
    we love unusual furniture in our house, and we have a lovely sea view... so i made this coffee table for my brothers livingroom to match :) was so cheap to make, the only thing we purached was the map!
  • Heart Burst Birthday Cake

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:52 am
    1st birthday cake i made for my friends little girl.. my first attempt at a 3 tier cake :D :D
  • Pesto, Olive & Cheese Quick Bread

    Cat Morley
    2 Sep 2015 | 2:47 am
    It was Bread Week on the Great British Bake Off last week and their challenge was to make a quick bread with no yeast. I decided to top mine with pesto, olives, capers, seeds and cheese - it was so tasty, like a thick pizza bread.
  • Dress With A Matching Bag For Lati Yellow Or Similar Sized Dolls

    2 Sep 2015 | 2:17 am
    How to claim your free OctoFabric* for a limited time only: 1. Go to and click on 'Go For It' (This button only appears during the giveaway period, from 12 Noon 03/09 to 12 Noon 04/09 EDT**) 2. Create an account or log in 3. Fill out your shipping details and you will receive a free swatch with 2 patterns to make 2 dresses (same as the one Lumi is wearing in this post) and 2 bags for Lati Yellow or similar-sized dolls. * One free 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) swatch of new Poly Crepe De Chine per household/address. ** For time converter, please check here…
  • Upholstered Headboard Slipcover

    Jewels at Home
    1 Sep 2015 | 11:00 pm
    I love the look of an upholstered headboard – so tailored and elegant yet still inviting. But, there are a couple of reasons I wasn’t ready to add one to our bedroom – I actually like the look of our wooden headboard, and I also wanted something that was easy to keep clean. The perfect solution was to sew a slipcover for our wooden headboard, because I can change or wash it easily. To create a soft feel, I wanted to have a quilted slipcover, and then I thought – why not make it out of a quilt?! Sweet dreams!
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    whip up

  • Tributes to Kathreen

    Kasia Z
    5 Aug 2015 | 5:48 pm
    Thank you to all of you who have added your thoughts and comments on the ‘Anniversaries’ post. Reading through them all I was reminded about my own discovery of Whipup and the lovely ‘cosy cuppa on the couch’ kind of feeling I would get reading Kathreen’s posts. And of course I cried. And then I couldn’t come back to posting here at Whipup for a couple of months. Sigh. Luckily Kathreen’s lovely mum-in-law came to the rescue with her own beautiful tribute to Kathreen. Thank you Dace.   In pride of place on our dining room wall is a quilt Kathreen…
  • Anniversaries

    Kasia Z
    5 Jun 2015 | 12:42 am
    May’s been a bit quiet and reflective here at Whipup. Friday 15 May marked two years since Whipup’s founder Kathreen Ricketson and her husband, heart-and-soul-mate Rob Shugg drowned in a swimming accident off the coast of Western Australia. Whipup has kept going with the dedication of family and friends, but it’s a bittersweet achievement. We couldn’t see this beautiful world Kathreen created disappear from all our lives. It’s a fitting testament to Kathreen’s creativity, vision and her generous and open spirit that Whipup is now well into its tenth year and subscriptions to both…
  • Book Review: Drawing Projects for Children

    Kasia Z
    9 Apr 2015 | 10:01 pm
    Drawing Projects For Children by Paula Briggs. Black Dog Publishing. Reviewed by Julianne Negri How would you like a drawing book that encourages risk taking in art? A book that emphasises process over product? A book that encourages experimentation within guidance? A book that is full of messy-get-your-hands-dirty drawing projects? In short, a book with smudgy fingerprints all over it? Well if these things tick your boxes like they tick mine, Paula Briggs’, Drawing Projects for Children published by Black Dog Publishing is the art book for you. Paula Briggs has not only created a…
  • The Fetes

    Kasia Z
    1 Mar 2015 | 3:37 pm
    It’s all pretty crazy over here at Whipup blog HQ and I’ve been neglecting my post(ing)! It’s the Fetes. In ancient Greek mythology, the Fates were the daughters of Ananke, Goddess of Necessity – these days it’s the school Fetes which spring forth from need. In Australia, the school fete is an annual fair organized by parents (with lots of help from the teachers) to raise money for the school. Most schools would have a fete – and if not would certainly be raising funds in other ways. Raising money for the school is a necessity. Schools get government…
  • NINE!

    Kasia Z
    5 Feb 2015 | 4:35 am
    Can you believe it – Whipup is NINE years old! Hiphiphooraybirthday!! So for the month of February 2015, if you pop into the shop here at or at Action-Pack you can get 25% off on Action Pack purchases by entering the coupon code: NINE2015 I had a little stroll down memory lane this morning, visiting the first posts back in 2006 – Wednesday 1 February 2006. There were twelve posts on that date and a community of contributing Whipsters. Why don’t you settle down with a cuppa and some cake if you have some handy and pop back in time for a lovely crafty reunion. I got…
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    Craftster Blog

  • Tute Tuesday: Rustic Fabric Pumpkins

    1 Sep 2015 | 10:37 am
    It’s September 1st and you know what that means? ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! It is like the world goes from beachy sunshine to fall pumpkin power when the clock strikes midnight. Of course, I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love anything pumpkin! I am ready to put away summer and begin decorating for fall […]
  • I See London; I See France!

    1 Sep 2015 | 7:27 am
    I see crafts with underpants! I know you probably chanted a version of that ditty as a kid, and some of you may still. But don’t just talk about underpants, craft them! For example, needlesandpinsel sketched and needlepointed three different depictions of fancy underwear for an intriguing set of hooplas. Here’s a creative quilt featuring […]
  • Meatless Monday: Zucchini Pineapple Loaf

    31 Aug 2015 | 3:02 pm
    How did your garden grow this year? Did you have an abundance of zucchini? Is it taking over your growing area like crazy alien pods? If your house is overgrown with this green squash then it is time for you to whip up some zucchini bread. Sure, you can make the average bread, and it […]
  • @Home This Weekend: Upcycled Paint Cans

    28 Aug 2015 | 6:58 am
    This weekend, grab some old paint cans or other containers and make some decorative planters. LizzyEU wrapped hers with paper rope and gave the some shine with clear glue. This almost gives them the appearance of wood. Use your new containers for planters or storage! What a great way to upcycle.
  • August 26, 2015 Featured Projects

    26 Aug 2015 | 6:32 am
    Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them! Little Lamb by nati72 The Rope Rug that […]
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    Art Bead Scene Blog

  • September Monthly Challenge

    Tari of
    2 Sep 2015 | 3:00 am
    View of the Pond at Charleston, East Sussexby Vanessa Bellc.1919Oil on canvas, 79.8 x 84 cmCollection: Museums SheffieldAbout the ArtAt the Royal Academy Schools Vanessa Bell was taught by and admired the work of John Singer Sargent. She was also greatly influenced by Whistler, and in the final pages of this letter to her friend Margery Snowdon she described the influence of his technique on her painting style.Bell's first commissioned work was a portrait of Lady Robert Cecil. This was also the first work she ever exhibited, at the New Gallery, London, in 1905.After her marriage in 1907, Bell…
  • August Monthly Challenge Winners

    Tari of
    1 Sep 2015 | 6:09 pm
    Congratulations to the August Monthly Challenge winners! 1 winner was chosen randomly from all the challenge entrants1 winner was chosen randomly from the InLinkz blog entries.Winner of a month of advertising on ABS from the Monthly Challenge Bead categoryOur First lucky winner is DoritShe has won a $50 Gift Certificate from Baymoon DesignOur Second lucky winner is Jackie/Kydo JewelleryShe has won a $50 Gift Certificate from BH Claysmith.Our winner from the Bead entries of the Monthly Challenge is NadiaTerra.She has won a…
  • August Monthly Recap

    30 Aug 2015 | 10:21 pm
    The stylistic rendering of this textile is rich with symbols and a very earthy palette. But simple doesn't mean lacking, and there was a lot of direction to go in for an image so simple. I am still working my way through mine for this month (mainly because you have seen a glimpse into my actual working studio and that things that I was working on have now been buried in my attempts to get organized... baby steps! But it is coming along and I think that I will report back at my next Inside the Studio... now where is that clay?!). I hope that to have that done very soon (better late than never,…
  • Wire Rocks!

    Firefly Design Studio
    29 Aug 2015 | 7:39 am
    The last time I blogged for Art Bead Scene, I shared a look inside my studio as I was getting ready for Bead Fest in Philadelphia.  One of the goals I set for my self while at a large show, is to learn a new skill to add to my jewelry designing arsenal.  I was fortunate to be able to connect with one of my favorite artists and designers, Staci Louise Smith, for an after show class she was teaching.  It was all about wire and connections and cool beads.  What's not to love?Staci's class is called "Wild Wire Gypsy Charm Choker."  The kit included 16, 18, 20 and 22 gauge…
  • Inside the Studio :: Erin Prais-Hintz, Tesori Trovati

    27 Aug 2015 | 10:19 pm
    Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive, we offer a prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard and tell us what you think. The following week a winner is chosen at random from all eligible entries.Congratulations to Terri on winning a $20 gift certificate to Heather's swoondimples  Etsy shop. Email Miss Heather to claim your prize! Today we visit with Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati. “Don't own so much clutter that…
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    Tip Junkie

  • Your Personal Assistant for September {organize}

    1 Sep 2015 | 5:00 pm
    It’s time to get organized for September!  Tip Junkie is here to help usher in Fall as Your Personal Assistant. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule. Here are some of the things to do!   1. Let's get clicky with my Moments that Matter Photo Challenge. Capture moments that matter from your camera phone. Since the new year is a great time to capture Moments that Matter, AND get ORGANIZED, I'’ve picked a word each day that we can all capture with our camera phones to help us photo journal these joyous [...]keep reading
  • September Photo Journal Prompts ~ Join Us!

    1 Sep 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Let Tip Junkie help you capture moments that matter on your camera phone with photo journal prompts and photo editing app tips!  This year there are TWO ways to play: 1.  Simplify ~ Moments that Matter 2.  Productive ~ Your Personal Assistant 2014 is crazy busy and we are each deciding on our goals.  Some of us want to simplify and create memories that matter, while others want to get life back in order and be productive.  Both are important to a Tip Junkie, like myself. {wink}   So, pick the photo challenge that works best for you this year!
  • Tip Me Tuesday ~ Happy Crafters Share!

    31 Aug 2015 | 4:00 pm
     It's time to link up your amazing ideas to "Tip Me Tuesday"!  Let the SHARING begin!  Here's a few of my favorites who linked up last week!  {squeal in delight} Tip Junkie is on a grand mission to unite 1 million happy crafters and I've found an easier and better way to spread the word about YOUR homemade projects.  Wanna know how? It's all about reciprocity, baby.   Do you know that over 48 million people have visited Tip Junkie?  Yep.  That means that when you share blog links and upload…
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    Today's Creative Life

  • Free Printable Fall Recipe Cards

    1 Sep 2015 | 1:26 pm
    This is an original post from Today's Creative Life Click the title to read the full article. Printable Contributor, Marlynn from UrbanBlissLife is sharing the cutest Free Printable Fall Recipe Cards that match my Apple Bread printables! Printable Recipe cards are so handy when your attending a potluck and people ask for your recipe!  After the longest dry spell and hottest summer I can ever remember living in Portland, Oregon, we finally […] Author information Marlynn publisher at Urban Bliss Life Marlynn Schotland is a longtime Pacific Northwest gal, mom of two, and publisher of…
  • Slow Cooker Mexican Macaroni and Cheese

    29 Aug 2015 | 12:23 pm
    This is an original post from Today's Creative Life Click the title to read the full article. Bring on the comfort foods of fall! The last 12 hours have brought rain and wind here in the pacific NW and boy did we need it! As much as I love summer, I don’t really like smokey skies from wildfires. I’m trying to focus on moving into fall and winter by thinking about all […] Author information Kim Owner/Founder at Today's Creative Blog Since 2007, Kim has been sharing tips and tutorials on how to live a creative life. Owner/Founder of Today's Creative Blog and…
  • FREE Printable Art Prints for Coffee and Tea Lovers

    24 Aug 2015 | 9:22 pm
    This is an original post from Today's Creative Life Click the title to read the full article. Decorate for the season with these Free Printable Art Prints for Coffee and Tea Lovers! Whenever we’re on the brink of a seasonal change, I get the itch to redecorate, clean and organize. Too bad I didn’t have a never ending budget and an open schedule to completely redo sections of my home every 3 […] Author information Kim Owner/Founder at Today's Creative Blog Since 2007, Kim has been sharing tips and tutorials on how to live a creative life. Owner/Founder of Today's…
  • First Day of School Free Printable Pennants

    21 Aug 2015 | 1:37 pm
    This is an original post from Today's Creative Life Click the title to read the full article. First Day of School Free Printables make it easy to record each year! Getting a First Day of School photo of your teen son is a whole different ball game! I wish all these First Day of School Free Printables were around when my son was little! I’m sure some of the really creative people were creating […] Author information Kim Owner/Founder at Today's Creative Blog Since 2007, Kim has been sharing tips and tutorials on how to live a creative life. Owner/Founder of Today's Creative…
  • Turkey and White Cheddar Pinwheels

    20 Aug 2015 | 1:05 pm
    This is an original post from Today's Creative Life Click the title to read the full article. With back to school approaching and the holidays looming, my mind shifts into “quick snacks and appetizers” mode. These Turkey and White Cheddar Pinwheels are perfect for both!   Turkey and White Cheddar Pinwheels I am not the kind of person that spends a lot of time in the kitchen creating the perfect meal. Just like my DIY projects, […] Author information Kim Owner/Founder at Today's Creative Blog Since 2007, Kim has been sharing tips and tutorials on how to live a…
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    Vanilla Joy

  • Share Your Genius

    Kelsey Norwood
    2 Sep 2015 | 12:27 pm
    This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Have you ever had a great idea for one of your favorite brands? C Space is a company that helps brands grow by connecting them with their customers, who in turn create impactful insights for their brand. You’re invited to join their […]
  • Snack On!

    Kelsey Norwood
    29 Aug 2015 | 2:50 pm
    “I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Grapes from Mexico. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”   What’s the world’s best snack? Grapes, of course. They’re natural, sweet, less than 100 calories per serving, bite-sized, they travel well, and kids LOVE them. I love them too. […]
  • Smart Eating with LunchBlox

    Kelsey Norwood
    29 Aug 2015 | 2:30 pm
    After a long, full, busy, fun-filled summer I am READY for the predictable, comfortable, and calm routines of fall and heading back to school. I’m ready for earlier bedtimes, calmer evening time together, and more regular, planned, and healthy mid-day meals for my kids. During summer all our routines went out the window, including eating […]
  • Back to School with OSHKOSH

    Kelsey Norwood
    15 Aug 2015 | 8:30 pm
    “I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” The Back-to-School season is one of the busiest times of year for our family. We’re trying to cram the last few days and weeks full of summer fun – camping, swimming, hiking. […]
  • Back-to-School Shopping Made Easier

    Kelsey Norwood
    11 Aug 2015 | 2:41 pm
    “I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Johnson & Johnson and Target. I received a gift card to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” Back to school and end of summer shopping has been so much more hectic this year than ever […]
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    house wren studio

  • painting and stitching summer

    28 Aug 2015 | 6:10 am
    I'm still getting the hang of this new place. Every once in awhile I uncover the top layer of a basket full of things I squirreled away in here and find that there is actually something wonderful inside. (BTW- I...
  • painting with jenn

    11 Aug 2015 | 7:48 am
    One of my favorite artists is Jenn McGlon of Noodle and Lou. Her work with paint and wood and polymer clay is so darn cute! She has an adorable line of home decor and gift items with Midwest CBK. And...
  • summertime

    23 Jul 2015 | 8:06 am
    Maggie and I have been taking little Vince to the town pool now and then. It reminds me so much of the days when I did that with the girls in Chicago. The sounds of splashing, children calling, moms visiting...
  • spring sponsors and a giveaway!

    9 Jul 2015 | 8:20 am
    Our spring events in Vermont were sponsored by several friends and featured artists. Each gift was a lovely gesture of support and generosity! Local potter, Jessica Putnam-Phillips from Battenkill Pottery created a beautiful tea leaf piece for each guest. Perfect...
  • spring in vermont and what's next

    26 Jun 2015 | 2:50 pm
    This has been a busy spring and summer for me. Our house sold, I downsized and moved after an enormous tag sale a few weeks ago. (!!!) But in the midst of that, my friend Meleen and I hosted back...
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  • Another swt* in progress

    17 Aug 2015 | 11:00 am
    * square with tail(but of course they're kites, really:imagination cloth ships...)
  • Purple haze...

    13 Aug 2015 | 9:36 am my head only, though. Outside: too much sun.My new dye approach of plant dye plus commercialdye stuff is fun. The scraps above have been dyedwith black-berries, then took a quick dip in dillutedcarmine red fabric dye... Similar with these.A little shrill, perhaps – but I like it...And as the heat kept me inside a lot, I've busiedmyself with something I haven't done in a while:making cards.It's all in the shop...
  • Almost a tradition

    8 Aug 2015 | 7:31 am
    When it's too hot, I'm drawing "redheads":fresh ones of today, and here are some of last summer...
  • Urban patchwork

    29 Jul 2015 | 2:43 am
  • Impressions...

    27 Jul 2015 | 2:52 am
    ...from the exhibition "Sami contemporary", Nordic Embassies Berlin (details of work fromAslaug Juliussen + Britta Marakatt-Labba)
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    Try Handmade

  • To DIY or not, that is the question…

    Amy L.
    2 Sep 2015 | 11:45 am
    Photo from 74 Lime Lane For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what “DIY” meant. I’d read it here [more...] Similarly Awesome No related posts.       
  • Yummy

    Erika Jurney
    1 Sep 2015 | 11:38 pm
    About this stunning bracelet by juiceglass This bracelet took a lot of time and joy in the making. Created with [more...] Similarly Awesome No related posts.       
  • Taline Farra Shoes

    Erika Jurney
    1 Sep 2015 | 11:27 am
    Taline Farra Shoes: All shoes are made from natural leathers. I purchase small quantities of leather, giving each shoe a [more...] Similarly Awesome No related posts.       
  • Lash paint

    Erika Jurney
    31 Aug 2015 | 11:16 pm
    Vintage-style handmade vegan cake mascara in black or brown. $8 from Twink Beauty. [more...] Similarly Awesome No related posts.       
  • Lineanongrata

    Susannah Rodgers
    31 Aug 2015 | 11:03 am
    The artwork at Lineonongrata is a bit different from my usual pickings but there is something about it that I [more...] Similarly Awesome No related posts.       
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  • Time to Harvest That Bowl

    Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
    31 Aug 2015 | 7:05 am
    Well, I did it, I finished that bowl in time to drop it off yesterday at JAM Gallery for their Fall Exhibition! I added on each leaf one at a time, like I did on the Rose Bowl trophy, not all at once like I usually do. This makes for a lot of back and […]
  • Social Activism & Art

    Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
    29 Aug 2015 | 4:02 pm
    This past week I ended up watching two different documentaries about artists: The Salt of the Earth & Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. While I DO recommend you watch both movies, I don’t recommend you watching them one after the other the way I did. It’s just too depressing that way. Why would art documentaries be […]
  • A Whirlwind of Activity!

    Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
    26 Aug 2015 | 10:37 am
    I finished the metal portion of my YBC Challenge piece, but I wanted to make a new piece for the JAM Fall Exhibition that is fast approaching, so I’ve been in a flurry of activity in the studio trying to get this piece started and finished. I’m making the other design I came up with […]
  • Steampunk’d on GSN is Barely OK

    Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
    22 Aug 2015 | 4:53 pm
    This week I stumbled across the info that there was going to be a Steampunk themed reality show on GSN called Steampunk’d. It started on Wednesday, so I thought I’d give it a try. If you haven’t, don’t bother, especially if you have any strong feelings about Steampunk. First, the set-up: 10 contestants are split […]
  • Garden Time

    Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
    19 Aug 2015 | 9:39 am
    Don’t think that that means I’m gardening, just chillin’ outside. Maybe that’s why my allergies are SO FREAKING BAD right now. First, an artful layout of all the patterns I used in the Rose Bowl: Then some butterfly friends: A weaving buddy: And finally, the cutest guy in the world:
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    Fidgety Fingers

  • HAPPINESS 100815

    9 Aug 2015 | 10:41 pm

    9 Aug 2015 | 8:52 pm
    Once, we said 'I love you' to someone in the simplest way possible. The person awed us and we just exclaimed, 'Love you'. That didn't go down very well. We guess 'love' is a very taboo word for many. It means intimacy? Forever? Commitment? We stumbled upon the quote above today. And it cannot sum like and love up more than the analogy. And so what if we love you that we feel like caring for

    9 Aug 2015 | 8:06 pm
    We have some from our Hanoi Trip, yes, it is from that long ago, say 4 years? It has been sitting under the drawer for the longest time. We are taking this long weekend to reboot and also trash the old. Yep, that is what we like to do from time to time. We are slowly embracing the minimalistic lifestyle if that is even achievable. We got back into crochet this weekend with the thick yarn,

    9 Aug 2015 | 5:28 am
  • HAPPINESS 080815

    7 Aug 2015 | 8:54 pm
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    Knitting Naturally Blog

  • Aug 26, Carol McMillan

    26 Aug 2015 | 4:23 pm
    I have Patons Back to Basics II Canadiana book. I am working on a sweater with drop sleeves. The directions say...Increase 1 st each end of needle on
  • Aug 26, Carolyn Block Simply Elegant Baby Blanket

    26 Aug 2015 | 4:18 pm
    This is my first time knitting on double needles. I have knitted the main blanket and now I have to work in the round and start picking up stitches on
  • Apr 28, Simple Childs Raglan 8 Ply Round Neck Jumper Pattern

    28 Apr 2015 | 3:46 pm
    Are you looking a pattern for a simple childs raglan 8 ply jumper? Although slightly more difficult than the dropped shoulder jumper pattern, this pattern is rated as an easy knit as it has only a little shaping and is knitted in stocking stitch.
  • Apr 2, cable pattern

    2 Apr 2015 | 4:57 pm
    TW3L does this mean that I turn the cable needle to the left. YOUR ANSWER I have no idea, what does your pattern say? It should have instructions for
  • Mar 31, Washing Assistance

    31 Mar 2015 | 8:14 pm
    I have been given a lot of pure wool, including crepe, all of which has been purchased more than 20 years ago, which I intend to use for charity knitting.
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    Shannon Cook
    2 Sep 2015 | 9:10 am
    One of the questions we get asked a lot by knitters is how do you knit from and read a chart. Knitting from charts can seem overwhelming at times but I promise it's a way that some knitters find faster and easier to work from. And when you are working with lace and cables for that special Summer Sweater Knit Along project a chart can be super helpful and necessary. To help answer this question we have the awesome gals from Pom Pom Quarterly here today to share a fun tutorial on How to Read a Chart - The Basics! Pom Pom editor Lydia Gluck has even done up a fun FREE downloadable tutorial…

    Shannon Cook
    1 Sep 2015 | 11:28 am
    This summer has been so much fun & so special - I've been so blown away from all the love you have all shown my BRADWAY Shawl pattern! I'm so happy that you have all been enjoying BRADWAY as much as I do! It's a relaxing & fun knit just filled with texture! I can't believe some of you are on your 2nd and 3rd shawls! Warms my heart! Image by LittleMinky93 One of my absolute favourite thing has been watching all of your shawls come to life! There are so many fabulous color combos and shawls to drool over on Ravelry and Instagram that I couldn't resist sharing some of your…

    Shannon Cook
    18 Aug 2015 | 9:45 am
    I'm taking some time this upcoming week for our summer vacay so things will be quiet around here but I promise I'll be back soon. We're all super excited for our much needed "staycation". I plan on getting in some much needed family time, getting to see friends from out of town, reading (and more reading), and all the other awesome things that come along with summer vacation! Bring on the relaxation! In the meantime I hope you are all enjoying your summer! For those of you participating in our Summer Sweater Knit Along you're doing awesome!!! I'm so blown away by all of your progress! I can't…

    Shannon Cook
    12 Aug 2015 | 11:00 am
    I'm so excited to have Alexa Ludeman from Tin Can Knits here today as our first guest post for the Summer Sweater Knit Along 2015! When it comes to sweater knitting Alexa and Emily are pros! They even have a wonderful free series walking you through some of their popular sweater patterns! So I thought who better to do a post on how to knit a sweater than Tin Can Knits themselves!  One of the most discussed subjects from members of our SSKAL is where to start when you decide you want to knit a sweater. This can be a daunting jump for a knitter who's never made a garment before. There…

    Shannon Cook
    5 Aug 2015 | 11:33 am
    When it comes to knitters we love our notions, tools and accessories! One of my favourite places to indulge in new pretties is from Fringe Supply Co. - one of our Summer Sweater Knit Along sponsors this year!  I will openly admit I have a weakness for notebooks, journals and project bags. I can't get enough! Pair those with some fab stitch markers & holders, great scissors, and a new print for my office and you've got one happy knitter over here! The one place I love to indulge and treat myself is at Fringe Supply Co.One of my all time fave items from Fringe that I have right…
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  • Felt Organizers Set

    2 Sep 2015 | 8:06 am
    "I have been looking for Etsy like organizers in India but couldnt find them, so thought of making my own. There are four items in this organizer set- card holder, pen case, cord organizer and a keyring. It does involve machine sewing but you could hand sew or use the help of a local tailor. I have used the colours mustard, grey and black for my set, choose colours according to the gift receiver."
  • Recycled Milk Carton Stationery Organizer

    2 Sep 2015 | 7:37 am
    "If you have lots of pens, pencils, and other small stationery lying around, you need to make this. Fast, easy and looks great."
  • Jessica Potasz

    2 Sep 2015 | 7:01 am
    From the time I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed many forms of art. I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Business degree but continued to enjoy painting and a bit of sewing. However, I have truly found a passion for knit and crochet. While staying home with my daughter after a time of working in the business world and then teaching, I found that I had the opportunity to get back into art. It was only fairly recently, in 2013, that I became intrigued with knitting and crocheting and learned the skills by watching online videos and tutorials.
  • Vintage Lamb Crochet Toddler Hat Pattern

    2 Sep 2015 | 7:01 am
    "This is a beginner friendly pattern to make a cozy and soft, lamb toddler hat. It is made with half double crochet stitches and gets the fuzzy look from the yarn that is used."
  • FloraCraft

    1 Sep 2015 | 2:46 pm
    FloraCraft, locally owned and operated, has been serving the craft and floral industries for 65 continuous years, providing quality STYROFOAM Brand Foam in shapes and sheets; Artesia wet foam, natural straw products, and other craft and floral essential products.
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  • Hello, Fall! Crochet Hat Pattern

    Marie Segares
    2 Sep 2015 | 5:00 am
    I’m Marie from Underground Crafter, and I’m looking forward to the arrival of the fall (or autumn, as many international readers would say). Fall is my favorite season for showing off my crochet projects! I’m sharing a free crochet pattern for an easy, transitional weather hat! And, best of all, you can make it with just one-skein of yarn. The combination of an airy stitch pattern with a cotton blend yarn makes this hat perfect for a cool summer night or an autumn day. Hello, Fall! Crochet Hat Pattern Crochet Pattern by Underground Crafter Finished Size Adult: 19.5” (49.5…
  • Glam Up Your Handmade Greeting Cards with Decorative Trims

    Lisa Fulmer
    31 Aug 2015 | 5:00 am
    I love using a set of coordinated papers to make handmade greeting cards. Everything works together beautifully, from the darks to the lights to the pretty patterns. Adding a touch of bling certainly adds extra interest to the flat cardstock, but I want to add even more personality and dimension to my DIY cards. Ribbons and washi tape are lovely, but what I really love using are decorative trims – the kind for sewing! Decorative trims come in so many different designs and they really make your homemade cards pop with frolic and fun! Glam Up Your Handmade Greeting Cards with Decorative Trims…
  • 10 Cutest Monogram Ideas

    26 Aug 2015 | 5:26 am
    If you’re in love with the Lily Pulitzer, but don’t want to spend the money on cute monogrammed stuff, then you need to try these DIY monogram ideas. You can cheaply decorate your home with hand-painted monograms in your initials. The great thing about monogrammed items is that there is no question of who’s stuff it is. I live in a house with two other sisters and my mom. My sisters and I are about the same size, so my clothes mysteriously go missing from time to time. However, I noticed that the ones with my initials on it or my sorority letters are the items that get left…
  • Trendy Arrow DIY Jewelry

    24 Aug 2015 | 5:12 am
    I know for those of you who have never attempted to make homemade jewelry, don’t be scared off just yet! I just started about six months ago and I’m already making chain maille jewelry; it sounds scary, but wire wrapping tutorials become your best friend. The intricate statement necklaces that I’ve made with thick wire bracelets make me feel like a female knight from The Canterbury Tales. Anyways, jewelry making is such an awesome hobby because instead of catering to what you see at the store, you can just make exactly what you’re looking for. When this Aztec jewelry…
  • 3 Tips for Crocheting an Adorable, Customized Baby Shower Gift!

    Marie Segares
    19 Aug 2015 | 5:30 am
    I’m Marie Segares from Underground Crafter. I’ve mentioned before that I love crocheting baby projects, and I’ve recently shared two free blanket patterns on FaveCrafts. The Diagonal Rainbows Baby Blanket and The Checkerboard in Primary Colors Stroller Blanket. Now, I keep a little stash of ready-made crochet baby blankets for last minute gifts, but once in a while, I want to make something very special to welcome the newborn of a dear friend or family member. Here are 3 tips I follow for crocheting customized gifts that will thrill your favorite parents-to-be. Carefully…
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    Handmade Charlotte

  • Chocolate Chip Polka Dot Granola Bars

    Elizabeth Stark
    2 Sep 2015 | 9:45 am
    Healthy, hearty granola bars for the whole family? Yes, please! Read more here - Chocolate Chip Polka Dot Granola Bars
  • Enjoy Home-Brewed Tea, Anywhere

    Rachel Faucett
    1 Sep 2015 | 2:59 pm
    Who doesn't love a tall glass of iced tea? Enjoy the taste that brings you home anywhere you go! Read more here - Enjoy Home-Brewed Tea, Anywhere
  • 6 Easy Pieces: DIY Wall Hangings

    Mari Richards
    1 Sep 2015 | 9:19 am
    With a few basic materials and these awesome tutorials, you can whip up custom wall hangings that are all your own in no time. Read more here - 6 Easy Pieces: DIY Wall Hangings
  • Color Your World: Win $250 Worth of Embroidery Floss!

    Rachel Faucett
    31 Aug 2015 | 12:54 pm
    Enter to win a year's supply of DMC embroidery floss to color your world! Just think of all the beautiful things you can make... Read more here - Color Your World: Win $250 Worth of Embroidery Floss!
  • Simple Dots and Stripes Veggie Flatbread Pizzas

    Elizabeth Stark
    31 Aug 2015 | 11:45 am
    Enjoy homemade pizza without the hassle of making the dough! with this wholesome flatbread pizza recipe! Read more here - Simple Dots and Stripes Veggie Flatbread Pizzas
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    Flower Girl Designs Collection

  • Composition Notebook Cover pdf Pattern

    30 Aug 2015 | 11:35 am
    Fun and very easy to make, it will take less than an hour to finish. Find the pdf pattern here.
  • One Subject Notebook Cover pdf Pattern

    28 Aug 2015 | 12:13 pm
    Make your notebook look great, easy to make cover with elastic to keep everything together. The notebooks before school sell for .20 cents, make a cover and it looks like a whole lot more. Great gift ideas for teachers and friends, use holiday prints or theme prints what a great idea. Find the pdf pattern here.
  • Balancing Act

    27 Aug 2015 | 2:45 pm
    This is how Chaz takes a drink, his bowls are full (of course), but he follows me around until I turn the faucet on and he loves playing in water, he is the smartest, loving and most perfect cat!!
  • National Dog Day

    26 Aug 2015 | 4:45 pm
    Skylar my little angel, she usually has a very hard time to sit still, she did so well I had to take a few pictures.
  • Home Sweet Home

    24 Aug 2015 | 12:10 pm
    A couple of pictures to share, Chaz taking a nap, on the refrigerator, his favorite place to be and Missy, her antlers are huge this year, she has a hard time keeping her head up. She actually sleeps with her chin to the ground to hold her head; they will be falling off soon.  
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    Moda Bake Shop

  • Double Take Quilt

    Melissa Corry
    29 Aug 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Hello Moda Bake Shop Friends!!  It’s Melissa Corry  here popping over from Happy Quilting!!!  I am super excited to share with you a final Summer Of Solids Quilt tutorial!!!  I love making Red, Black, and White quilts!!!  Not only are they super classic colors together, but they are my Alma Mater’s colors as well!!!  This quilt is going to be part of it’s homecoming celebration!!  (once I add a little custom layered applique logo to it) So I wanted to design something with a strong graphic sense that would really appeal to college kids  And I just love the way…
  • Just a Small Slice, Please Quilt

    Denniele Bohannon
    27 Aug 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Hello!  I am Denniele Bohannon of Louanna Mary Quilt Design.  As a first time chef, I am very excited to be bringing you Just a Small Slice, Please made from Barbara Brackman’s latest William Morris line, The Morris Jewels.  The rich and vibrant prints just begged for clean lines and large pieces to let them sparkle. This quilt finishes at 48″ x 60″. 1 fat 8th bundle of The Morris Jewels 1/2 yard for binding 3 yards for backing Dresden Plate Ruler (I used the one by EZ Quilting) You can select 27 fat 8ths or cut wedges from each fat 8th in the bundle. Cut an 8″…
  • Printables from Moda

    Oda May
    25 Aug 2015 | 10:00 pm
    We are all about trying to make your sewing life easier here at the Moda Bake Shop. If you haven’t taken a look at our {free printables}, hop over and print out a couple to put on your pinboard. From How to Slice a Layer Cake to reminders about sizes and quantities of precuts, we’ve got it covered. But, of course, if there is a printable you’d like to see, let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for fun stuff to decorate your sewing space, you can find that {here}.
  • FAQ: Bella Solids

    Lisa Calle
    21 Aug 2015 | 10:00 pm
    We are coming to the end of  summer and the end of our Summer of {Bella} Solids! You can check out the projects shared this summer {here} and past Bella Solids projects {here}. Today, Oda May is going to answer some reader questions about Bella Solids. How can I find the best matching Bella Solids for my project? There are three great ways to match up Bella Solids to your project! Moda’s Palette Builder tool. Just upload an image and it automatically finds the coordinating colors! If you are looking for image files from your favorite Moda fabric lines, you can find them {here}. If you…
  • Bella Solids Crumb Cake

    Oda May
    19 Aug 2015 | 10:00 pm
    To commemorate the release of new Bella Solids, I’ve whipped up an all-solids version of Blackbird Designs’ wonderful Blueberry Crumb Cake pattern. The original pattern is a free Moda Fabrics download available {here}. This quilt finishes at 68″ square. It’s an ambitious quilt because it entails lots of cutting and the blocks are pieced slightly out of the norm. 1 fat quarter bundle of new Bella Solids (SKU 9900N5AB) OR 33 fat eighths (9″x 22″) 3½ yards background fabric 1⅝ yard each sashing and binding fabric 4½ yards backing fabric NOTE: The…
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    How Does She

  • Scandi -Spiced French Onion Soup

    2 Sep 2015 | 4:01 am
    Enjoy this post from our archives – perfect as autumn sneaks up on us! This week, Mother Nature decided it was time she brought snow for the Holidays, and right now is the perfect time to enjoy a lovely bowl of soup; to be more specific, the ubiquitous French Onion soup. I have, however, decided to give it a Scandinavian twist. Anise and cardamom spices are prolific in Scandi cooking,  they add warmth to their baked goods much like cinnamon. With the colder temperatures, I must have been craving this warmth. Overall, the flavor profile I was going for was a savory, multilayer onion…
  • 25+ Budgeting Tips – keep money in your pocket!

    31 Aug 2015 | 5:10 am
      25+ Budgeting Tips – keep money in your pocket! It seems like everyone is looking for ways to cut back these days.  No matter how much we make, there’s always going to be something that gobbles up our hard earned cash.  Here’s some of my favorite budget saving tips! 1.  Everything I’ve been reading laetely says to start with a budget.  Write it all down.  Here’s a great resource for some budgeting worksheets. 2. After your budget worksheets are filled out, look at your grocery lists.  This can really do damage to the checkbook if we aren’t…
  • Chinger?

    28 Aug 2015 | 3:00 am
    Yes, the rumors are true.  After years of flirtatious glances, Chocolate and Ginger have finally gotten together. Another Hollywood couple is born and this one without the typical 2-year shelf life of Hollywood romance. That’s right, Chinger is here to stay, folks.  I know it might sound like an unlikely combination but these two flavors complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. To prove my point I have two recipes to show you.  The first is the closest thing you will find to a healthy dessert. It’s full of Omega 3’s, fiber, anti-oxidants and flavonoids. So load up but…
  • How Does She Make Brownie In a Mug?

    27 Aug 2015 | 4:38 am
    How Does She Make Brownie In a Mug? Do you ever get a chocolate craving, but don’t really want to make an entire batch of brownies because you know you’ll eat the whole thing? Ha! Or maybe the kids want a fun and yummy treat, but don’t want to take the time to bake something? I’m loving this brownie in a mug idea. The perfect size for 1 serving – or share with your bestie and have 1/2 of a serving! Easy to follow video shows  just how easy this brownie in a mug truly is!     Want more fun videos? Why not join us over on our YouTube channel? Dozens of…
  • Quest for the Best: Awesome Vacation Game!

    26 Aug 2015 | 4:11 am
      I recently got back from a big family trip to the Oregon Coast that included my parents, all of my siblings, their spouses, and seven grandchildren.  We caravanned in four car-loads with 24+ hours of total driving ahead of us.  Armed with travel snacks, DVDs, coloring books, and barf bags…we were ready to go. But not before a certain challenge was issued.  We called it, the Quest for the Best. It all began eight years ago on a road trip to California when my little brother found the Holy Grail of all donuts at an obscure convenient store, somewhere in the middle of the armpit…
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  • Alert Shirt is adding a new dimension to Virtual Reality

    11 Aug 2015 | 11:11 pm
    Virtual Reality is one of the hottest items worked on at this moment. The aim is how to immerse the consumer into games and movies, get the consumer into the action literally. While most of VR developments focus on 3D image and interaction from users like turning the head or body to get a 360 degree view, the folks behind Wearable Experiments (We:eX) have developed the Alert Shirt which is adding a new virtual dimension for watching a football game on TV. The Alert Shirt has been created in partnership with advertising agency CHE Proximity for the Australian telecommunication company Foxtel…
  • E-Traces your dance moves

    4 Aug 2015 | 9:30 pm
    One of the most mesmerizing and creative Wearable Electronic designs I have come across lately is E-Traces by Lesia Trubat González. Elsie fitted ballet shoes with pressure sensors, accelerometer and Arduino magic to capture the movements of the dancer’s feet. The signals are send wirelessly to a electronic device such as a smart phone. The App running on that device visualizes the sensor data graphically in different forms. The movements look almost like calligraphic characters. The movement graphic can be overlaid on the video of the dance performance, providing an additional layer of…
  • Kirigami, a Stretchable Battery

    29 Jul 2015 | 12:49 am
    In my last article we looked at options to make electronics more elastic and stretchable. But what about the batteries we need to energize stretchable electronics? Traditional batteries are far way from being elastic, to stretch even a tiny little bit. A possible solution for stretchable batteries comes from a team of researcher at the Arizona State University. Hanqing Jiang, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering together ASU students Zeming Song and Xu Wang got inspired by the ancient Japanese technique called Kirigami, of folding paper (Kirigami) to create a…
  • Flexible, Stretchable Electronics

    27 Jul 2015 | 3:39 am
    One of the fundamental requirements in wearable electronics is to make it stretchable, flexible, elastic. Without this properties there is no way electronics can be integrated into clothing. Over the past years various research and development activities have been undertaken to master the stretchability of electronic elements, to make electronic systems conformal with the textile properties  used for clothing. Many promising demonstrations have surfaced but up to this day there is no real ‘go-to’ solution when it comes to the integration of some electronic components into garments…
  • Safe Ride Cycling Jacket

    22 Jul 2015 | 3:04 am
    Two students from Mexico’s National Autonomous University have created a “Safe Ride” jacket to increase the lifespan of cyclists in their city. The “Safe Ride” jacket as they call their design is very similar to the mother of all turn signal jackets: The Turn-Signal Jacket invented by Leah Buechley in 2008. Personally I am surprised the Turn-Signal Jacket concept has not been picked up by bicycle apparel brands. Everyone is talking about how to increase road safety of bicycle riders but to walk ride the talk – nothing to be seen. The Turn-Signal jacket is such a brilliant…
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    idea chic

  • Making Soft and Beautiful Peony Desk Calendars at Idea Chic

    1 Sep 2015 | 3:40 pm
    We love peonies and if you said we made this beautiful peony desk calendar for Julie’s desk you would not be wrong. We hope you love it too! With the elegant and soft colored home office and kitchen in mind we designed the calendar and mixed the inks in our letterpress shop to get just the right soft and light pink and pale peach. The ink on the spatula, although darker looking, was mixed to look like the peonies held by Julie. When actually applied to the rollers which ink the printing plates and ultimately press the soft paper we achieved that color. From there we loaded the ink and…
  • Mulling Spices Sachet – Gift, fall or winter wedding favor – IdeaChic

    27 Aug 2015 | 8:49 pm Filed under: Idea Chic
  • Idea Chic Birthday Mail

    26 Aug 2015 | 5:10 pm
    September ships in a few days! Be sure to add your birthday month and date for a special gift made by us! under: Idea Chic
  • Idea Chíc rewards

    6 Aug 2015 | 4:00 pm
    http://www.ideachic.netFiled under: Idea Chic
  • Sewn Paper Greeting Cards by Idea Chíc

    4 Aug 2015 | 8:27 am
    For a unique tactile design greeting card with blank inside for a personal note. Idea Chíc is extending the sewn paper greeting card line including these three new cards. Just married wedding card, congratulations or just because positive note and thinking of you greeting card. Click the image for more information or visit our greeting card collection.  Filed under: Idea Chic
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    Inner Child Fun

  • Simple Kitchen Science Experiments

    31 Aug 2015 | 7:15 pm
    These simple kitchen science experiments are fun to do and encourage kids to practice their observational skills, form a hypothesis, and record their results! The best part is they use common household materials you probably already have on-hand. A big thank you to our friends at Netflix for sponsoring today’s science experiments and for providing us […]
  • Absolute Essential Craft Supplies for Kids

    25 Aug 2015 | 7:45 am
    5 Craft Experts Share Their Favorite Must-Have Craft Supplies for Inspiring Creativity Wondering what art supplies to have on-hand? If the wide selection of craft supplies seems daunting, don’t worry! I’ve asked my fellow blogging friends and craft experts if they could only pick just THREE craft supplies for kids which ones they would choose. […]
  • Get More Sleep! Like a Boss.

    23 Aug 2015 | 8:04 pm
    Are you tired? Do you wish you had a better night’s sleep? Do you fantasize about all the things you could accomplish with a good night’s rest? You are not alone! The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults have between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, and yet 20% of American adults report […]
  • DIY Outdoor Toys to Get Kids Moving

    21 Aug 2015 | 9:03 am
    These DIY Outdoor Toys to get kids moving are perfect for the last few days of Summer or anytime you are looking for active outdoor play ideas. The best part is that they are made using common household items you probably already have on-hand! Since most of these DIY projects are quick to make, you will […]
  • Brush Bot Painting!

    20 Aug 2015 | 12:15 pm
    Brush Bot painting is an easy introduction to robotics project for kids ages 8 and up! These Brush Bot kits make for a fun learning project and can be built in an afternoon. Once the robots are built, you can race them and experiment to see how you can make them speed up, slow down, or change […]
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    Knitting for Charity: Easy, Fun and Gratifying

  • Wildlife Rescue Nests: a Network of Charity Knitters Worldwide

    30 Aug 2015 | 9:45 pm
    The Knitting for Charity Facebook page is a terrific place, and if you're on Facebook, you should definitely "like" our page. I often ask questions of knitters there, and we frequently receive posts from knitting charities who want to spread the word about their groups.
  • Insane Free Knitting Patterns for Blankets, Part III

    27 Aug 2015 | 9:52 pm
    Welcome back for the third installment of insane knitting patterns for blankets! We've seen 22 completely ridiculous (yet also completely awesome) free knitting patterns for blankets. I hope you're ready for more. Keep reading!
  • Throwback: Caps for Kids and Warm Up America

    23 Aug 2015 | 9:45 pm
    In August 2007, Knitting for Charity featured several knitting charities. Among these were Caps for Kids and Warm Up America. Most of us charity knitters have heard of Warm Up America and are quite familiar with it, but perhaps not as many of us are as familiar with Caps for Kids.
  • Earn Rewards and Save Money through Swagbucks

    20 Aug 2015 | 9:45 pm
    Can you believe it's August already?? August means that in 4 short months it'll be...Christmas!! Which means we have just 4 months to knit our loved ones gifts. (I know, I know...I hate to be the bearer of bad news.)
  • Help Newborns and Their Mothers through the Knitting Charity Miracles Happen

    16 Aug 2015 | 9:45 pm
    Recently Knitting for Charity featured the knitting charity Head Huggers, as well as one of its branches. While I researched Head Huggers, I happened to discover that its founder, Sue Thompson, had formed another knitting charity as well. And if you love knitting items for newborns, I think you'll love this particular charity!
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    Dollar Store Crafts

  • DIY Metallic Crafts for Organization

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:07 am
    Metallics are super trendy these days, and our friend Tanner from A Little Craft In Your Day recently shared a couple of organizational projects that involve metallic paint.  These projects - painted wooden bowls and animal bookends - would be great for DIY dorm decor!  Look for the plastic animals at the dollar store, and check yard sales and thrift stores for wooden bowls on the cheap.  See how he made both projects in the YouTube video below, or visit his YouTube channel. Project estimate: Wood bowls, on hand or $1 and up Masking tape, on hand or $1 and up Plastic animals, $1 and up…
  • Make a Popsicle Stick Pumpkin

    31 Aug 2015 | 10:28 am
    School is starting back up, the air is getting cooler, and bits of color are starting to show in the trees.  That means it's time to start your fall crafting!  We've long been fans of the humble popsicle stick as one of our favorite craft supplies.  Check out how Menucha at Moms and Crafters used popsicle sticks to create this 3D pumpkin decoration.  These would be cute as part of a centerpiece or mantel display, or you could make a bunch of them and string them together as a fun garland!  You can use colored popsicle sticks, like Menucha did, or use plain sticks and give them color with…
  • Make a Stamped Pineapple Shirt

    28 Aug 2015 | 10:12 am
    Pineapples have been an extremely popular motif lately.  We aren't really into jumping on bandwagons, but this is one trend we whole-heartedly love!  This fun pineapple tee, which looks like it came off the rack at a fashionable boutique, was actually made by Sam at The Pretty Life Girls using a stamping technique and materials that would have otherwise been garbage.  So not only is it adorable, it's also insanely cheap to make!  [how to make a stamped pineapple shirt] Project estimate: Shirt, on hand or $1 and up Foam takeout container, on hand Pencil, on hand Fabric paint, on hand or…
  • Make Pencil Jewelry

    26 Aug 2015 | 1:24 pm
    Pencils are a staple back-to-school supply - but they are also equally fabulous as a craft supply!  At Curly Made, Daniela used some pencils to make an assortment of coordinating jewelry, and we think they're absolutely adorable!  There are lots of options for customizing this project, since pencils come in so many varieties.  (And this is a great excuse to buy some with pretty or funky patterns!)  [how to make pencil jewelry] Project estimate: Pencils, on hand or $1 Glue, on hand Jewelry findings, on hand or $1 and up Clear nail polish, on hand or $1 Total: Free and up!  
  • How to Create a Great College Care Package

    25 Aug 2015 | 1:01 am
    20 years ago today, I was starting my first day as a college freshman! My parents dropped me off in Santa Cruz, California at my college where I didn't know ANYONE. I will never forget that first weekend -- Labor Day --most of the kids at my school went back home for the extended weekend, but since my home was a 12 hour drive away, I stayed alone in the dorms. When I went to college, the internet was just becoming a thing. I visited my first official webpage in the fall of 1995! I used a daily email to keep in touch with my mom and let her know what I was up to. The email lifeline became very…
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    Gabriela Delworth Designs

  • Flower Pressing with the Microwave Workshop

    14 Aug 2015 | 9:04 am
    Hello! I haven't blogged in such a long...long time. The truth is that I have been totally focused and dedicated to designing and teaching my workshops. It's been very busy with quite a few projects on the go. I have also been spending time gardening, pressing flowers and travelling. I have been pressing flowers since early Spring. These photos were taken by Erika during my recent
  • Balcony Gardening Update: Geraniums are finally thriving.

    17 Jun 2015 | 4:07 pm
    Balcony Gardening this year hasn't been that fun. First, we had unstable weather all Spring. Then more repairs being done this time to our building walls. All this turmoil been really hard on our plants and balconies. Great news! It's almost over. Today I just wanted to show off our beautiful blooming Geraniums. It's almost time for this again! I have been working on my Christmas Workshops
  • How to place a valance on a metal door with an extension rod

    27 May 2015 | 10:26 am
    It seems to be that with the renovations we had I have been blogging about a few solutions we found along the way. As I mentioned on this past post we recently got new windows and balcony doors installed. With that it came the challenge to adjust out window treatments.  Today I am showing you how I added privacy to the upper window of our new balcony door that has now a metal frame. I
  • How to place a shade on a metal door with magnetic hooks

    25 May 2015 | 4:30 am
    It's been renovation after renovation since last Fall around here. We are already gardening in our new balconies. Recently, we got new balcony doors and windows installed. With that change we had to make some adjustments regarding our window treatments. The most challenging one was adding privacy to our new metal balcony door which has a window. No drilling is allowed on them. I heard that
  • Resin Wicker Planter Boxes with removable inner liners.

    19 May 2015 | 10:03 am
    After numerous compliments coming from neighbors I decided to post about our Resin Wicker Planter Boxes. I spotted them for the first time last year at the Garden section of Home Depot. I believe that the colour and rustic woven exterior got my attention at first glance. This year while choosing plants at the store, saw them again and brought home a couple more. These water proof planters
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    Scoutie Girl

  • A Happy Life: September Instagram Challenge

    Amanda Rose
    28 Aug 2015 | 4:00 am
    Okay, first off. How is next week already September? Does anyone else feel like it was literally just January and we had the whole year of 2015 ahead of us? Where did it go and how did that happen? Secondly, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve basically neglected social media this summer. Which is strange, because I actually enjoy social media engagements. But, well…go back to my first comment above, and basically you’d think I’ve been sleeping the past 6 months. If you’re in the same boat and feeling like you need a little push to get back into the groove of…
  • When the Words Won’t Come: Write Anyway

    Tahani Al-Salem
    27 Aug 2015 | 6:04 am
    It has been a strange month. I’m not even sure strange is the right word. It’s been happy, and sad, tragic, full of growth. It has been filled with moments where I remind myself to be patient, that I’m human and that having emotions is perfectly fine. Life can be like that, calm, or everything all at once. It hasn’t all been bad, and even the difficult parts were learning moments. Something I’ve known about myself, but that I was very aware of recently, is that when life gets hard, I stop writing. I shove the words aside, and swear I just can’t find them.
  • Why This Bluestocking Almost Stopped Reading

    Fiona Bessey-Bushnell
    24 Aug 2015 | 4:00 am
    I grew up with my nose in a book. I recall walking from room to room in my childhood home without looking up from my book, and was called a bluestocking. I continued my love of reading through my teen years, then into adulthood. The genres I have appreciated have been cyclical – mysteries in my younger years and other fiction, with an emphasis on historical fiction, dystopian novels and even a stint appreciating Oprah Book Club selections. I was a member of the same monthly book club for over 10 years. Our book club model rotated hosts and choosers of the month’s book selection,…
  • Hummus + Veggie Flatbread Pizza

    Amanda Rose
    21 Aug 2015 | 4:00 am
    Confession: I have a soft spot for pizza. I’m not even picky about toppings – if a pizza is sitting in front of me, I’ll eat it. It is probably the one food I have to deprive myself of frequently, otherwise I’d eat it morning, noon, and night. So in an effort to feed my pizza-loving-heart and not feel guilty about it, I started concocting various guilt-free pizza recipes. This particular hummus pizza was a huge success! Mix it up with a variety of veggies or add a sprinkle of parmesan for a true, cheesy pizza experience! Ingredients: 1 prepared flatbread 1/4 cup…
  • Instabeauty in Asturias, Spain

    Elizabeth Guerrero
    14 Aug 2015 | 4:00 am
    Asturias, Spain. Home to Picos de Europa National Park, stone villages, and medieval architecture. We were fortunate enough to spend a few days here in June, and it was simply magical. The picture above shows the little village of Bulnes, hidden high up in the mountains. There’s no road to the village; it’s only accessible by tunnel funicular (how we went up) and the most breathtaking trails (how we went down). The nature was lovely on both a grand scale (those mountains!), and on a small with the lush flowers all in bloom. This medieval bridge from the late 13th century was well…
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    Wee Folk Art

  • DIY Sunflower Showcase

    2 Sep 2015 | 3:50 am
    Sunflowers are one of my all time favorite flowers. I love how big and bold their beauty is. I love the healthy seeds they provide us with. I love how they spend their day following the sun. And I love that their harvest signals the transition from summer to autumn. I was looking for some inspiration for making some sunflowers, and when I was overwhelmed by so many choices, I thought the projects would make up into a beautiful showcase. So, for your visual delight, here is a collection of 10 sunflower projects you can make yourself. Well, actually, 9 projects and my favorite sunflower…
  • Gnome Home :: Part 2 :: Cutting Out Pieces

    1 Sep 2015 | 3:27 am
      Before beginning, read GNOME HOME :: PART 1 :: GETTING STARTED Following those directions found in Part 1, design your gnome home and create the full-sized pattern you will be using. Trace your patterns onto the wood. Using a hand saw or jigsaw, cut out each wood piece on the lines you have drawn. Your cutting does not need to be perfect. Don’t worry if you go off the lines a bit. In the end no one will be the wiser! Sand the edges. You can do this by hand with a sanding block, with a hand held sander, a belt sander, or a spindle sander. Just get your edges smooth and slightly…
  • Cat and Mouse Crochet Patterns

    31 Aug 2015 | 3:34 am
    A few weeks ago we shared a Showcase of Cat and Mouse Knit patterns. You can see them HERE. They were a big hit but we had lots of people looking for crocheted patterns. I got right on it, almost finished the post, went on vacation, then forgot about it! Oops! So a few weeks late, and giving our crocheting friends their due, here is a collect of Cat and Mouse Crochet Patterns that we think are adorable. Hope you agree! Morris the Mouse from Madisons Craft Nook on Craftsy Don’t you just want to hold this little guy in the palm of your hand and have a heart to heart? The pattern is…
  • Magic Onions Give-Away :: August 2015

    Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art
    29 Aug 2015 | 4:49 am
    Comments are now closed. Congratulations Susie Murthy! Please contact me within 3 days to claim your prize. Susie Murthy says August 30, 2015 at 3:41 pm  I want to purchase another subscription to the Magic Onions craft boxes. The crafts are so lovely and you can add what you make with your little ones to your nature table. Coupon: Receive a free packet of 10 felted acorns with each purchase until the end of August by mentioning the words ‘yay for acorns’ at checkout. “The Magic Onion Shop carries quality handmade toys and treasures for the natural home. For years, Donni’s Magic…
  • Learn to Knit Afghan :: Block Thirteen

    Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art
    28 Aug 2015 | 6:20 am
    Working with the Greek Cross Pattern I don’t have any notes to share on this pattern. It was smooth going for me just following the same basic principals of mosaic knitting. As you can see in the pattern, especially in the yellow crosses, you don’t carry the off color for very long. The blue is added into the middle of the yellow crosses, and vice versa. More Blocks in the Series Introductory Post Block Twelve: Harlequin Pattern Block Fourteen: (coming soon) Learn to Knit Afghan Project This series covers several different knitting stitches using the Learn-to-Knit Afghan book by…
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  • Review: Bulu Box

    1 Sep 2015 | 6:21 am
    Thanks to my friends at Fitapproach’s Sweatpink, I got to try the Bulu Box and share my thoughts   Subscription boxes seem to be all the rage and for good reason: they give the consumer an opportunity to try products before committing to a full-size purchase.  I was impressed to receive a full-size pouch of chicken jerky and an ample size of energy gummies along with some other delight items.  A Bulu Box subscription is like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist as a best friend. Each month, a box of healthy products is shipped right to your door. You learn about…
  • Beer, Wine and Food Festival Aug 28-29

    27 Aug 2015 | 3:00 pm
    I always say if you cannot find something fun to do in Cincinnati, you’re purposely NOT looking to enjoy this great city! The Beer, Wine and Food Festival, presented by RestorAid Remodeling, will return for its sixth year with a special “Chalk Street Art” on August 28-29, 2015 in historic downtown Wyoming. Serving over 80 craft ales and wines, entertainment from The Websters on Friday night and Ricky Nye and The Carter New Band on Saturday, and more than 10 local food vendors, it is sure to be a great night benefiting The Cure Starts Now Foundation. As part of the Chalk Street…
  • #udandiKitchen Remodel – Counters

    9 Aug 2015 | 7:12 pm
    The #udandiKitchen remodel hit a snag when it came to the counters thanks to Home Depot and their contractors. I did not realize that when I purchased counters from Home Depot was embarking on a multi-contractor relationship. Purchasing counters from a Home Depot store in Cincinnati meant they would ask Cardinal Kitchens in Louisville to cut the counters who would then ask Beyer Installations in Cincinnati to install them. In short, Home Depot quoted counters from measurement to installation as taking 3-5 weeks. I called for measurement on June 22, 2015 and my counters were finally finished…
  • #udandiKitchen Remodel – Cabinets and Appliances

    4 Aug 2015 | 12:53 pm
    I have shared some of the #udandiKitchen remodel progress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In my previous posts, I admitted my kitchen was a dump but then we demolished, it to make way for an all new kitchen! I was hoping by now I would be able to share a completed before and after kitchen remodel, but because my counters are not installed after 6 weeks (was quoted 3-5 weeks) and I don’t know that Home Depot is going to make good on that purchase (a post for another day), I’m going to share what I can. Flooring – Bruce Hardwood Floors from Lowe’s Cabinets – Woodbridge…
  • Define – Spinning and Barre studio in Oakley

    3 Aug 2015 | 4:15 pm
    I found Define through a Groupon offer for one month unlimited Body and Rev classes, so I signed up. Define Body and Mind in Oakley is just off the square located next to a pizza place (ahhh!). The one thing that impressed me the most was how friendly all the staff was how they made an effort to know my name and get me checked in as I walked in the door. That personalized attention isn’t found everywhere, but I really appreciate it. The studio space is calm and open, they offer two single-room restrooms (but no shower), and cubbies (not lockers) for storing items during class. With it…
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    Craft Stew

  • Massive Craft and Cookbook Haul

    1 Sep 2015 | 12:09 am
    source: Horia Varlan Living in the Middle East, it’s sometimes hard to get books written in English. Fortunately, I’ve discovered two book sites that offer free shipping to Israel. The first is Book Depository which sells new books only. The other is Better World Books which sells both new and used books. Since discovering these two sites I have gone a little shopping crazy. I went on a massive book buying spree that lasted for months. Many of the books I bought were older volumes, but with timeless ideas. These were bought mainly as references. I will use these for techniques,…
  • Any Way You Want It Rice

    21 Aug 2015 | 7:21 am
    source: Miikka H This dish is very loosely based on the Curried Rice recipe in Louise Newton’s Good Recipes For Hard Times. I’ve used the same basic proportions and concept but changed everything else. The main recipe is for the plain version. Variations are listed below. Ingredients 1 cup raw rice 2 tablespoons oil 1 large onion 1 green pepper 1 cup flavored tomato sauce 2 cups onion soup  or 2 cups water plus onion soup mix 1 tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper extra water Directions Saute onion and green pepper in hot oil till just soft. Add rice and cook till slightly transparent. Add…
  • Bat Yam Beach Trip

    21 Aug 2015 | 6:50 am
    source: Eran Sandler I took a trip to Bat Yam beach yesterday with a few friends. Bat Yam is located on Israel’s Mediterranean Sea coast and is very beautiful. source: philrieberer I was afraid to take my camera because the sand might have damaged the lens so I found a couple of photos on Flickr that show exactly what it looks like. source: Or Hiltch You might be interested to learn that Bat Yam has “ladies only” days each week.  Except for the life guards, a large portion of the beach is restricted entirely to women (and young children). This is done for religious reasons,…
  • This Is Not A Chair: An Exercise In Seeing The World

    12 Aug 2015 | 4:13 am
    source: Maureen Didde I am currently participating in a free, online class called Tangible Things. It is given by Harvard University and it is about seeing and understanding the objects around you. We did a exercise today that I would like to share with you. The exercise consists of stretching your mind by looking at an object in your home in as many ways as possible. For instance, a telephone is a form of communication, but it’s also an artifact of modern design, a scientific invention, a retail commodity, a method of relaxation, etc. To do the exercise yourself, follow these…
  • Healthy Barley and Lentil Soup

    28 Jun 2015 | 8:44 am
    source: Jodi Green I found the original recipe for this dish on the Joy of Kosher site.  However, I skipped the kale, added some yummy Italian seasonings and simplified the instructions. The end result is a very good and filling soup. 3/4 cup barley 1/3 cup green lentils 2 tbsp olive oil 2 carrots, diced 2 stalks celery, diced 2 large onions, diced 1 28 oz can chopped tomatoes 1 can kidney beans, drained and rinsed 1/2 tbsp dried oregano 1/2 tbsp dried basil 1/2 tsp powdered garlic 1/4 tsp pepper salt, to taste Using a large pot, saute the vegetables in oil till softened. Slowly add 5 cups…
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    Paper and Stitch

  • Hanging in There: DIY Hanging Clay Planters

    2 Sep 2015 | 5:09 am
    I've tried DIY hanging planters before, and while I was overall pretty happy with the results last time, my choice in materials wasn't for everyone. SO, I'm giving it another shot, this time with air dry clay instead. Want to make your own? It's SUPER easy. You'll just need to harken back to those elementary school clay making days for the coil technique we used to complete these little guys.  Or just follow along below for the step by step instructions. Materials - air dry clay (which you can find on Amazon) - toothpicks or wooden skewer - strong string, thin rope, or cording - water -…
  • Hat Brat: 9 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

    1 Sep 2015 | 5:09 am
    I don't know how it happened exactly, but over the years, I've become a little bit of a hat brat. SO, I thought I'd roundup some of my favorite hats to take us into fall, since the change of seasons is right around the corner. Who's with me? (above) 1. straw hat with a cozy sweater 2. Janessa Leone henninsen hat 3. similar to my burgundy hat above (from this shoot) is this one from ASOS 4. flat top boater hat 5. Maxwell black brim hat 6. fall fedora from Kendi Everyday 7. flat top straw hat, like the one I wore during the farm to table shoot 8. Found this big black hat from Smitten…
  • Holy Moly! Homemade Cereal Cannolis

    31 Aug 2015 | 5:09 am
    I've been wanting to make cannolis for a while now. Largely due to the fact that I had a giant bag of dehydrated marshmallows lying around (as in a whole bag of the best part of Lucky Charms cereal) that I really wanted to use. SO, I enlisted Linda, yet again, to work her magic on a new recipe. And the results are delicious! Want to make your own? Here's what you'll need... Ingredients - 1 dozen cannoli shells (store-bought*) - 1 pkg white melting chocolate - gel food coloring (optional) - dehydrated marshmallows, chopped - 16 oz mascarpone cheese - 16 oz ricotta cheese, drained - 1/2 cup…
  • 6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

    28 Aug 2015 | 5:09 am
    I think this weekend, Jeff and I are going to have to suck it up and clean the house. We don't have anyone coming to visit or anything, but it's just gotten to THAT point where we have to clean up or move out. Kidding! It's not that bad. But we probably need to mop the floors and just get everything a bit more tidied up (AKA corral all of my props and crafts - I can't wait to move into a studio space so I don't have to deal with that aspect of things anymore). But anyway, aside from cleaning, I don't think I really have any plans. Maybe a DIY or two. What about you? If you want to give a few…
  • Snack Attack: Chocolate Dipped Banana Chips

    27 Aug 2015 | 5:09 am
    When I was a kid I hated banana chips. FYI, I was down with regular bananas, but banana chips?! Hell no. As I get older though, my food likes and dislikes continually change. And now, I buy banana chips pretty regularly and bring them along on car rides and hikes. So, today, in honor of banana lover's day (which is today), I whipped up a little something that even my childhood self would have devoured...chocolate dipped banana chips! Because once you add a little chocolate to the mix, it's pretty much go time, regardless of what is underneath said chocolate dipping. Amiright? Plus,…
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    Factory Direct Craft Blog

  • How to Make a Button Hair Comb

    Jessica Christman
    2 Sep 2015 | 11:30 am
    If you or your little ones enjoys wearing combs, this is a great way to personalize them for any outfit. Click here for the how-to {{ This is only a small sample and summary of my blogs post. Please visit my site for pictures, full links and content! }}
  • DIY Artificial Succulent Planter

    Jessica Christman
    1 Sep 2015 | 11:30 am
    Succulents are beautiful, and with this artificial succulent planter, you’ll get all of the beauty without all of the maintenance! Click here for the how-to {{ This is only a small sample and summary of my blogs post. Please visit my site for pictures, full links and content! }}
  • DIY Party Paper Straw Place Markers

    Jessica Christman
    31 Aug 2015 | 11:30 am
    These DIY straw placecards look great displayed in mason jar glasses, adding a country-chic vibe to your gathering. Click here for the how-to and video tutorial {{ This is only a small sample and summary of my blogs post. Please visit my site for pictures, full links and content! }}
  • Pom Pom Caterpillar Clothespin Kids Craft

    Jessica Christman
    28 Aug 2015 | 11:30 am
    So cute...and guaranteed to make you smile! Click here for the how-to {{ This is only a small sample and summary of my blogs post. Please visit my site for pictures, full links and content! }}
  • DIY Rustic Wood Slice Wall Mounted Vase

    Jessica Christman
    27 Aug 2015 | 11:30 am
    This home DIY is the perfect project for beginners looking to spruce up their space with a piece of shabby chic decor. Click here for the how-to and video tutorial {{ This is only a small sample and summary of my blogs post. Please visit my site for pictures, full links and content! }}
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    Just Something I Made

  • Mason Jar Luminary Paper House Cloche Kit

    Cathe Holden
    17 Aug 2015 | 1:48 pm
    I taught three separate workshops in July and August here at Inspired Barn where we crafted adorable illuminated displays utilizing mason jars, papercrafting, collage, and assemblage. Since most of you are not in my area and are unable to attend such a workshop, I went to work creating a digital kit for you so you can craft this project wherever you are!You can find this kit for sale right now in my Etsy shop, along with two other paper house projects. This kit includes step-by-step photo instructions, and a template (to print to cardstock) for crafting a house and pedestal sized perfectly to…
  • Attaching Shelf Jars and FREE Dennison-Style Labels

    Cathe Holden
    20 Jul 2015 | 4:38 pm
    While cleaning the garage over the weekend I happened on a collection of jars I’d tucked away for future use. (Hey…It’s the future!) And I can always use more crafty storage in the studio. Jars work so perfectly to show off the stored contents. I find when I can see my supplies I’m much more apt to use them as I tend to forget some of the supplies and materials I have stored in drawers and boxes. I decided to attach into the dead space found on the underside of existing studio shelves. I simply drilled pilot holes into the lids, double-stick taped the lids into place under the…
  • Vintage Album Bird Images

    Cathe Holden
    7 Jul 2015 | 10:01 am
    How do you keep your creative juices flowing? Sometimes when I’m longing for new ideas I search for old inspiration, and visit my local antiques stores. Yesterday’s trip proved quite successful as I happened upon four separate pages taken from a vintage photo album. Each page rich in colorful, detailed bird illustrations.I scanned the pages and used Photoshop to touch up stains and blemishes, and fill the inner photo areas. You can help yourself to each image below by clicking to enlarge and save. Use for collage, scrapbooking, cardmaking, digital work, even your own album pages. (But,…
  • General Store Inspiration: Mercantile Interior Photo Tour

    Cathe Holden
    12 May 2015 | 5:27 pm
    If you’ve seen my workshop studio, Inspired Barn, in magazines, online, or in person, it’s likely pretty obvious where my number-one inspiration comes from- early general stores and mercantiles. Photo courtesy of Captain Simos Returns. I’ve long been attracted to photographs showcasing proud shopkeepers and customers  posed within tidy, well-stocked emporiums that stocked everything from overalls and tobacco to fabrics and soaps. Photo courtesy of Dean Joseph Fine Art and Antiques. Counters, shelves, cases, drawers and bins filled with neatly arranged and stacked goods, much of which…
  • Inspired Barn Video Production

    Cathe Holden
    2 May 2015 | 11:17 am
    Last November I began talks with F+W, a Content + eCommerce Company, about creating an exciting new series of Inspired Barn craft video episodes and accompanying kits. The projects would feature home décor projects, with videos and kits made available online through their Interweave Store. I’ve always known that videos would be the very best way to demonstrate steps for recreating my original projects. And F+W being a reputable media company well versed in the craft and hobby industry, of course I said YES! Though I’ve never done video, I’d been building up my courage and was ready to…
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    Art Of Crafts | RSS Feed

  • Training to Help Build Your Handmade Business

    Alison Wood
    19 Aug 2015 | 2:13 pm
    Today I just wanted to share with you some training I am running from the sister site to this one, Cartwheels Across The Sky. I have a Flash Sale running which offers all three of my training courses for one low price and you can find out more details on this if you click the ‘Flash Sale’ image below. I am also running some low cost individual webinars which are priced between $9 and $19 and you can find all the individual details at the images below. Hope to see you there and if you have any questions you can always contact me. You might also be interested in joining my free…
  • Giveaway to Win One of Two Baking Books

    Alison Wood
    10 Aug 2015 | 8:39 am
    In honour of The Great British Bake Off here in the UK August is baking month and we are kicking it off with a great giveaway – with two fab books up for grabs. First, I’m going to introduce each one and then you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how to enter. Naked Cakes by Hannah Miles (Amazon UK/Amazon USA) kindly provided by RPS Books. The Cookie Jar by Liz Franklin (Amazon UK/Amazon USA) kindly provided by RPS Books. Terms & Conditions Before you enter please pop over and read the  T&Cs for the giveaway here. I have 1 copy of each book to give away and…
  • Art of Crafts Interview: Kelly from K Lynn Designs

    Alison Wood
    8 Aug 2015 | 3:41 am
    Today we welcome Kelly from K Lynn Designs who is going to tell us more about her beautiful jewelry designs. 1.       Welcome Kelly. Firstly, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about where you are based, for example in which country and part of that country? My name is Kelly Martino and my business is K. Lynn Designs.  I make jewelry and I am in Northern California.  I make jewelry out of many different materials and in many different styles.  I strive to make jewelry that is unique and that anyone would be proud to wear. 2.       How did the idea for your business…
  • Grow Your Handmade Business With Pinterest

    Alison Wood
    26 Jul 2015 | 3:26 pm
    Pinterest can be such a hugely valuable site for driving traffic to your creative website, craft blog or handmade marketplace. Therefore on the 12th August I am running a webinar on ‘Market Your Business With Pinterest’ which will dive into much more depth on making the platform effective for your business. For this launch the price is just $9 but places are limited so register now if you would like to join me. To find out full details head over to the sister site to Art of Crafts Cartwheels Across The Sky.  Hope to see you there!
  • Two Jewelry Making Books Up For Grabs in the Giveaway

    Alison Wood
    16 Jul 2015 | 10:17 am
    ** This giveaway is now closed – thanks to all those who entered. The lucky winners, drawn by random number generator, are: Compendium of Beading Techniques: Crissy Shaw Paracord Jewelry:  Jacqui du Rocher I will be emailing you to get your prizes out to you both and many congratulations! August is baking month on the blog so watch for a giveaway coming soon. ** July is jewelry making month on the blog and we are kicking it off with a giveaway – with two fab books up for grabs. First, I’m going to introduce both of them and then you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to…
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    Skip To My Lou

  • Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake

    Cindy Hopper
    2 Sep 2015 | 5:00 am
    If you love pumpkin pie and sugar cookies this Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake is for you. It is a delicious pumpkin pie like filling over a cookie crust! As soon as I start to see the pumpkins at the grocery store I start thinking of pumpkin recipes! If you like pumpkin you might also like my Pumpkin Cake Roll. It is a show stopping dessert that freezes beautifully. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies and 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins make for yummy snacks! This amazing Pumpkin Bread recipe is so versatile it can be made into a loaf or muffins. If you need an easy dessert this Pumpkin Sheet Cake would…
  • Fall Wreath Idea

    Cindy Hopper
    1 Sep 2015 | 4:52 am
    This month the Michael’s Makers are crafting up a beautiful fall!  Today it is all about pumpkins!  To kick off fall in your own home, visit and check out the variety of craft pumpkins available – there is every color, shape and size you could ever want!  There are tons of ways to DIY your own craft pumpkin for your home, a party or even as a gift. I am sharing this fall wreath idea. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, Michaels recently started selling these fun half pumpkins, perfect for fall décor wall mounts and fun signs.  I grabbed a…
  • College Checklist

    Cindy Hopper
    31 Aug 2015 | 12:12 pm
    Getting ready for college can be a fun yet scary task.  There are so many details to think about and items needed.  There are tons of lists online, but some  were so extensive it was overwhelming.  While we wanted our son to be prepared we knew that for some things he would just need to get there and actually see what was needed, so  we opted for a  basic college checklist. Really (if you have a boy) most things can be purchased easily (and quickly). We were able to get almost everything in one stop at Walmart. College Checklist for Dorm Living Use this checklist to make sure you…
  • Made by you Monday

    Cindy Hopper
    31 Aug 2015 | 5:00 am
    It’s  Monday show us what you’ve got. It is time to link up your crafty goodness! Please don’t forget to link back! — a text link at the bottom of your post, or link somewhere on your blog is okay! Don’t miss a thing! Sign up to get crafty ideas, recipes, sewing tutorials and more delivered right to your inbox. Follow Skip to My Lou on FB and Google+ to find out the latest news! Join me at Pinterest and Instagram for an extra dose of fun! The post Made by you Monday appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
  • Caribbean Dinner Recipes

    Cindy Hopper
    30 Aug 2015 | 5:00 am
    School is back in session and we are busy running around. I still love to have a hot dinner as often as possible. These fun unique Caribbean dinner recipes caught my eye this week on Made by you Monday.  I love trying new recipes and flavors with my family.  I also love skillet meals, for a quick and easy dinner try my skillet lasagna or my skillet ziti recipe. Honey Jerk BBQ Salmon Sweet and Spicy Caribbean Chicken Hawaiian Hot Dogs with Grilled Pineapple Mango Salsa Hawaiian Chicken Sliders   Island Pork Chops   Be sure to link up tomorrow for Made by you Monday! The post…
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    iHanna's Blog

  • Spotted Photo Theme: Bicycle Love

    31 Aug 2015 | 2:00 pm
    The Spotted Photo Theme for this post is vehicles. For my post, I’m picking the bicycle, because it has always been a favorite of mine. It is environmental friendly and easy to use, as well as being beneficial to your health, and obviously I have taken quite a few photos of it in the past. What is your preferred form of transportation? The Spotted Photo Theme should reflect any vehicle that you photograph a lot. It could be your car, roller skates, the train or anything else that makes you move forward in the word – and that you’ve photographed a few times over the years.
  • Inspiration en masse – Starting some Awesome monthly Link Love

    30 Aug 2015 | 9:49 am
    We are nearing the end of yet another month, and it has been my favorite month so far this year. As the month closes I’m reminded of a few things on my blogging radar that I want to work on for the four month remaining of this year. One of them is Spotted Photo Theme, which I explain soon (and will post tomorrow), and a this new feature of monthly link love that I’m gonna call Inspiration en masse. I love how some blogs I read help me find new articles, videos and interesting and inspiring blogs all the time. I to strive to be one of those that links to awesome content for you! I…
  • Sharpening my pencils

    28 Aug 2015 | 1:33 pm
    There are years that ask questions and years that answer. Zora Neale Hurston I am sharpening my pencils. I am sharpening my brain. I am sharpening my everything. I feel on edge and ready. I have so many ideas filling so many notebooks that it’s just ridiculous. I did do a whole lot of photos last week, documenting a week in my life for the third time, but it’s been such lovely August weather here that I haven’t been indoors much. I will share a few photos eventually, I’m sure. Did any of you do the photo challenge? There was a challenge in July too called One Book July…
  • The First Rule of Art Journaling

    21 Aug 2015 | 9:20 am
    It’s Art Journal Friday over here, and time for a peek into one of my painted journals again. I want to share a few pages and details from them today. But I also need to share the most important, and only, Rule of Art Journaling, with you guys… The first rule of Art Journaling, as I see it, is: You should always do what ever you want to – in what ever way you want to. Period. Being inspired is awesome, being told what to do and how, is not. Finding new ways to create is fun, but having someone tell you which layer to start with is just plain boooring. Am I right? I see a lot…
  • 21 Secrets Art Journal Workshop Early Bird Special

    19 Aug 2015 | 6:00 am
    I’m super excited about the fact that I’m one of the teachers at the online Art Journal Workshop 21 SECRETS Fall 2015. I will show you how to find cheap materials and make a super fun Art Journal collage in my Workshop. I hope you’ll want to join me, because this is a class you don’t want to miss out on. I’m so sorry that I’ve been keeping this a secret from you, but today I’m allowed to reveal some facts and tell you about the Early Bird Special that you get if you buy this workshop before the 4th of September! When you get the workshop 21 SECRETS…
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    Happybird's Crafting Haven

  • DIY~Beautiful No-Sew Felt Mug Snack Mats!

    HappyBird's Crafting Haven
    21 Aug 2015 | 5:49 pm
    To see my FULL YouTube tutorial on how to make these beautiful and inexpensive no-sew felt mug mats, click on the folloing link: These mug mats can also be made for guys or teens as well! Just choose your felt in the pattern or colors that are right for you. You can also use team colors and hot glue an emblem patch in the corner! The ideas are
  • DIY~Sparkling Felt Snow Poinsettia Ornament With Free Pattern!

    HappyBird's Crafting Haven
    14 Aug 2015 | 6:32 am
    Make this simple shimmering felt snow poinsettia for your Christmas tree or package decoration! This is so easy! Download the pattern below for FREE and check out my full YouTube Tutorial by clicking on the following link:  You will need the following materials for this craft: STIFF White Felt Regular Green Felt 20mm Flatback Rhinestone Color of Your Choice (
  • DIY~Easy Dollar Store Chocolate "Butter Keeper" Neighbor Gift For Christmas!

    HappyBird's Crafting Haven
    14 Aug 2015 | 6:32 am
    This is so inexpensive and easy to make! You can make your own decoration, such as I did with the felt snow poinsettia that I made in the last video; OR you can buy artificial poinsettias. The decorating ideas for this are endless! I bought a plastic butter keeper at the Dollar Tree and decided to turn the lid and container opposite from each other and glue it with 4 small dots of Amazing Goop.
  • DIY~Sparkling Vintage/Retro Felt Angel Ornament With Free Pattern!

    HappyBird's Crafting Haven
    8 Aug 2015 | 11:32 am
    This is such a fun and easy little felt angel to make! I used pink to give it a "retro" look. This little angel would also look great using aqua color felt. I have a list of materials you will need below AND I have a free PDF pattern for you! Just click on the following direct link to download the pattern for free:  If you
  • DIY~ Sparkling Cup Chain Bracelet! Perfect for the Beginner!

    HappyBird's Crafting Haven
    4 Aug 2015 | 7:18 am
    This little cup chain bracelet is so easy to make! This is a perfect project for a beginner! A list of materials are below, however, you will need to click on the following link for my full YouTube tutorial on how to make this little beauty! Here is the link: Materials Needed: *4mm Cup Chain (I purchased mine from, however, you can also *
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  • Road to 1000 – Blessings All Mine

    Timothy Adam
    1 Sep 2015 | 7:45 pm
    Tell us your story! In February 2010 my beautiful firstborn son came into this world. My husband and I had always talked about me staying home once we had babies, and now the time had come. My baby girl was born 21 months later in November of 2011. I love love love spending my whole day with my kids! It is the best job in the world. As much as I LOVED my new mommy job, I knew I needed a creative outlet of some sort. In March of 2013, when I got to the point where I felt like the craziness of two teeny babies was passing, Blessings All Mine was created. I knew I wanted to open an Etsy shop…
  • Three Bird Nest No Longer On Etsy

    Timothy Adam
    26 Aug 2015 | 10:35 am
    Alicia Shaffer of ThreeBirdNest is taking a break from Etsy aftet becoming one of the fastest growing shops since 2011.  Take look and see infamous 3 armed sweater page! For the full story check out Etsy-Preneurship _  ThreeBirdNest taking a “break” from Etsy You can see That Three Bird Nest was in the top 10 of the shops with the most sales in 2014. Top Sellers 2014 Handmade Rank Name Sales Country 1 ThinkPinkBows 119180 United States 2 RivermillEmbroidery 104220 United States 3 Thevelvetacorn 96605 United States 4 beanforest 96106 United States 5 threebirdnest 90726 United States 6…
  • Top 100 Australian Etsy Sellers 2015

    Timothy Adam
    16 Aug 2015 | 3:06 pm
    Here are the top 100 Australian Etsy sellers overall for 2015.  These rankings are by sales numbers. Each shop link is clickable, so have fun checking out all these great shops!   Rank Name Sales Category Sub Category Country 1 Shovava 39991 Handmade Clothing Australia 2 KHDigi 35884 Handmade Graphic Design Australia 3 TracyAnnDigitalArt 34557 Handmade Graphic Design Australia 4 craftycutslaser 30899 Supplies Handmade Australia 5 LittleLaserLab 22081 Supplies Handmade Australia 6 BigDreamsEmbroidery 21952 Handmade Patterns Australia 7 bubnutPatterns 21784 Handmade Patterns Australia 8…
  • Back To School 2015

    Timothy Adam
    16 Aug 2015 | 2:11 pm
    ‘♥Back To School’ by BlingThings2011 Classic Beige Plaid Summer S… SilkyGifts $15 Vintage 18k Rose Gold Plated… wulfgirl $54 SALE!!! Wooden Brooch, Make … Strickzeit $5 Vintage Pierre Deux Shoulder… jewelryandthin… $59 Stephanie Kelian Vintage 90&… LillisCloset $35 Soft Cover Blank Journals S… BlingThingsOri… $8.5 Carnelian Ring, Autumn Jewel… KicaBijoux $15 Сloth dolls -Art doll- Clot… NatashaArtDoll… $70 SALE 20% off Antique Bronze … millyscollecti… $54.4 1 Lace leaf, Perfect for Fal……
  • What I’ve Learned about Attitude after 2 Years of Business and Thousands of Etsy Sales

    Lisa Jacobs
    2 Aug 2015 | 5:40 am
      What I’ve Learned about Attitude after 2 Years of Business and Thousands of Sales It’s the Energy Shop‘s second anniversary, and I love to write a big post every year to celebrate how far it’s come and what I’ve learned. It started with: 450 Sales on Etsy in the First 3 Months and 1,000 Sales and Counting in Year 1 As I began to gather together what I’ve learned in the last two years of business, it became clear that the post was going to be epic. Before I knew it, there were 7 pages of ideas, marketing strategy, and tips that had poured out of me…
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  • IKEAHackers to KnitHacker to London Kaye and Back Again …

    30 Aug 2015 | 7:19 am
    I started KnitHacker in the summer of 2008, the year my son Finnegan was born. It was in response to one of my favourite maker hubs, IKEAHackers, a site that’s all about “modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. Hacks, as we call it here, may be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity.” I saw so many innovative and interesting knit and crochet projects out there, I knew a concept like IKEAHackers could apply to yarn – KnitHacker became a reality! At the time, I myself had just knit a Dread Pirate Robot…
  • watermelon poogie crocheted by meowchanto

    24 Aug 2015 | 4:47 am
    Poogie serves as one of the mascots of the Monster Hunter video game series. You can see more of meowchanto’s work on her Flickr stream and she has a fun Etsy shop too. Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)Share this awesomesauce:
  • Pingu and the (fantastic) Knitting Machine

    24 Aug 2015 | 4:31 am
    Raise your hand if you NEED this visionary knitting machine. I checked on the official Pingu web site, and they don’t have the machine for sale … no fair! That’s totally false advertising, eh? Oh and by the way: Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)Share this awesomesauce:
  • Experimenting with Inked Fabric Markers: Embroidery, Flexi Hoops, Robots and more!

    23 Aug 2015 | 12:34 pm
    Today my husband Collin (@motodouma) and I had a breakfast date with Inked by Blackcat Permanent Fabric Markers. * I decided to experiment with 100% cotton fabric (I cut up a white handkerchief) and some flexi hoops to see what I could come up with. Here’s the process: And that was so much fun, I did another – a little homage to Yoko Ono and John Lennon. I really like straight, clean lines, so for me taping was ideal. The ink generally did not bleed unless I accidentally pressed too hard or slipped under the tape and even then, the bleed was minimal and hardly noticeable.
  • “Makers Gonna Make”

    18 Aug 2015 | 3:16 am
    Well ain’t that the truth! Hi, Jenny Brown made this to celebrate New Jersey’s first Maker’s Day earlier this year. Thanks for the submission Jenny! Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)Share this awesomesauce:
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    AllCrafts Free Crafts Update

  • Dresser Box Sewing Tutorial

    Wendy at
    31 Aug 2015 | 8:58 am
    I’m not sure what to call this project so I’m going with Dresser Box Sewing Tutorial. It’s a great catch-all for any place that little bits of clutter accumulate. But it can hold anything. I have something similar for the napkins on my kitchen table. Added to Free Sewing Patterns You might also like: DIY Fabric Storage Boxes 50 Free Felt Food Patterns Bike Bag Sewing Tutorial Radial Purse Sewing Pattern Key Pouch Sewing Tutorial
  • 50 Free Felt Food Patterns

    Wendy at
    29 Aug 2015 | 9:02 am
    Felt food is fun! Fun to make and lots of fun for little ones to play house, restaurant and more. Browse our collection of 50 Free Felt Food Patterns to make a cute stash-buster today. You might also like: I love making Felt Food Free Felt Picnic Basket and Food Patterns 50 Free Felt Flower Patterns Felt Lattice Pillow Sewing Tutorial Felt Locker Caddy Sewing Tutorial
  • Linked Double Crochet Tutorial (linked dc)

    Wendy at
    29 Aug 2015 | 8:00 am
    This Linked Double Crochet Tutorial is a new stitch to me and I’m in love! It makes a nice tight fabric and I think you’ll love it, too. Added to 50+ Crochet Stitches and Tutorials You might also like: Beginner Ripple Crochet Pattern Crochet Symbols and Directions Chart Twists and Turns Crochet Stitch Tutorial 100 Colorful Ripple Stitches Book – Bonus Free Pattern Invisible Join Crochet Tutorial
  • Bike Bag Sewing Tutorial

    Wendy at
    29 Aug 2015 | 7:54 am
    It’s great to ride your bike when you can but where do you put your stuff? Make this Bike Bag Sewing Tutorial to tote books, groceries and more in style. Added to 200+ Free Purse and Tote Bag Sewing Patterns You might also like: Bionic Gear Sewing Notions Tote Quilted Duffle Bag Sewing Tutorial Plenty of Pockets Duffle Bag Sewing Pattern Braided Belt Messenger Bag Tutorial Yoga Mat Bag Free Crochet Pattern
  • Wire-wrapped Ring – Step by Step Beading Project

    Wendy at
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:34 am
    Create a great piece of costume jewelry with this Wire-wrapped Ring – Step by Step Beading Project. Sometimes one bold piece is just right! Added to Jewelry-Making Tutorials You might also like: Little Posey Ring Tutorial Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Ring Tutorial Shrink Plastic Ring Tutorial Make an Embroidered Ring Butterfly Bracelet Tutorial
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    CraftStylish - Sewing category featured posts

  • Embellish a T-shirt with Ribbon

    18 Aug 2015 | 7:00 am
    Posted by _nikki_ Fold and crease an elegant, geometric detail.
  • Twenty-Minute Table Runner

    4 Aug 2015 | 2:35 pm
    Posted by GorgeousThings Create this table runner as a quick gift for the holiday season.
  • How to Sew a Tray Cover

    23 Jul 2015 | 12:10 pm
    Posted by Deana This is the kind of quick and easy project that makes me feel like I am living the dream: sweetly pampered and lavishly lux.
  • How to Make a Two-Color A-Line Tee Skirt

    21 Jul 2015 | 10:05 pm
    Posted by leethal You won't need a pattern or any major sewing experience to cut two recycled T-shirts into panels and sew them into a super-simple and comfortable skirt!
  • How to Create a Retro Cocktail Apron

    7 Jul 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Posted by JenniferSauer I can't think of anything cuter and easier to stitch up than a perky cocktail apron a la Lucille Ball. It makes a great accessory for entertaining (what a conversation starter!) or the perfect unique gift all for under $10 and less than half an hour of your sewing time.
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    CraftStylish - Crochet category featured posts

  • How to Make a Granny Square Scarf

    1 Sep 2015 | 1:05 pm
    Posted by CraftStylish_Editors Make creative use of granny squares in this gorgeous, comfortable scarf project from Sweet & Simple Granny Squares.
  • How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

    4 Aug 2015 | 10:05 pm
    Posted by LindaPermann Crochet flowers are fast, easy, and perfect for embellishing almost anything. Learn how to make a basic two-layer flower with this step-by-step tutorial.
  • How to Make Dorset Buttons

    29 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    Posted by Sister_Diane These yarn-based buttons look cute on a knitted or crocheted sweater, or make them to decorate a bag, hat, or scarf. They're a great way to use up scrap yarn, and easy to make once you've mastered the basics.
  • How to Make a Granny Square

    3 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    Posted by LindaPermann The classic granny square is a major foundation piece of many crochet patterns. Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial for a basic double-crochet granny square. Once you've mastered this simple pattern piece, you’ll be ready to take on all kinds of great crochet projects.
  • How to Make Finger-Wrapped Yarn Pom-Poms

    8 Jan 2015 | 9:05 pm
    Posted by LindaPermann If you want to make a pom-pom without the fuss of tools, use nothing but your own two hands and follow these steps.
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    Handmade journals, photo albums and guest books | Blue Roof Designs

  • PBI 2016 lineup

    24 Aug 2015 | 7:24 am
    The Paper and Book Intensive recently announced their instructors for 2016. Workshop descriptions won’t be available until later in the year, but that won’t stop me from drooling over what I know now. Here’s the list of instructors: Ses­sion 1: Frank Brannon Julie Chen Georgia Deal James Reid-Cunningham Joyce Teta Ses­sion II: Anne Hillam Craig Jensen Aimee Lee Gay­lord Schanilec Sarah Smith The Paper and Book Intensive will take place from May 15 – 26, 2016 at Ox-Bow in Saugatuck, Michi­gan.
  • I’ve been quiet…

    29 Jul 2015 | 12:13 pm
    As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t written any blog posts over the last month. Things have been tough lately. I’m a private person and try not to make a habit of talking about my personal problems on my blog, but I’m going to make an exception in this case. 2 1/2 weeks ago, my dad passed away. It’s a big loss and I’m pretty heartbroken. My dad I’ve been lucky in that my dad was always supportive of my creative work. In fact, I’ve often joked that I was destined to become an artist because my dad’s name was Art. I’m thankful that I…
  • Medieval on the Go: The Girdle Book with Karen Hanmer – Day 3

    27 Jun 2015 | 7:00 pm
    Today was the third day of Karen’s workshop and we were busy! We started out by drilling holes in our boards – these would be used later for lacing on our text blocks. Next, we frayed out the ends of the cords on our text blocks to remove lumps. We used a 1/4″ chisel to carve channels in the front and back of our cover boards – the cords on our text blocks will rest in these after lacing in. I find something very relaxing about chiseling. We rubbed paste into the cords and twisted the tips into points to help us lace them into the boards. After the lacing was…
  • Medieval on the Go: The Girdle Book with Karen Hanmer – Day 2

    26 Jun 2015 | 7:15 pm
    I realized that I forgot to show you a picture of Karen’s awesome resource booklet for the girdle book workshop. It’s actually rather insane – check this out: 28 pages of girdle-y goodness! We started the day off by sewing primary endbands on our textblocks. We stiffened up the core cord with PVA to make it easier to work with. It took a few stitches for me to get the hang of the sewing process, but I really enjoyed it. I could do more of these! Don’t be fooled by the images – this was not a quick process. It took 2+ hours to complete. The next step was to add a…
  • Medieval on the Go: The Girdle Book with Karen Hanmer – Day 1

    25 Jun 2015 | 8:00 pm
    I just finished my first day of Karen Hanmer‘s workshop, Medieval on the Go: The Girdle Book. This is the third workshop I’ve taken with Karen at the Focus on Book Arts conference (not all this time around). I guess I like her! The girdle book is a bit of an odd duck of a book that makes a lot of sense – the structure has a leather extension off the bottom of it (like a tail) that allows the owner to attach it to his or her belt. Karen told us that there are only 23 known examples of girdle books in existence and those date from 1400 to 1550. Although the book we’re…
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  • Labor Day Hours

    27 Aug 2015 | 10:23 am
    We’ll be closed on Sunday and Monday, September 6 and 7, 2015 for Labor Day. Have a great end-of-summer weekend!
  • Beyond Stockinette Hat Knitalong

    26 Aug 2015 | 11:25 am
    Every winter I want a hat knit in a fine weight yarn. By the time I think of it, it’s cold and I’ve got a few projects on the needles, so I reach for something heavier, usually worsted weight, and whip up a hat for myself. And, because time is of the essence, I tend to knit myself the same hat – ribbed brim and stockinette crown. It occurred to me the other day that if I start now, I can have the hat I’ve been wanting when fall arrives. And instead of knitting another hat like all the others, I thought I’d challenge myself to go beyond stockinette. Rather than…
  • Take a Class with Norah Gaughan!

    13 Aug 2015 | 1:48 pm
    We are thrilled to announce that knitwear designer Norah Gaughan will be teaching at Loop on Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4, 2015. Norah is one of the industry’s best. Her ground-breaking book Knitting Nature: 39 Designs Inspired by Patterns in Nature (or in paperback) is as fresh and relevant today as it was when it was released in 2006. In it, Norah combines her love of science and art (she majored in biology and art at Brown University) taking her inspiration from shapes found in nature. Norah is also the author of Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Afghans and Comfort Knitting…
  • New Shop Sample: Westbourne [Kinu love]

    6 Aug 2015 | 8:53 am
    Westbourne [Kinu love] is a simple pullover that’s soft and light-as-air thanks to Ito’s beautiful Kinu yarn. Kinu is a light fingering weight yarn made of 100% silk noil (also called organic silk). Different colored fibers are combined for a melange effect that gives depth to the knitted fabric. For Westbourne, Kinu is knit at an open gauge of six stitches per inch to maximize its drape and airiness. We made our version with snow gray for the main color and persimmon for the stripes. Westbourne has a wide neck, three-quarter length sleeves, and a comfortable fit. Because…
  • Sequence Knitting with Cecelia Campochiaro

    4 Aug 2015 | 8:29 am
    Cecelia Campochiaro’s first knitting book, Sequence Knitting, is a thorough and fascinating exploration of 1-row patterns. We’re thrilled to have her coming to Loop this September to tell us all about it. From her website – The concept of Sequence Knitting is simple: take a sequence of stitches and repeat them again and again. Depending on how you repeat them, different fabrics can be created. While a few of these fabrics are familiar, many are new to the knitting world. Beginning with 1-row patterns, the book delves into the possibilities of this technique, expanding into…
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    Cook Clean Craft

  • How to sew a zip pouch {Tutorial}

    Narelle @CookCleanCraft
    26 Aug 2015 | 10:00 pm
    A blissful afternoon for me is browsing the craft supplies at my local Spotlight (by myself!). I love finding new craft supplies, inspiring me to try a new projects. This week, I had a Spotlight gift voucher to spend and no particular project in mind. Should I try beading or jewellery-making? Maybe it’s time to try scrapbooking or Project life? But it’s yarn season – should I knit or crochet something new? Don’t forget fabric! I can always use more fabric! My daughter’s birthday is coming up. Should I check out the doll and teddy bear supplies? Too many options (which is something…
  • How to create a morning routine that works!

    Narelle @CookCleanCraft
    24 Aug 2015 | 7:33 pm
    When I was in high school, I had a finely-tuned morning routine. My goal was to sleep as late as possible, but still get to school on time. I’d get out of bed at 8:10am, and be in the classroom door when the siren went at 8:50am (I was lucky have a 10 minute walk to school). Now I’ve got kids of my own, getting out the door seems so much more of a struggle, but I’ve applied the same principles I used in high school  to create a morning routine that works (for me!). Prioritise My number 1 tip for creating a morning routine is prioritise. The most important thing for me in the morning is…
  • How to sew a Mr Men Costume

    Narelle @CookCleanCraft
    19 Aug 2015 | 9:45 pm
    Book Week is a big thing in Australia.  Each year, schools and public libraries spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators, supported by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Lots of schools have a dress-up day and parade for the kids. My school hasn’t for the last few years (such a disappointment for a crafty Mum!), but it was on this year. I asked the kids what their favourite book characters were, and got “Elsa” from my daughter and a shrug of the shoulders from my son. Disney movie characters aren’t encouraged (I know there’s Frozen books, but…
  • Sweet Potato and Capsicum Hash

    Narelle @CookCleanCraft
    17 Aug 2015 | 8:27 pm
    It’s Day 30 of my Whole30 challenge (yay!), and it’s time to share my favourite recipes from the month. I’ve mostly stuck with foods I typically eat, but put my creative hat on to add a bit more flavour. I’ve enjoyed the extra challenge to make sure I didn’t feel deprived. For breakfast most days, I ate either stewed fruit with coconut and flaked almonds, or scrambled eggs on baby spinach (with a few extra vegies thrown in). Getting to the end of the challenge, my husband and I were looking for a change. I had a couple of sweet potato hiding away in the back of the pantry, just…
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    Craft Gossip

  • Tutorial: The Most Quick and Easy Girls Skirt

    Anne Weaver
    2 Sep 2015 | 1:34 pm
    Tutorial: The Most Quick and Easy Girls Skirt Sara from Made By Sara shows how to make what she calls “The Most Quick and Easy Girls Skirt”.  It’s a simple gathered skirt with an elastic casing waistband.  It’s a great … Read More...
  • 35 Labor Day Worthy Hamburgers

    Carolyn Bickford
    2 Sep 2015 | 1:30 pm
    Labor Day weekend is coming up and for us that means the end of summer. Last time to enjoy the warm weather and barbecue for the season. Hamburgers are usually on the menu and here are several choices that you … Read More...
  • DIY Polaroid/Instant Film Display

    Katie Smith
    2 Sep 2015 | 12:36 pm
    Here is a fun tutorial for anyone that loves the super trendy polaroid or instax cameras, or if you have a bunch of instant photos leftover from the years ago that you would like to display. Emma from A Beautiful … Read More...
  • Knitty Deep Fall is Here

    Sarah White
    2 Sep 2015 | 11:39 am
    I was a little distracted yesterday by Knitty’s fundraising efforts (which in less than a day met their first goal of $7,000 an issue, which will pay for a raise for designers) that I failed to mention it was also … Read More...
  • This Easy Duct Tape Garland Is Perfect for Last-Minute Parties

    Dana Hinders
    2 Sep 2015 | 11:06 am
    If you’re planning a last-minute party and don’t have time to shop for decorations, here’s a handy trick you’ll love. Make your own customized garland using duct tape. The tutorial from Charming Zebra suggests using gold duct tape for a … Read More...
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  • Ferguson’s Yarn Mission Collective

    - L
    6 Aug 2015 | 6:51 pm
    On the anniversary of the Ferguson, MO shooting death of Michael Brown, I thought that it was important to post about a collective created in the aftermath of Brown’s death called The Yarn Mission. This is a group of women who have joined together in St. Louis to “support and promote anti-racism/anti-sexism/anti-oppression activism.” The Guardian […] Related posts: Creative Leftover Yarn Ideas! The Yarnover “Yarn Truck” Don’t Like the Yarn You Have? Dye It!
  • Knitting T-Rex Shirt at Shirtwoot

    - L
    30 Jul 2015 | 8:24 am
      If you have dino-mite! knitters in your life, or if you’re just a fan of the Cretaceous period, head over to ShirtWoot! and take a gander at this adorable Crafty Girl tee. This would be a great gift for a knitter who’s all about the Jurassic Park franchise. And the price? $8!! Can’t beat that! […] Related posts: GIFT IDEA: Holiday Knitting Kits
  • GIVEAWAY: “Adventures in Mochimochi Land”

    - L
    28 Jul 2015 | 2:49 am
    Have you had a chance to pick up any of Anna Hrachovec’s books yet? If you have, you know about her AMAZING miniature creations. But have you seen her latest book, Adventures in Mochi-Mochi Land: Tall Tales from a Tiny, Knitted World yet? Too cute! Not only does Anna have a new amigurumi book out, but […] Related posts: GIVEAWAY: 50 Sunflowers to Knit, Crochet & Felt Craft Gossip Giveaway: The Olympknits BOOK GIVEAWAY: Color Wheel Knits
  • Grandma Knits While Paragliding in Iceland

    - L
    23 Jul 2015 | 7:51 am
    Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and Kristín Guðbjartsdóttir recently took her knitting to new heights (pun intended) as she tagged along with her paragliding-instructor son on a run recently. Talk about extreme knitting! I am going to agree with her choice of needles here! Shot on a selfie stick, the video […] Related posts: Real Men Knit (in Iceland!) New Knitting Iceland Issue! Iceland’s Longest Knitted Scarf on Display
  • FREE PATTERN: Slitted Summer Dress

    - L
    14 Jul 2015 | 4:51 am
    Pickles has done it again with a really sassy summer dress to knit up! Check out this free pattern from their website: Have a great summer day with 20% off the Slitted Summer Dress.…/y…/women/tops/slitted-summer-dress/ Pickles Related posts: Free Pattern: Girl’s Merry-go-around Dress Free Pattern: Garland Dress with Leg Warmers FREE PATTERN: Golden Child Dress
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    The alm Project

  • CrossFit and Crochet Braids

    13 Aug 2015 | 12:15 pm
    I am on a personal quest to find an easily maintained hair style that will hold up to the rigors of a high intensity cross fit workout. I tried the twist (the hair twist that is), both the strait and the kinky and of course the ever popular relaxer. Each had its pros and cons – the strait twists were too heavy, the kinky twists were too itchy and the relaxer lost its luster after a single workout. However, all were easily styled and the twists were practically maintenance free. I asked my ultra stylish niece for a few hair style suggestions and she told me about crochet braids. I was…
  • 18 Things You Did Not Know About The Color Pink

    2 Jun 2015 | 5:59 am
    Pinks – the flower (Dianthus) Pinks – the flower (Dianthus) Ok, maybe I should have said 18 things I did not know about the color pink. Last week I went for a nature walk through my neighborhood and, although this is something I have done several times before, I had not noticed the large variety of pink floral blooms before. I immediately became curious about the color pink Pink gets its name from the flowers called pinks. They are flowering plants that are members of the genus Dianthus. Pink is a pale red color – I know, you knew that:) Pink is positively associated with…
  • Gluten Free Muffins

    14 May 2015 | 5:32 am
    Gluten Free, Sugar Free Muffin Recipe Gluten Free Muffins Have you heard of the The Whole Life Challenge? it is “a 56-day, habit-changing, community-building game that is designed to help you live a happier, healthier life”. You play for points with friends and family and you are challenged to make small daily changes. Players are asked to include seven daily habits into their lives. They include exercise, hydration, mobility, supplementation, lifestyle practices, and reflection. Well, I have decided to participate in this challenge and the best way to stay complaint is to…
  • My View of The Hoover Dam

    5 May 2015 | 7:12 pm
    The Hoover Dam – A Few Facts I gathered on my trip to Boulder. The Hoover dam Constructed Between 1931 and 1935 Did you know that the Hoover Dam was once known as Boulder Dam? of course you did, just testing. It is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. It is located on the border between Arizona and Nevada.The Hoover Dam was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression. Its construction was undertaken by thousands of workers, and cost over one hundred lives. Image source The dam is located near Boulder City, Nevada, a municipality…
  • The Container Park and Other Hidden Vegas Gems

    30 Apr 2015 | 6:41 pm
    Container Park, Las Vegas So, I am hanging out in Vegas, I don’t gamble, I don’t drink, I don’t like crowds, I think most of the entertainment they are offering is cheesy plus I do not want to spend $400 to see freaking Britney Spares. And a Prince cover band, seriously! Nah, I’ll pass. I would prefer the real thing. If you’ve seen 1 drag queen show, you’ve seen them all. The cirque du soleil shows are kinda cool – check; Chippendale’s dancers – check; zip lining down Fremont street – check. I have seen the outlet malls, the Fashion…
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    Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

  • Apple and Walnut Salad

    Jamie Sanders
    2 Sep 2015 | 12:09 pm
    It's Apple season!  (And we have a big drawer full of apples to eat, yum...)  Today, I am sharing the recipe for this tangy, sweet and crunchy Walnut and Apple Salad.  It's one of our favorite fall salads for family gatherings. Thank you to Dixie® for partnering with me to bring you this great recipe and post!  (Recipe at the bottom.)Click here to keep reading » Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Copyright© 2015 version 27zx69sdr
  • Egg Salad Recipe (w/ a kick of flavor!)

    Jamie Sanders
    31 Aug 2015 | 1:32 pm
    Boiled eggs really are the perfect little sack: full of protein and good fats. (Plus they contain almost every essential vitamin and mineral our bodies need!) While I love my boiled eggs cut in half with just a bit of salt and pepper; Egg Salad has always been one of my favorite ways to use boiled eggs.Click here to keep reading » Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Copyright© 2015 version 27zx69sdr
  • Inspiration Monday Link up Party (plus Features)

    Jamie Sanders
    30 Aug 2015 | 11:00 am
    August is winding down and you know what that means... it's about to be pumpkin CRAZY! It's so much fun when the seasons change...especially in the creative world. We can't wait to see what inspiring things YOU have been up to!As always, you can link up on one blog and your creativity is seen across all eight.Click here to keep reading » Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Copyright© 2015 version 27zx69sdr
  • Sewing for Back to School (plus new pattern coming soon!)

    Jamie Sanders
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:19 am
    We're officially back to school this week and I've been busy with a bit of sewing!Click here to keep reading » Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Copyright© 2015 version 27zx69sdr
  • Life is Messy!

    Jamie Sanders
    26 Aug 2015 | 3:15 pm
    Do you remember this sweet little Cupcake Skirt I made a year or so ago?  Such a cute skirt and the pictures I got that day were really great.  (The skirt still fits her, though I am sorry to say those pink boots have definitely seen better days!)  Today, I've partnered with Sparkle® Paper Towels to share my "mom confession" behind this photo shoot!Click here to keep reading » Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Copyright© 2015 version 27zx69sdr
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  • A Fall card with Scribby Birds on Branches...

    1 Sep 2015 | 10:00 am
    If you pick up the Fall issue of Craft Ideas Magazine, you'll see how I made this cute bird card. I used my Scribbly Birds on Branches stamp set. There's also a cool project by Tim Holtz in the same issue!
  • Tomorrow is the day Brave Girls University opens!!!

    31 Aug 2015 | 8:03 am
    Click here to sign up! The teacher list is amazing, and classes will range from art to meditation to soul protecting. This is going to be a diverse, interesting community. Join us!
  • Where I will be the rest of August and September...

    13 Aug 2015 | 10:03 am
    Are you ready to come and art with me? Aug 14-16, 2015: My Heart’s Fancy, Oklahoma City, OK. Aug 21-23, 2015: Absolutely Everything, Topsfield, MA. Sept 2, 2015: The Occasional Artist, Glendale, AZ. Sept 18-20, 2015: Scrapbook Centrale, Montreal, Quebec. Sept 24-26, 2015: Whim So Doodle, St. Pete, FL.
  • Video for the new Paint Combs

    12 Aug 2015 | 9:00 am
    Howdy! Here's the video for the new Paint Combs....yay! So excited about these. Hope you enjoy them.
  • Sharing another sample...

    10 Aug 2015 | 1:51 am
    This accordion book is big...7"x10" when folded. Lots of color and fun! I used my new stamps Grungy Stars and Scribbly Fashion Figures. The black quotes are Tim's awesome Idealogy Small Talk.
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  • 1 in a Minion Fabric

    2 Sep 2015 | 7:57 am
    Licensed fabric at local box stores is often thin and rough, purchased only because your kid spots it and falls in love. The 1 in a Minion Fat Quarter Bundle, manufactured by Quilting Treasures, is just as eye-catching but also high quality!
  • Home Page Text

    2 Sep 2015 | 6:10 am
    Learn about and get the greatest free sewing patterns.
  • 50 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects

    1 Sep 2015 | 12:58 pm
    Love to sew but short on time? Try on of these quick and easy sewing projects. Make clothing and home decor accents quickly and easily with these beginner sewing projects.
  • 46 Free Skirt Patterns

    1 Sep 2015 | 12:09 pm
    If you want to learn how to sew a skirt, you've found the right collection! With 46 Free Skirt Patterns to choose from, you're bound to find something you love.
  • 25 Easy Fabric Flower Patterns

    1 Sep 2015 | 10:56 am
    Fabric flowers are fun to make and can be used in many different ways. If you're new to making fabric flowers, just check out any of these projects. You'll learn how to make fabric flowers in no time.
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    Stars for Streetlights

  • DIY Flower Dog Collar for a Wedding

    Stacie Grissom
    2 Sep 2015 | 7:45 am
    I've been working on the BarkPost for over three years and thinking about all the different and surprising ways you can incorporate your dog into your life. Of all the things we've written about from vacations to everyday errands, weddings are some of the cutest. The photos are beautiful, the details are wonderfully labored, and it's so special to see how people include these four-legged loves in such a momentous event.The first day I adopted my crazy Pimm pup I immediately knew she would NOT be a part of my wedding ceremony... But her party self is most definitely invited to the reception in…
  • Our Engagement Story in Central Park with a Tiny Yorkie

    Stacie Grissom
    4 Aug 2015 | 5:59 am
    This post is almost a year overdue but I thought I'd take a short break from working on wedding things to type this out for memory's sake. Last summer, Sean and I got engaged in Central Park at a picnic with a teeny Yorkie... And it was a pretty perfect reflection of what the last few years of our lives have been like. :) Sean and I have been dating since high school and we've known each other since elementary school. We both went to a 150-kid elementary school in the middle of Indiana farmland. We were in the same clubs, we were on the same cross country teams together, and I was friends…
  • DIY Bohemian Tapestry Teva Sandals

    Stacie Grissom
    15 Jun 2015 | 6:48 am
    Last week I had the chance to pop by the NYC Lord & Taylor store for a special event that Teva put on for people to DIY their shoes. While I look back on a lot of the shoes I've DIY'ed and cringe a bit, they are some of my favorite projects to embellish. At the event, the Teva folks had a bunch of supplies to use on the sandals from studs to rhinestones. I had to take my sandals and do my DIY'ing at home because I had to go to Puppy Prom for work. :PSince the Teva sandals are a perfect shoe for casual summer parties and music festivals, I wanted to incorporate that bohemian vibe into my…
  • DIY Tusk Necklace

    Stacie Grissom
    2 Jun 2015 | 5:52 am
    Last summer I watched a coworker's dog while she was in China and she brought me back this amazing tusk. I think she almost didn't believe my other coworkers when they told her this was something that I'd love but she ended up bringing it back anyways. I'm SO glad she did because it was a really fun project to tackle. After some Googling, I think that the tusk comes from a wild boar. While I'll never know for sure, when you Google "wild boar tusk China" you get a lot of images that look similar to the tusk on my necklace. To make a necklace of your own you'll need:-Tusk (Search "Boar tusk" or…
  • Woven Collar With Jade Beads + For the Makers' Make a Statement Book

    Stacie Grissom
    10 Mar 2015 | 9:42 am
    I am a total student of the internet. Over the past 10 years I've learned everything from HTML to soldering just by Googling questions, reading blogs, and watching YouTube videos. I love learning new skills but I hate going to classes. One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is sit in my pjs and discover new techniques to make things, especially jewelry. So when I saw the announcement that one of my favorite companies, For the Makers, was coming out with a book I was so excited. I've been a subscriber to For the Makers for over two years and the boxes are always amazing. I love the…
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  • Balloon Mod-Podge To Halloween Candy Bowl

    CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)
    2 Sep 2015 | 7:03 am
    Lets recycle some old newspapers, and of course, balloons, into a fun Halloween bowl! With the help of this tutorial you can make these eco-friendly bowls in a fun way to hold your candy.
  • Henna Bohemian Candles

    CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)
    31 Aug 2015 | 7:05 am
    This tutorial shows you how to use Henna or Mehndi to create a Bohemian hippie candle.
  • DIY Painted Fruit Bowls

    CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)
    24 Aug 2015 | 6:55 am
    Add a little flair to your next picnic or BBQ with these fun DIY fruit bowls! Make this watermelon, strawberry and orange bowl, or get creative and make your own favorite fruit. All you need are some ceramic bowls and a little craft paint, and maybe an oven. All you need to make your design permanent is to either cure the paint for 28 days, or bake your bowls in the oven for 35 minutes at 300˚F.
  • How To Make A Crochet Dreamcatcher

    CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)
    21 Aug 2015 | 11:18 pm
    Dreamcatchers are said to act as dream filters, allowing only good dreams to reach the sleeper! Try making this easy crochet dreamcatcher and put it to the test! Sweet dreams!
  • Sew a Pail Purse For All Your Essentials

    21 Aug 2015 | 6:52 am
    Whimsical purse that is fun and functional! Room enough for all your essentials and pockets for sunglasses and cell phone.
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    Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri ©2009-2014. All rights reserved. The blog

  • What’s On Our Mantel Now

    30 Aug 2015 | 8:28 pm
    I’m always changing things up around our house. Here’s what’s happening on our mantel now — a combination of garage sale finds and good deals from here and there… I find creating symmetry is the best way to pull together an arrangement of disparate objects. Here are a lot of things from various places (garage sales, Etsy, eBay, TJMaxx) — things that make me happy, that look pretty to my eye. A pair of cast iron urns are turned into candelabras. To do this, I lined the urns with plastic bags, filled with uncooked rice and stuck in a bunch of taper candles.
  • The Limelight Hydrangea – An Unstoppable Force

    23 Aug 2015 | 6:52 am
    My favorite kind of bush for our garden is one that is low maintenance, lush and prolific in blooms or foliage and easy to prune. The Limelight Hydrangea is the one plant in our backyard that typifies all of this. It changes too – it has bright green blooms in summer that turn to a dusty rose color in the fall. The amount of flowers that it produces is unbelievable – no matter how or when you prune it – the flowers keep coming. The blooms are beautiful to cut for fresh arrangements or allow to dry for fall decor. Unlike most hydrangeas – this one thrives in full sun.
  • Sunscreen Recommendation

    19 Aug 2015 | 8:40 am
    I hate the way sunscreen feels and looks on the skin — it leaves a white, greasy film. Was so happy to discover a clear gel that goes on easy – feels light and clean and it’s CLEAR! It’s L’Oreal – Invisible Protect Clear Cool Lotion 50+. I highly recommend. This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. It’s a clear gel – feels and looks great – protects from the sun. Finally!  
  • Introducing My 13-Year-Old Self To My Daughters

    6 Aug 2015 | 2:19 pm
    In the typical, unorganized style that is my family life — an old notebook of mine from 1981 somehow emerged from who knows where and found its way into my car last week. Surprised and a bit confused to see it, I parked, turned off the ignition and sat alone, silently reading age-old notes my dad had written, doodles I had mindlessly scribbled out, letters I drafted – all from 1981. Every page was filled. After about 15 minutes of reading through this notebook, I was seriously deep in thought. Alone in my warm and quiet car, I was 13 again, back in New Jersey. I left the car…
  • My Homemade Cleaner

    27 Jul 2015 | 5:06 pm
    I came up with this simple recipe when I was trying to find an eco-friendly way to clean our countertops and stainless appliances (which is a daily routine around here). I use it for everything now – even our floors. A few of you have asked about my homemade cleaner that I mentioned in The Country Living Magazine article a few weeks ago. Here is the recipe: Camilla’s Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner: 3 parts water 1 part white vinegar A dash of almond oil dish soap Use a spray bottle to apply – wipe up with a soft cloth. *Before use, check to make sure vinegar is safe for use…
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    The Crafty Crow

  • Back To School With Netflix Streaming!

    17 Aug 2015 | 7:30 am
    Can it already be half way through August? Summer just flew by and now, as always, I'm feeling kind of melancholy that the kids will be heading back to school and fall is approaching so quickly.As a homeschooler, I have always included documentaries and other educational films in our curriculum and Netflix Streaming is a great resource. Spend a little time in their children's educational shows and documentaries categories and add relevant or interesting ones to your queue so they'll be ready to go when you need them.Some of my favorites are:  The Magic School…
  • Children's Garden Stepping Stone DIY

    27 Jul 2015 | 7:45 am
    Summer is the perfect time for kids to try their hand at making garden stepping stones. We Bloom Here shares a tutorial that shows just how easy it is so be sure to check it out. 
  • Summer Sun Prints

    27 Jul 2015 | 7:30 am
    Purple Twig shares how they made these sun prints featuring natural items such as flowers, leaves, and twigs. I love how they are mounted on boards with string attached so they are ready to be displayed at home. 
  • Have You Tried Book Spine Poetry?

    27 Jul 2015 | 7:15 am
    If you are looking for a great way to introduce poetry to children take a look at this spine poetry idea at What Do We Do All Day. Fun for all ages and adults too!
  • Dragon Adventures on Netflix Streaming!

    21 Jul 2015 | 7:30 am
    There's a new Netflix original series from the creators of How to Train Your Dragon called Dragons: Race to The Edge! It's geared especially for kids aged 5 - 7, but come on, who doesn't love a good dragon story?!I thought I'd share a few of my favorite dragon crafts to do while your watching, enjoy!  lacing dragon bead and spool toy via The Unexpected... egg carton dragon via Activity Village  handprint dragon craft via Classified Mom  milk jug dragon mask via Filth Wizardry  cereal box dragon wings via kv.barn Want more dragon adventures? Check…
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  • Box Bottom Zip Pouch

    Michelle (
    1 Sep 2015 | 10:59 am
    zip pouch find me here boxy bottom holds a lot of cards
  • Zipper Pouch No. 3

    Michelle (
    24 Aug 2015 | 3:01 pm
    Zipper Pouch No. 3 + Heart Applique It has patchwork lining and one Curvy Patch Pocket (no. 5) on the inside. The finished pouch is available here in my etsy shop.
  • Favorite Fabrics - Vintage 1970s French Floral

    Michelle (
    22 Aug 2015 | 8:56 pm
    Vintage 1970s French Floral Fabric available at La Baronne Vintage
  • Another Pincushion Cuff

    Michelle (
    19 Aug 2015 | 9:01 am
    This is the third pincushion cuff I've made in this particular fabric combination.  The first two sold quickly, so then I was off to sewing other things and forgot to mention them here.  Yesterday I finished this one, so it's now available in my etsy shop here.  These cuffs are also available: Chambray Floral
  • Favorite Fabric - Glenda in Black

    Michelle (
    4 Aug 2015 | 10:34 pm
    Glenda from Michael Miller available at Bobbie Lou Fabric
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    Stitching the Night Away

  • Stitchqueries: Do You Still Recommend Silkweaver Fabrics?

    21 Aug 2015 | 4:54 am
    This post was hard for me to write because I supported the original Silkweaver Fabrics so strongly, but here it is. I noticed when you post photos of projects you mention that some of your fabric was “original Silkweavers” and I’ve seen so many ladies in Facebook groups complaining about not receiving orders and having issues with things. I was wondering do you still recommend Silkweaver as a fabric resource? Original Silkweavers I never had a single problem with an order, they were fast, the fabric was amazing, and I even joined two fabric of the month clubs for long…
  • Pisces Zodiac Pattern Blocks

    17 Aug 2015 | 4:10 am
    Pisces (♓) are a dreamy and sensitive Water sign that is spiritual and creative in nature. Compassion and empathy for others come easy to emotional Pisces Fish, who feel the pain of the whole world and respond with sympathy to any suffering they encounter. Because of this interdependent attitude, Pisces can often put others’ feelings first and neglect their own needs. (click here to go to Craftsy in a new window or tab)Each block in the series is 45 x 45 stitches so they can be used together or individually and be interchangeable. On their own they’re the perfect size for an…
  • Pattern Pick of the Day: Oblivion

    24 Jul 2015 | 4:01 am
    I love these colorful fractal patterns by StitchX, always so pretty. You can see this one over on Craftsy. This pattern uses 90 DMC thread colors and the stitch count is 400 x 400, but don’t be intimidated by the numbers, every stitch is worth it Enjoy & Happy Stitching!
  • Flaming Floral Sunshine Pattern

    21 Jul 2015 | 5:47 pm
    (click here to open Craftsy in a new tab to add the pattern to your account) Pattern size is 106 x 106 stitches. This is a single color pattern in all full stitches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Pick up a fun variegated color or a shiny metallic thread and add your own pizzazz! While you can use any color you’d like and I certainly encourage you to experiment, the colors I used in the test stitching and designing process were DMC 817 coral red and DMC 444 lemon. Thank you for your amazing support. Enjoy the pattern and happy stitching!
  • Aquarius Zodiac Blocks

    21 Jul 2015 | 4:57 am
    Aquarius (♒) Friendly, outgoing and intellectual, Aquarius is always brimming with great ideas and fun conversation. Plus, they’re ever-willing to lend an ear or a helping hand. Aquarius is symbolized by the Water-Bearer, though it’s actually an Air sign. (click here to go to Craftsy in a new window or tab) Each block in the series is 45 x 45 stitches so they can be used together or individually and be interchangeable. On their own they’re the perfect size for an ornament, a card, or a scented sachet. You can group several symbols together for a family sampler or stitch all 12…
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  • Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Vomit Boats

    28 Aug 2015 | 9:11 am
    I’ve been trying to: a) cook more at home and, b) eat more fresh produce from my CSA box. So I ordered a bunch of sweet potatoes this week and decided to make these twice-baked sweet potatoes, even though it’s not Thanksgiving or anything. Because I can, that’s why. Yeah, so, given that this has brown sugar in it, it’s not really paleo (if you’re into that). It’s still on this meat-head’s channel, though, so I’m going to assume it’s not that bad for me. You start by baking your sweet potatoes. If you’re me, you do this in the…
  • Bathtime Fun (If You’re Dying) and How It Could Be Easier

    13 Aug 2015 | 8:25 am
    This post brought to you by Sterling. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Pintester. I admit, I’m not a real big bath person. I mean, by the time you fill the tub (hoping all the while not to run out of hot water), gather your reading materials or music or whatever, and contort yourself into said tub, it’s a little hard to, you know, relax. The sponsors of this post, Sterling, have this new bath door that helps with that contorting part. But more on that later. I decided to test a detox bath for you today. This one is for sick people, and I’m not sick…
  • The 10-Minute Pseudo-Skirt That I’ll Never Wear in Public

    6 Jul 2015 | 6:55 pm
    I don’t know why I always think it’s a good idea to sew things. I don’t have a sewing machine, for one thing. For another thing, I don’t sew, like ever. I mean, I sew buttons on things now and then, and then they fall off again, and then I just stop buttoning whatever the buttons fell off of (and hope they’re not pants). But I fell in love with these cute little kid skirts. Image from I decided I had to make one, since I have a lot of my husband’s old t-shirts in the closet and this would, of course, translate to a fully grown (and…
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  • Organizational Pots

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:25 am
    Learn how to organize your room with these cute Organizational Pots. These pots are cute and customizable because you paint them with chalkboard paint. You will always be able to find everything you need to get ready in the morning so you will be on time for school. Cleaning your room and bathroom will be extremely easy when everything has its own specific place. You can find your terracotta pots in different sizes and for prices that are kind to your wallet. This is one of the best organizing tips because it's easy to do and you can customize them for whatever you need to organize. Your room…
  • Splatter Paint Lamp Shade

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:24 am
    The best part about splatter painting is that you dont need any skill whatsoever. No matter what you do, your Splatter Paint Lamp Shade will look awesome. You dont have to choose any one color for this DIY lamp shade. You can choose a variety of colors you love and see how well they mix together. This is a great teen room idea and will make your room look completely unique. Learn how to paint lamp shades and soon every lamp in the house will be different and colorful. Decorate your bedroom the way you want and express yourself. Being a teenager is all about trying new things and expressing…
  • Spice Rack Nail Polish Display

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:24 am
    It is frustrating when you want to paint your nails but you can't find your favorite polish. It is beyond frustrating when you find the box you keep them in and the bottle has leaked everywhere. Fix your frustrations with a Spice Rack Nail Polish Display. You will always know where your nail polish bottles are and there is no chance for turned-over-bottle spillage. With this project you can easily learn how to make a nail polish rack and the colorful display will brighten up your room. Your DIY nail polish rack is easy to make and you can decorate it to reflect your own personal style. Never…
  • Magazine Quote Art

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:23 am
    Being a teenager can be rough sometimes, so it helps to have reminders that you can get through anything. Make your own Magazine Quote Art and you will always find encouragement on your walls. This DIY room decor project is the perfect way to creatively express yourself. You can make up your own quote or find one on the internet. Recycle your favorite magazines or print off some Instagram photos and make your own beautiful DIY quote art! Your room will be completely unique. Celebrate your individuality with a special quote that speaks to you and makes you feel happy.
  • Cork Dotted Autumn Tree

    2 Sep 2015 | 10:22 am
    If you want to get the finger paint look, but you don't want to have the finger paint mess, have your child paint this Cork Dotted Autumn Tree. This is also a great arts and crafts idea if your child doesn't like to have their hands messy. This fall craft for kids is budget friendly because you probably already have recycled corks in your house. You don't have to buy paintbrushes and your kids will have a lot of fun painting in a new way.
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    Ashland Bay

  • Gotland - Year of the Sheep

    31 Aug 2015 | 3:10 am
    photo sourceHistoryWhile not everyone agrees on the genetic origins of the Gotland Sheep, they do agree that the breed originated on the Island of Gotland, off the east coast of Sweden in the early 20th century. Today’s Gotland sheep belong to the Northern European short-tailed sheep family and are thought to be the result from breeding the Gute, (native primitive sheep on the island) with the Karakul and the Romanov sheep that the Vikings brought back from Russia. The primitive horned Gute sheep still exist on the island of Gotland today although they are rare. The modern Gotland also…
  • Polwarth - Year of the Sheep

    17 Aug 2015 | 3:50 am
    Image sourceWhile Ashland Bay carries several Polwarth products, we’ve chosen to highlight our 100% Certified Organic Polwarth Wool Top from the Falkland Islands. This wool is specifically selected for Ashland Bay from two family farms on the Islands. These sheep are raised organically and are not dipped for pesticides. The fields they graze in are not chemically fertilized. In addition, the number of sheep allowed to graze in any given pasture area is limited to the natural carrying capacity of the land. After the sheep have grown in these ideal conditions, the fleeces are then processed…
  • Wensleydale - Year of the Sheep

    3 Aug 2015 | 9:52 am
    While most people recognize the name Wensleydale, it’s usually because of the cheese. However, there is no real connection between the two, other than the fact that the both originated from the Wensleydale area of Yorkshire.  A large number of British sheep names are derived from the area they originated from. This is true of the Wensleydale sheep.Image source:  So many sheep breed origins are shrouded in guess work and mystery, but the Wensleydale sheep have the unique distinction of identifying not only the…
  • Cheviot - Year of the Sheep

    19 Jul 2015 | 11:39 am
    Cheviot sheep originated in the Cheviot Hills on the border of Scotland and England. They produce 1/7th of the total wool production in Scotland. Cheviot wool, known for its durability, is used in socks, sweaters, blankets and wool tweeds for jackets and fine suiting material. These sheep originated in Scotland but are now found in many other countries, including the United States and Canada. HistoryCheviots are an extremely hardy breed, named for the area which they originated the Cheviot Hills. For centuries they were raised in the open without the benefit of a shelter, but their hardiness…
  • Merino - Year of the Sheep

    8 Jul 2015 | 11:02 am
                     image: wool is arguably one of the most recognized breeds of sheep today. “Made with Merino” labels are used on products to add instant value.  Merino wool has become synonymous with soft, against the skin comfort. But there is so much more to know about this illustrious breed. HistoryThe early history of the merino sheep has many conflicting opinions prior to the 13th century. The general consensus is that the breed was developed in Spain by the Royalty and the Clergy from breeding Spain’s sheep with…
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    Iconic Patterns

  • It’s done!

    Lena Merrin
    1 Sep 2015 | 7:15 pm
    I am so relieved and excited – a huge self imposed task has been completed –  I have finished updating my patterns. At times I wondered – “Why am I doing this? Why is it so important to me?” And the answer is, I continuously learn and get better at what I do, and my patterns should reflect it. As they say, “How you do anything is how you do everything”. So here it is, after all this time, the final upgrade – say hello to the pattern under a cryptic name “Dress #1303”. For a few months I’ve been living and breathing this project and today I call it done.
  • Old school: A shoulder dart for nerds

    Lena Merrin
    9 Jul 2015 | 10:23 pm
    In one of my previous posts I described a shoulder dart calculation method. It is, of course, one of many, and possibly one of the easiest. Today I’d like to tell you about another method, much more complicated and for this reason much more interesting (to me, anyway). This pattern drafting method was developed by an organisation called “Central Institute of Scientific Research of Apparel Manufacturing” in ex-USSR. The development of this method took 20 years (1959-1979) – that’s right, a team full of professionals had been working on it for two decades. Needless to say, it is…
  • You are invited!

    Lena Merrin
    3 Jul 2015 | 9:19 pm
    I like knowing what’s out there, especially if it is in any way sewing related. I browse through fabric stores, haberdashery, forums, but what I love the most is looking at other indie designer’s patterns. I get inspired by their imagination, the quality of their work and continuous improvement. Do you know how much talent is out there? You can probably name a few, but it’s almost impossible to keep up with everyone: their releases, updates, errata and special discounts. To make this a little easier, I have created a Facebook group with a long name “Indie Sewing Patterns,…
  • A smart house dress

    Lena Merrin
    14 Jun 2015 | 8:38 pm
    Recently I read an article about how the way we dress has changed over the years. That these days comfort is above all and if only we could find that perfect kind of track pants that would be suitable for work, we’d need nothing else. I guess there is truth in that, since I’ve started doing my daily school runs, jeans, long sleeve tees and sneakers have become my wardrobe staple. The comfort clothes are taking over my wardrobe, and since there is no point in fighting this invasion, a much better idea would be to make comfort clothes look smart. So here is what I came up with – a…
  • Old school: Narrow sleeves and elbow darts.

    Lena Merrin
    8 Jun 2015 | 5:50 pm
    Today’s nerdy piece is about sleeves. Sleeves are probably one of most feared part of the garment, and the narrow sleeves are the worst, because there is no room to hide your mistakes. Recently someone asked my advise on a narrow Chanel jacket sleeve. I honestly admit, I have never been interested in Chanel jacket or its sleeves, but I’ve done the sleeves with elbow darts. Elbow darts are even harder to find these days than shoulder darts I mentioned in my previous nerdy post. In this post learn all about the connection and difference between semi-fitted, narrow and very narrow sleeve and…
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    Cheery Lynn Designs Blog

  • Jack With Lisa Blastick

    2 Sep 2015 | 12:30 am
    Hi everyone! Its Lisa back with a new Halloween card for Cheery Lynn Designs! I can't tell you enough about these amazing new diecuts for the Fall season. This card took about 20 minutes to make because all the work is done with the diecuts. yay! I was inspired to use the "Mirror Mirror Doily Frame" from this week's challenge "Frame It" the other Halloween diecuts, "Spider Nest", Trick Or Treat", and "Jack O' Lanterns" are must haves in your spooky collection! Cheery Lynn Diecuts Used: B597 Spider Nest B594 Jack-O’-LanternsDL286 Mirror Mirror Doily FrameB636 Trick Or…
  • God Bless by Karen Maldonado

    1 Sep 2015 | 12:30 am
    Hi there Cheery Lynn friends!  It's Karen here sharing my shaped Thanksgiving card with you today!First, I started by using the L12 French Flair Classic Silver Stacker as the frame for the card.Then, I took the B254 Mesh Border, and ran it through the die cut machine (only 1 time).  By doing this, it retained the little tiny pieces that typically fall out when you die cut.  After, I cut the border, I placed the same French Flair Stacker right on top of it to create this border that would lie right on top of the designer paper card frame…
  • Framed Happy Birthday card by Eva Dobilas

    31 Aug 2015 | 12:30 am
    Hi there, this is Eva here today sharing a framed card.  I love all of the frames Cheery Lynn Designs has and this week's challenge is all about frames.To start creating my card I die cut two Horizon Rectangle Boutique Stacker Frame out of black card stock.  Than I cut a smaller panel out of a dark pink card stock which I backed up with white card stock and cut the edges off with a small scalloped scissors.I die cut a Japanese Garden Lace Oval with Angel Wing using black card stock than the Wing out of white card stock.  I also cut out the middle using water…
  • Cheery Lynn Designs Challenge 200 - Frame It

    Sandy Hulsart
    30 Aug 2015 | 12:30 am
    As always, the entries we had last week for our Anything Goes challenge were fabulous.  Thank you to all who entered, we enjoy seeing your creations with our dies.  This week our challenge at Cheery Lynn Designs isFrame ItHere are the rules: You MUST follow the theme and use at least one Cheery Lynn Designs die, of course, we would love to see more than one.  You MUST add a link to your blog post in the InLinkz at the end of this post; no back posting, only new projects are allowedYou MUST link to this challenge in your blog post or on your gallery postYou may only enter the…
  • Anything Goes Challenge Winner

    Sandy Hulsart
    30 Aug 2015 | 12:25 am
    What wonderful entries we had last week. Using, the winner of our Anything Goes challenge isRandom Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers:24Timestamp: 2015-08-30 03:17:36 UTC#24 - CohennaCongratulations, Cohenna Please contact me for your $20 shopping spree to Cheery Lynn Designs.  Be sure to grab the winner's badge from the right sidebar for display on your blog.  And thank you to everyone who joined in on the challenge.  We hope to see you again in this week's Frame It challenge.
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    Grow Creative

  • Photos of the Week

    1 Sep 2015 | 6:52 pm
    Some photos from one of my walks:Now that I'm taking more time (and energy) to exercise, I find that I don't blog as much.  hummm. It's what I need to do right now, but I miss all the making and creating.  I'm still painting, but I'm lacking the space to photograph it nicely.  I think once I get into my house it'll come back.  Only one month left till I have my own home again!!!!!  I really can't wait.  This will be the first time we will have our very own master bath- so heavenly :)
  • Photos of the Week

    25 Aug 2015 | 1:32 pm
    My son started first grade last week, leaving me with more time to myself than I know what to do with.  I took a short hike in the hills and it was gorgeous!I'm sure many mothers out there could be a little jealous of my situation, having so much time to myself.  That's what mother's never seem to get enough of right?  Well for me it's bittersweet.  I love having time to exercise, to think, to work on my talents and even get a nap.  That part is awesome! But all the while I'm missing my little boy and wondering how it could be that he is growing up and spends so much…
  • A Look at my Sketchbook

    19 Aug 2015 | 1:24 pm
     I went out sketching this morning, just for a few minutes.The sun was shining this beautiful light down on the hills and even though the hills are desert-y and usually brown, they were beautifully golden in this light.  The sun shone through the sunflowers just right and I felt incredibly lucky to be up there enjoying them :)
  • Photos of the Week

    17 Aug 2015 | 6:19 pm
    Photos from our spur-of-the-moment camping trip:A camping trip with just my little family of three was on my summer bucket list and it kept getting pushed back due to my not getting enough sleep, stress, work, blah-blah-blah.  So even though I came down with a nasty head cold on Friday, I still packed up the car with my husband and son and headed out to the beautiful Utah mountains.  Camping with a cold is not ideal and kinda hard, but hey, I got my camping trip in before school started. Success!  
  • Watercolor Lettering and a Message About Kids

    12 Aug 2015 | 6:42 pm
    I created all of these a few weeks back.  I had someone interested in a blog header with lettering and I have to tell you........... lettering scares me!  I used to be really good at cursive, like back in 1st grade.  But then I quit writing that way and now it scares me to have to paint letters.  I needed some more practice, so I created these and a whole bunch of rejects.  These are the best of what I made.You can download the one below for free- it was a giveaway from my shop anniversary :)Lots of frenchy stuff  (I love that language!) and arrows with flowers.
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  • DIY Button Bookmarks

    21 Aug 2015 | 5:32 pm
    School is right around the corner and I came across this super neat idea that fits in perfectly with the back to school theme! These DIY button bookmarks are so pretty and perfect to mark your place in a book. I decided to go for a more vintage classic theme, but there are so many button options out there that you could tailor the bookmarks to your personality easily. Read on for the tutorial!You will need: Buttons of your choice, paperclips, E6000 glue1. This is my favorite kind of diy, it is so easy that it only requires one step. Apply some E6000 glue to the back of the button and position…
  • DIY Delicate Anklet

    10 Aug 2015 | 6:14 pm
    There was such good feedback on my last post that I couldn’t help but share another jewelry diy project with you all! Here’s a  tutorial for a simple DIY anklet which I made this week. Delicate anklets are the perfect minimal addition to your summer outfit especially if you’re going barefoot on the beach or wearing some cute summer sandals. Read on for the tutorial!Materials: Chain, jump ring, small beads, hook/clasp, flat nose plier, chain cutter1. Measure the chain around your ankle and using your chain cutter, cut the chain accordingly.2. Slip your beads onto the…
  • DIY Beaded Chain Bracelet

    22 Jul 2015 | 2:08 pm
    Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re pretty much halfway into summer, and I’ve got another beautiful DIY to share with you all. I honestly love simple jewelry, and this diy chain bracelet is no exception. I won’t lie, you might have to run to the store to get some supplies to make the bracelet, but it’s totally worth it! The end result is so pretty that you will want to make some for your friends/family too. Read on for the super easy tutorial!Materials: Chain, jump rings, flat nose/round nose pliers, chain cutter, hook/clasp, beads, eye pin1. Slide your beads onto the eye…
  • DIY Ring Cones

    9 Jul 2015 | 1:18 pm
    So I stepped out to Michaels a few days ago and bought a bunch of materials…which means diys are on the way (hopefully). Here’s one that is one of my favorites! This project is so adorable and almost everyone needs to make one! (I mean come on, who doesn’t own a few rings?) As you can probably tell by my last post, I’m obsessed with water marbling and decided to give it a go on clay. It turned out great and I couldn’t wait to share it! Read on for the how-to! Materials: Oven bake clay, nail polish, cup with water, glass dish (to put in the oven)1. Start out…
  • DIY: Water Marbled Glassware

    24 Jun 2015 | 6:33 pm
    I love room decor projects! With summer in full swing, I decided to try out this colorful, bright project that can be used to decorate any space and share it with you all. Water marbling became super popular last year, especially for nail art, but this technique can similarly be applied to other items, such as glassware! The effect looks very cool and each time the final look turns out different. Read on for the tutorial!Materials: Nail polish (I used two colors but you can also do this with just one), plastic container that you don’t mind getting dirty, skewer stick, water, glass jar1.
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    Knit Luck - Knitting Your Way to A Better Life

  • Ready for Fall

    31 Aug 2015 | 12:52 pm
    You can already feel the bittersweetness in the air. We're less than a month away from the official turning of the seasons to autumn, but you can feel the changes coming as early as mid August in the Bay Area. It's still warm summer weather, but the evenings get chilly early and already our oak trees are starting to turn yellow. Something new for this year is that I have fully completed a new cardigan well ahead of the changing of the seasons. My 2015 fall sweater is finished, ready to wear with leggings and knee-high boots the moment rainy weather appears on the horizon.  The Redfern…
  • Fall Knitting Early

    26 Aug 2015 | 10:28 am
    Do you hear that sound? What sound you ask? You don't here anything? That's right, it's quiet around here because my oldest son started Kindergarten today. That means more time for writing AND more time for knitting and I already have a mostly finished object to share: The Redfern Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2014 issue. I say mostly finished because it still needs buttons. I will say that it's been the most satisfying knitting project I've ever done. I loved the yarn, the pattern was well written and easy to follow and not too boring to knit. The stitch pattern along the arms,…
  • The Itch to Knit

    4 Aug 2015 | 3:55 pm
    The yarn has spoken! The knitting bug has returned and I am back on the sheep as it were. (as opposed to the horse you know). While a few weeks ago I was just knitting socks, the full knitting habit is back with my daily effort to finish the Red Fern Cardigan. In case you've forgotten and you'd be forgiven because I cast that thing on months ago, the Red Fern Cardigan is from the front page of the Fall 2014 Interweave Knits. I'm using my old stash of Godden Yarns Ellen, which is 60% wool and 50% cotton. Years after this yarn has been discontinued I'm still enamored of it. There is a supple…
  • Knitcation

    30 Jul 2015 | 12:38 pm
    For the first time in years our family took a vacation. Nothing fancy, just a trip to Dallas, TX to visit my grandma and for my kids to spend some quality time with their great grandma. I had a wonderful time, hanging out in the city I used to visit every summer, even if it was hotter than blazes.  It was two weeks with my husband and kids, connecting with my grandma and exploring just how awesome Dallas has become since I was a kid. I marvelled at the low housing prices. I could live in a nice neighborhood with good schools in a remodeled brick house with a pool. My favorite kind of…
  • In Need of the Crafty

    9 Jul 2015 | 8:13 pm
    I am taking a stand.  I need a circle of crafty people around me to commiserate with at least once a week. They need not all be knitters.  I am sad that none of my local yarn shops have a knitting night that I want to attend. Most of them are 20+ minutes away and end up full by the time I get there. I wish there was one walking distance. I wish I had the patience to open my own yarn shop, but I have neither the funds nor the desire to work weekends. I wish that Purlescense or Nine Rubies was closer to me. Or Verb. But they're not.  I did just get the heads up that my local…
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    Serger Pepper

  • Hot to get the most from your rolled hem foot – on So Sew Easy

    Mamma Nene
    12 Aug 2015 | 6:00 am
    There is a learning curve to learn to proficiently use a rolled hem foot on your sewing machine but, when you “get it” is SO MUCH […] The post Hot to get the most from your rolled hem foot – on So Sew Easy appeared first on Serger Pepper. Contact me at
  • 11 insider tips about… How to mix fabrics! – on Craftsy Blog

    Mamma Nene
    3 Aug 2015 | 6:00 am
    Learn to mix fabrics together in your sewing projects (but also in your life: same principles are applying to decorating your house, matching clothes in […] The post 11 insider tips about… How to mix fabrics! – on Craftsy Blog appeared first on Serger Pepper. Contact me at
  • Best Sewing Knit Fabric Tips and Tutorials

    Mamma Nene
    4 Jun 2015 | 6:00 am
    Today I need to do outing (and I hope you can relate!): I hate to iron clothes – I actually never do it! Don’t get […] The post Best Sewing Knit Fabric Tips and Tutorials appeared first on Serger Pepper. Contact me at
  • The Travel Sewing Caddy FREE Pattern

    Mamma Nene
    13 May 2015 | 6:00 am
    Today I want to show you a project I have created for Deby at So Sew Easy. The travel sewing caddy It’s a free pattern and […] The post The Travel Sewing Caddy FREE Pattern appeared first on Serger Pepper. Contact me at
  • How to sew THE perfect lettuce hem (plus a round-up)

    Mamma Nene
    10 May 2015 | 6:00 am
    The post How to sew THE perfect lettuce hem (plus a round-up) appeared first on Serger Pepper. Contact me at
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    Gathering Beauty

  • One Cup Blueberry Pancakes.

    1 Sep 2015 | 10:14 am
    It was Bank Holiday Monday yesterday which meant a lie in and a plate full of these light and fluffy blueberry pancakes before tackling the unpleasant task of re-organising the shed.I promise you these are the easiest pancakes to make, not a pair of scales in sight. All you need is a cup or mug and you're all set. You can even make the batter the night before so all you have to is add the blueberries right at the last minute.The self-raising flour makes these pancakes thicker than the traditional European crepe and more like the American style ones.  They're light and fluffy and packed…
  • 3 Diy's I'd Love To Make.

    26 Aug 2015 | 11:08 am
    1. An adorable unicorn pinata makeover from Oh Happy Day.2. These bright and colourful Diy Pink Shibori Cloth Napkins from Alice and Lois.3. The cutest ever cactus pincushions from A Beautiful Mess.
  • Diy Clipboard Loom Mini Weaving.

    25 Aug 2015 | 2:06 pm
    I stumbled across this pin last week, a mini weaving made using a clipboard as a loom. It's a photo from Rachel Denbow's Instagram account. If you've ever googled how to weave I'm sure you've come across one of her amazing weaving tutorials for A Beautiful Mess. Each one is fantastic and well worth checking out.I scoured Rachel's blog but couldn't find anything showing how she did it. I did however find a tutorial Rachel wrote on A Beautiful Mess showing you how to make a woven necklace using a piece of cardboard as a loom. Even though it's not exactly the…
  • Around Here: August.

    24 Aug 2015 | 10:55 am
    Shopping for wool and pretty trim at the local fabric shop.Testing out blueberry mug cake recipes.Making trips to the cinema. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.Recommending the Mayas Exhibition at the Liverpool World Museum to anyone in the area.Listening to and loving the soundtrack after seeing the film. Particularly this song.Making a mini weaving using a clipboard as a loom.And thanking you for your patience last week while I got the new mobile responsive theme up and running. I gave myself the weekend to get it done but it ended up spilling into most…
  • Diy Rectangle Milk Carton Boxes.

    13 Aug 2015 | 1:36 pm
    Do you remember these Diy Mini Milk Carton Gift Boxes I made back in January? They're one of the most popular things I've made so far this year. I'd been wanting to try and make a rectangular version for a while now but had been struggling to figure out how to do it when I came across this fantastic tutorial over on Pootles. It was exactly what I was looking for.These boxes are a bit different to the normal milk carton boxes I've made in the past. Instead of sticking down paper flaps to make the base of the box the flaps make up the sides. I've never tried making a box like this before…
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    STASH YARN SHOP - Stashknits blog


    9 Aug 2015 | 8:13 pm
    And nowhere else! As far too many people have discovered, credit card fraud has reached epidemic levels, especially in the U.S., where cards still use outdated magnetic strips to record information about transactions. But all that is about to change, and that’s a very good thing. By October 1 of this year, U.S. merchants must be prepared to process new EMV cards. EMV-- which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa -- is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. In the wake of numerous large-scale data…

    31 Jul 2015 | 5:49 am
    Stuck on that sock? Can’t make heads or tails of the directions for your hat? Don’t blame your pattern just yet; you may be looking at the problem right now. New studies show that most people process text differently when reading on a smartphone, tablet, or computer vs. the printed page. In other words, WHAT you read ON has a big impact on how you understand what you are reading. Researchers have found that reading online encourages “non-linear reading,” commonly known as skimming. Specifically, the study states that “screen-based reading behavior is…

    12 Jul 2015 | 10:36 am
    As the next chapter of the Stash Select story unfolds, now seems like a good time to get to know some supporting characters a little better. Many of you will recognize this little gal from our kickstarter campaign, but young as she is, Joey has a backstory, not to mention some really WOW bling, courtesy of Julie, who makes jewelry. Which is as good a place to start as any. Julie Lamb (yes, that’s really her name), is an independent jewelry designer who is as passionate about all things local New York (all her jewelry is created in New York’s famous Diamond District) as we are…
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    Bella Crafts Publishing

  • Bella Crafts Quarterly’s Fall Issue

    Bella Crafts Quarterly
    31 Aug 2015 | 11:33 pm
    Bella Crafts Quarterly’s Fall Issue is Live! Can you believe it?  It’s September 1st and that means that the fall issue of Bella Crafts Quarterly is now live and FREE to download on all of your favorite devices or you can view the issue online as well.  We have so many wonderful things in store for you in this issue that we wanted to share just a few details of what you’ll find inside our cover! Artist to Artist Jo Pearson 22 New Project Ideas 1 Cre8time Project 5 Business Articles 1 Fun New Technique We are so excited to have Jo Pearson as our Artist to Artist.  Jo, AKA…
  • Vintage Happy Birthday Card

    Carmen Whitehead
    26 Aug 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Hello Friends!  It’s Carmen with you today and I’m sharing a quick and easy tutorial for a Happy Birthday Card.  I have a dear friend that is my penpal, and she has a birthday coming up.  So, I decided to make her a card that has a vintage feel and look to it, but also has script and writing on it for a penpal theme. Supplies Strathmore Mixed Media Cards Americana Decoupage Paper – Vintage Silhouette Americana Decou-page – Matte finish Americana Decor Stencil – French Script Americana Media Line – Black Modeling Paste Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer…
  • Easy Mixed Media cards

    Irit Shalom
    25 Aug 2015 | 9:00 am
      Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my August Bella Crafting post. Today I am going to show you how you can make fast and easy Mixed Media cards with just some stencils, sentiment stamps and you own home made mists. So here we go!! 1. Use Earth Safe Finishes texture paste with stencils over the thick white cardstock. I used stencils from ARTplorations, but you sure can pick your favorites from any company. Make all 4 cards with different stencils and the same technique and let them dry. 2. Make your own mists with small misting bottles , water and just a drop of Ann Butler’s…
  • Best Friend Greeting Card

    Lisa Fulmer
    23 Aug 2015 | 9:01 pm
    I love blending the worlds of sewing and papercrafting, especially when I make greeting cards. Decorative trims, the kind for sewing, make gorgeous embellishments for handmade cards. Trims give your cards extra texture, dimension and personality. Here’s a quick and easy all-occasion card I made with a set of matching papers in black and cream – everything was dug up from my existing stash, of course – don’t ever forget to #craftyourstash, baby! Supplies: Narrow metallic trim Black folded card – 5” x 7” Patterned cardstock (diamond panel) – 4.5” x 6.5”…
  • Glitter Glamour Ring

    Lisa Jimenez
    19 Aug 2015 | 9:01 pm
    This Glitter Glamour ring is easy to make using Ann Butler’s Iridescents. Making a gift for a tween/teenager can be a little frustrating. What are they into these days? I wonder what she likes. Most tween/teenage girls love jewelry. This Glitter Glamour ring is cute and funky, which make them perfect for girls to wear.  In this tutorial, I will show you an alternative flower design, that could be used for the ring design. Supplies Needed for this Glitter Glamour Ring: • Ann Butler Iridescents: Aquamarine, Berry, Tangelo Make a #tweem Glitter Glamour Ring by following this tutorial…
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    The Ribbon Retreat Blog

  • How To Make A Twisted Boutique Hair Bow

    The Ribbon Retreat
    25 Aug 2015 | 1:00 am
    It’s back to school time…can you believe it? Are you having the blues, the cheers or a little of both? My kiddos haven’t started just yet, and I am totally experiencing the back to school blues! I love my kiddos to be home with me and this summer has been a blast! However, they get […]
  • Felt Bow Tie Hair Bow, YouTube Thursday

    The Ribbon Retreat
    20 Aug 2015 | 1:00 am
    Welcome, welcome to YouTube Thursday! From the time that The Ribbon Retreat added our brand new and gorgeous crafting felt to our website, I have been obsessed with it and especially learning how to make the exact bow Shirley is sharing TODAY! Eeeeeek…..lots of squeals coming from me right now! I am in love with […]
  • Felt Rolled Flower Tutorial

    Shirley Hale
    18 Aug 2015 | 1:00 am
    This last week, we celebrated a lot of felt…our brand new gorgeous, easy to craft with felt! And, Thursday we are bringing you another felt project that is so super cute and one you are not going to want to miss! This crafting felt is so much fun and with over 35 colors to choose […]
  • Rolled Felt Flower, YouTube Thursday

    The Ribbon Retreat
    13 Aug 2015 | 1:00 am
    Welcome back to YouTube Thursday…the day dedicated to super cute projects brought to you video style! I am super excited for today’s video, because as you can tell the project is absolutely ADORABLE! I am 100% in love with this sweet and simple little flower, and I personally can’t wait to watch Shirley demonstrate how […]
  • How To Make A Two Loop Topper Hair Bow

    The Ribbon Retreat
    11 Aug 2015 | 1:00 am
    One of my favorite things about my job is being able to create super cute bows with amazing ribbon and today, I am going to share yet another hair bow with you that actually can serve two purposes! What??? Yep, this adorable Two Loop Topper bow is the perfect bow to put atop a big […]
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    About Family Crafts

  • 20 Free Printable Lunch Box Notes and Jokes

    Sherri Osborn
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:56 pm
    These printable lunch box notes and jokes are a great way to brighten your kids’ day! Even older kids who might normally be embarrassed by any show of affection will (secretly) be thrilled when they dig into their lunch and…Read more →
  • How to Decorate a Pencil Using Beads and Wire

    Sherri Osborn
    25 Aug 2015 | 9:12 am
    Not too long ago I shared directions for decorating your pencils using ribbon… When I made those, I also made these bead wrap for pencils. This is another easy way to personalized and decorate your pencil for school or even…Read more →
  • Teacher Survival Kit in a Mason Jar

    Sherri Osborn
    24 Aug 2015 | 9:55 am
    Not too long ago, I was contacted by QVC via my Craft Gossip blog (Did you know I run the Lesson Plans blog over at Craft Gossip?)… They were looking for bloggers to create fun and creative back-to-school projects using…Read more →
  • DIY Pom-Pom Pencils

    Sherri Osborn
    18 Aug 2015 | 7:32 am
    When it comes to making crafts, sometimes simple is better! Recently, I was trying to come up with some simple back-to-school crafts, and that is how I came up with these fun DIY pom-pom pencils! School spirit and pom-poms simply…Read more →
  • 14 DIY Organizing Ideas for Back-to-School

    Sherri Osborn
    11 Aug 2015 | 9:27 am
    I’ll be the first person to admit I am obsessed with anything that will help me get organized. Because I am also obsessed with anything DIY, these creative DIY organizing ideas for back-to-school really inspired me. How about you? While…Read more →
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    Teach Love Craft

  • Teacher Discounts

    22 Aug 2015 | 12:38 pm
    As we head back to school, many of us are not only spending money to freshen up our wardrobes, but on countless classroom supplies as well. There are many spectacular teachers out there who spend HUNDREDS each year just so their students can have a classroom environment that is welcoming, organized, and most importantly, makes them feel successful. If you haven’t yet checked out Passion for Savings, please do yourself a favor and do so! You can find great deals, coupons, and all sorts of money saving tips! For us teachers, they put together a list of 90+ retailers that give teacher…
  • Maryland Tax Free Week!

    11 Aug 2015 | 7:30 am
    Attention Shoppers! With ‘Back to School’ lurking around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to do some shopping! Maryland’s Tax Free Week is in motion, giving us a break from apparel and footwear less than $100 per item. While “accessories” are not included, I was surprised to see what actually qualifies for the exemption, certainly things that I thought would be “accessories” after all. You should check out this handy list put together by the Maryland Comptroller with all the specifics. Want more info? Check out the State’s page for…
  • DIY Bookcase from Craft Crates

    13 Jul 2015 | 5:00 am
    Remember a while ago when I was distressing craft crates? I wanted the crates to look weathered and old? Well, it was to make a DIY bookcase out of craft crates.  The boys’ book situation was getting out of control, and I wanted a bookshelf that wasfunctional, inexpensive, and pleasing to the eye.  This DIY fit the bill. I bought each crate for about $6 (withJoAnn’s coupons, of course), so before I bought the casters to be screwed on the bottom of the crates, this bookshelf only cost my $36.  Liquid Nail was my bff for this project. No tutorial is really needed. I…
  • Ideas for displaying Kids’ Artwork

    6 Jul 2015 | 11:31 am
    Between school and home, my two boys are constantly creating masterpieces. With the constant influx of painted paper, cardboard box sculptures, and pipecleaner statues, my smallish house was getting smaller. So I came (and researched) up with some ideas for displaying kids’ artwork.  Here are some of the ideas for displaying kids’ artwork that I have employed.  Gallery Walls   I love the splash of color their artwork brings to the room. A touch of whimsy and something much more personal than a framed reproduction. Not to mention the boys love that their work is on…
  • Face the Wall-Gallery Wall

    8 Jun 2015 | 3:30 am
    Last you’ve heard, we’ve made some progress in L’s room. With some of the more dire projects around the house out of the way (more on those later), I am finally ready to add some fun and color to that big empty wall above her dresser. The plan is to add a mirror and fill the rest of the wall space with lots of bright art work that are inspired by L. I’ve started a collection of DIY pieces like this and this (more on those later), but I needed more. So I’ve been scavenging the Internet for unique and affordable prints to add to my collection. Then, I came across…
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    Keeping it Real

  • (Almost) Wordless Wednesday - a day on the rails

    2 Sep 2015 | 2:00 am
    Ever since he was a baby, my son has been fascinated by everything that moves, from cars to planes. But trains have always been one of his favorite means of transport, and I've lost count of the amount of play trains and rail tracks we have at home. My kids are used to ride on the train from our house to Lisbon, but while the school was out I decided to take my son to Santa Apolónia, the old Lisbon central train station, from where trains to the various parts of the country still depart. This train station holds a lot of childhood memories for me, and I hadn't been there in a while, so…
  • Easy zig-zag crochet cowl - with instructions

    31 Aug 2015 | 12:14 pm
    Hi everyone. I'm back from our (always too short) vacation and my head is spinning with all the new projects I want to tackle. I'm sure that as as soon as I'm back at work, time will be so scarce again that half of them will stay on the shelves indefinitely, but at least the good news is that while on vacation I managed to finish my new cowl.This is my fist autumn/winter project after the summer (well, if you discount the Christmas ornaments I made in July), and, as every single one of the handmade things we make, there's a story behind it. To avoid boring you with the details, let's just say…
  • DIY felt party favor baskets tutorial

    28 Aug 2015 | 3:00 am
    We are still off work and enjoying the final days of our vacation. Next week the kids go back to school and a new year begins for all of us. On September 2nd, however, we will be celebrating my daughter's 5th birthday and I just wanted to show you the party favor baskets I made for her. And leave you with a small tutorial, in case you want to do something similar. These baskets are very easy to make, come together pretty quickly and, because of their size, are a great scrap buster. You will need a circle of felt (cut it as large as you want your basket to be), a rectangle of…
  • (Almost) Wordless Wednesday 26/August

    26 Aug 2015 | 3:00 am
    Yep, still gone! Back next week!
  • Custom baby gift & gift package

    24 Aug 2015 | 2:57 am
    When I need to find a gift for a new baby and I have no idea of what the parents want or need, I often resort to making a custom baby bib. Because you can't have too many bibs and a personalized one is always cute.The easiest way to do this is, of course, to buy one of those pre-made bibs with a bit of aida fabric on the front, thus ready to embroider.This one is from DMC and I cross stitched the name of the baby to be in bold, girly colors (originally I took additional pictures, but then somehow managed to erase them before actually writing this post). The cross stitch chart is also…
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    Precious Crafts

  • DIY Cross Stitch for Beginners

    Zurainny Ismail
    9 Aug 2015 | 7:34 pm
    A Cross Stitch Mini-Kit should have fabric, floss, needle and chart Now and then, I’m approached by those who are interested to try cross stitching – which really made my day brighter! And when that happens, in my eagerness and excitement, I may bore them with too much information.  Therefore, I hope this article will prove to be a better help than me. There are many Cross Stitch Kits available online, but if you’re living in Malaysia and ordering a kit from abroad, the postage could cost more than the kits themselves. But don’t break the bank yet because that…
  • I Love Crochet

    Zurainny Ismail
    30 Jul 2015 | 4:27 pm
    “CROCHET is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook.” – Wikipedia Whoever first created the art of crochet and those who further developed crochet throughout the ages and into the future, and to all those who continue giving life to this art – I thank you all.  And to those who shared their creativity at crocheting – may you continue to create and may God give you more, and more ideas so that crochet will prosper. Take, for example, this lapghan which I recently completed: Made this…
  • How to Service Janome Harmony 2049 Sewing Machine

    Zurainny Ismail
    29 Jul 2015 | 2:20 am
    I purchased my Janome Harmony 2049 sewing machine way back in 2006.  Since then till now, I have only brought it for service at the Epal centre twice.  I use it only occasionally, and for me, it’s perfect.  It’s easy to use, portable and handy to have around the house.  So far, my Janome sewing machine has helped me to make 3 curtains, a few simple totes, a simple sofa cover, coasters, simple mending, etc.  Roughly speaking, I guess I only use it about once or twice a month. Lately, in my quest to broaden my crafting horizons, I have been quite zealous at getting myself…
  • Crochet Headbands and More

    Zurainny Ismail
    17 Jun 2015 | 7:45 pm
    Ramadhan has arrived and I’m excited to expand my horizons! After I completed the CAL Granny Square Pillow Cover, I still had lots of leftover budget yarns.  So I made this headband using a free pattern from Craftsy. And with the various colours of budget yarns, I made these little flowers which is easily interchangeable.  So, 1 headband, with a few looks!  I am currently working on another headband and flower, so that with 2 headbands and 3 flowers, I can get 6 looks! Interchangeable Florals Then I also made these little handphone cases and some more – using yarns of various…
  • Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day – Hari Guru 2015

    Zurainny Ismail
    13 May 2015 | 12:45 am
    OMG – I almost forgot Hari Guru! Have you prepared gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day / Hari Guru 2015? I’m still in the middle of figuring out what to give and seeing that it’s only 3 days away, they must be something that can be prepared in a jiffy… This year, Hari Guru which is on 16 May 2015, falls on a Saturday.  There will be some forms of celebration in each schools (not necessarily this Saturday, it could be on any day fixed by the school), including performances and sports competition by teachers. Last year, I gave each of my kids’ favourite teachers…
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    Woo Hoo Cuties

  • The sommelier’s cup or tastevin

    Woo Hoo Cuties
    26 Aug 2015 | 6:21 pm
    Living in the colourful Languedoc wine region, amidst grapes and wine, the perfect grape growing climate and terrain that extends from the sea to the mountains, it was only matter of time before I had to write about the tastevin, the old wine tasting-cup used by tasters and wine-producers. Carried and used by sommeliers and connoisseurs to sample and test the quality, maturity, clarity and colour of wines, it literally means “taste wine” (tâtevin, tâter = to taste), this solid historical item has an interesting story to tell. Available to be bought in the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop!
  • Vintage quintessential laundry clothespins/clothes pegs/Dolly peg/ C47’s

    Woo Hoo Cuties
    24 Aug 2015 | 5:06 am
    Americans call them clothespins, in the UK they’re referred to as clothes pegs or Dolly pegs and in the film industry they’re called C47’s. No matter what they are called, made out of ash, willow wood, birch, beech or maple, they’ve always awakened fond old (laundry or not) memories in my mind. I remember seeing my gran, wearing her clothespin apron, tied around her waist, all her clothespins in her apron pocket, always within reach. I used them to attach cards to the forks of my bike to create sound, whilst riding, or played the game “Drop the clothespin” with them. And of course…
  • Vintage ornate homemade frames soon in Woo Hoo Cuties’ Shop

    Woo Hoo Cuties
    20 Aug 2015 | 8:54 am
    My husband has been making frames all his life. Recently we had to empty our garage and came across his massive stack of material. So many beautiful possibilities for making frames, decent wood ( solid oak, veneer of burr wallnut, carved wood, gilded wood, painted wood) and his craftsmanship, made me realize I had to put some of his frames in the shop. We even have metal and plastic ones. They will certainly add to create a rustic chic décor in any room or any classy party. Before putting them in my shop, I thought of writing down some DIY-ideas for all of you, to at least let you consider…
  • Free recipe Rosette cookies a delight for your palate

    Woo Hoo Cuties
    15 Aug 2015 | 3:05 pm
    When the French lady at the “vide grenier” (boot fair) explained me her wonderful childhood memories (for many who were children during WWII, they are) of how her gran made exceptionally tasty cookies with this vintage item, I was stunned, as I never heard of these “Rosette” irons. They do have a special place in the history of cooking as I found out later. Tools and recipes, have been passed down over the generations.  So of course I had to buy this item for my shop! “Rosettes” are popular in the United States or among families with Scandinavian ancestry (“Struva” in…
  • WW1 memorabilia and trench art transformed shell and fuse or percussion cap

    Woo Hoo Cuties
    12 Aug 2015 | 3:31 pm
    On the local “vide greniers”/boot fairs, I always search for real vintage items and certainly war memorabilia or trench art. Last month I was lucky to find these two items (see main picture). My shop offers already a shell transformed into a bottle warmer, one with no markings at the bottom (see Woo Hoo Cuties Shop), whereas this shell surely provides me with a whole lot of history and proof of authenticity, by its markings. The second item left us puzzled in the beginning, we even asked loads of war specialists to find out its history and they too started guessing and wondering. Just…
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    Scarf Knitting

  • Knitting Stacks, Stuff & Stash – August Knitting Organization Project Part 4

    Alice Seidel
    28 Aug 2015 | 1:53 pm
    All this re-organization gets to me. Personally. So much so that I’ve ended up with a touch of sciatica. All down my right leg with those lovely little twinges of pain which comes out out nowhere. All week long. Ack! If you are dealing with serious knitting clutter, read on! Could be all you need is a little “Clutter Control”. It starts with your knitting space, then gets into every corner of your home. Which is a good thing! This post will be all about getting my knitting stacks, stuff & stash into place. Because EVERYTHING in your home needs its own place. I’ve…
  • My Own List of Knitting Organizers – August Knitting Organization Project Part 3

    Alice Seidel
    21 Aug 2015 | 7:14 am
    Just to show you how things go: last night I sat down with a Yankee Magazine from March/April 2015. LOVE this magazine, because it is all things New England and it takes me back to when my husband and I owned an Inn in New Hampshire about 10 years ago. You can read all about THAT here and here. There is the cutest 2-page article entitled “Jeepers, We’re Keepers” and it gives a list of procrastinatin’ names we probably all suffer from! Like “Accumulitis” – how cute is that! It gives a description of all six. When you’re done reading this, be sure…
  • Knitting Clutter Control – August Knitting Organization Project Part 2

    Alice Seidel
    14 Aug 2015 | 7:16 am
    So, it all started with this. March 2015 We’ve been moved into our home in New Jersey for over 2 years already, and our second bedroom quickly became my junk haven. Everything I didn’t need or couldn’t figure out what to do with went there. Stuffed into the closet, the desk, the bookshelves and all of my knitting was smashed and smushed into the armoire. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I’m changing, what I’m “fixing”, and more importantly . . . WHY, and how those things affect productivity & knitting workflow. You’ll most…
  • How to Break Bad Knitting Habits, This is Good!

    Alice Seidel
    5 Aug 2015 | 5:42 pm
    August Knitting Transformations August. A kind of “in-between” month, if you will. Schools are still out, vacations continue, kids are at camp, there’s a quiet build-up to September. The month of New Beginnings. It always feel like that to me, anyway. Which put me in mind of a GREAT organization project for all of my knitting STUFF! Because, I’ve got knitting stuff. Who doesn’t? BUT, before I get into my August Knitting Transformations, I wanted to talk about our knitting habits. Why we have them without even knowing it, and how we can make them better. Sound…
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    Our Daily Craft » Our Daily Craft

  • 5 Ways to Feel Happier in 5 Minutes

    Sarah White
    2 Sep 2015 | 10:46 am
    I was trying out one of the ebook services that the local library offers and I requested a bunch of books at once, and it just happened that I got 10 % Happier by Dan Harris and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin back-to-back. I don’t normally read about happiness a lot (and the Dan Harris book is really about meditation more than happiness), but it strikes me in reading these books that happiness is a choice that we get to make every day and that we can really affect by doing little things. You don’t have to have a lot of time, go on a silent retreat or devote a year to…
  • Crafty Links and Inspiration

    Sarah White
    1 Sep 2015 | 7:38 am
    Thanks to my birthday weekend I’m a little behind sharing crafty links this week, but there’s some great stuff here so I hope you’ll check it out! The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton For August, the Inspired by Reading Book Club read, “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. See what the participants were inspired to create with this fantastical book in mind! Christian Art Greeting Cards Cherie introduces some new greeting cards she’s made with her artwork.s/ How to Sew a Pillow This easy pillow tutorial uses scrap fabric (from an old receiving blanket) to make a…
  • Notions: Taking Care of the Business of Blogging

    Sarah White
    31 Aug 2015 | 12:33 pm
    This week’s notions is inspired by the fact that last weekend was the fifth Arkansas Women Bloggers University conference, which took place in Hot Springs and was, by all accounts, fabulous. (I wasn’t there because it was my birthday weekend.) While I wasn’t there to get the knowledge live, I’m happy to pick up some of it via my fellow bloggers, who say that it was really about being the best at what you do where you are. Whether you’re a hobbyist or someone trying to make a living from the business of blogging, you still have to work hard and make the things you…
  • Frugal Family Linky August 27

    Sarah White
    27 Aug 2015 | 9:41 am
    We’re having a bit of a transition here at the linky, and will have more news on that next week, but in the meantime, thank you for joining us! My frugal craft of the week was making my daughter a new rest time pillow out of bits of old receiving blankets I had left from another project. It was a really quick and easy project, and the tutorial is a good one for making a pillow of any size. Please check it out if you haven’t already! This Week’s Featured Posts Now that back to school time is happening, a lot of us might be resolving to be more organized and better at planning…
  • How to Sew a Pillow

    Sarah White
    26 Aug 2015 | 10:42 am
    As you may have heard by now, the girl started kindergarten this year. It’s a whole new world in a lot of different ways, and they try to make things a little easier during the transition time by having “rest time” part of the year in lieu of a nap. Because there are lots of kids and not a lot of storage space, they’re allowed to bring a towel to lay on and a small pillow for rest time. The first week the girl had a travel pillow that is small, but still gigantic when trying to fit it in a little cubby tub. So over the weekend I decided to make her a smaller one. I…
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    Repeat Crafter Me

  • Crochet Elf Pixel Square

    Sarah Zimmerman
    1 Sep 2015 | 1:41 pm
    Santa’s little helper is ready to join the Crochet Christmas Character Afghan! The Elf is square number 5 of 9 Christmas themed C2C crochet squares and when they are all finished, I will stitch them together into one large afghan! As I finish each square, I will post the graph and reveal the next character/image in the blanket. Feel free to work along with me!   If you are just joining in you can find the other squares through links below: Square #1: Santa Square #2: Christmas Tree Square #3: Frosty the Snowman   Square #4: Santa’s Sleigh I am using the…
  • OttLite 3-in-1 Craft Floor Lamp Review and Giveaway

    Sarah Zimmerman
    28 Aug 2015 | 8:27 am
    Welcome to my cozy crochet chair! In the corner of our living room I carved out a spot perfect for crocheting and with my recent addition of the OttLite 3-in-1 Craft Floor Lamp, my space is complete and functional! As many of you know, I am a busy mom of 3 so when the kids go to bed, my crochet hooks come out! The powerful illumination of the OttLite lamps is just what I need after the sun goes down.. actually it even helps when the sun is up! Being able to clearly see each stitch really helps me avoid any mistakes. Let me tell you a little bit why I love this floor lamp so much! First of…
  • Crochet Apple Cozy

    Sarah Zimmerman
    26 Aug 2015 | 10:08 am
    It’s that time of year! The kids are going back to school, Fall is fast approaching, and apples are in season. A sweet and simple crocheted apple cozy is the perfect accessory to your apples. Not only does it keep them from bruising but they dress up the fruit, making it a great gift for teachers, neighbors, friends and family! I love using variegated yarn for this project because it adds a lot of color. It works up quick and the use of fun button is a nice finishing touch! My boys brought one for each of their teachers on the first day of school. Materials: -Worsted Weight Yarn. I…
  • Lego Pixel Art

    Sarah Zimmerman
    25 Aug 2015 | 12:43 pm
    Since many of you have jumped on the crochet pixel blanket bandwagon with me, I thought you might enjoy some other ways we are using pixel graphs! Using single lego blocks, you can recreate any pixel graph into a work of art! My oldest has been helping me count an mark my pixel graphs when I crochet so when I found a Lego Pixel Art Kit on Amazon I knew he was going to be excited. He is very math-minded and loves counting, color-coordinating, and puzzle-piecing. This project kept him busy for hours! The Building Bricks Mosaic Set comes with 1,000 pieces of single lego bricks and a 10×10…
  • Crochet Sleigh Pixel Square

    Sarah Zimmerman
    24 Aug 2015 | 12:32 pm
    Here we go! Another square is ready to be added to our Crochet Christmas Character Afghan! Santa’s Sleigh is square number 4 of 9 Christmas themed C2C crochet squares and when they are all finished, I will stitch them together into one large afghan! As I finish each square, I will post the graph and reveal the next character/image in the blanket. Feel free to work along with me! If you are just joining in you can find the other squares through links below: Square #1: Santa Square #2: Christmas Tree Square #3: Frosty the Snowman I am using the corner-to-corner (C2C) technique. You…
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    Knitting Stitch Patterns

  • String of Purls

    Knitting Unlimited
    31 Aug 2015 | 10:45 pm
    Knitted in a multiple of 12 sts and a 12-row repeat.Row 1 – wrong side: With color A, purl.Row 2 – right side: With color A, knit.Row 3: With color A, purl,Row 4: With color B, k11, * turn, sl 1 wyif, k3, turn, p4, k12; rep from * to last st, turn, sl 1 wyif, k3, turn, p4, k1.Row 5: With color B, k5, * turn, p4, turn, k3, sl 1 wyif, k12; rep from * to last 7 sts, turn, p4, turn, k3, sl1 wyif, k7.Row 6: With color A, k8, * sl 2 wyib, k10; rep from * to last 4 sts, sl 2 wyib, k2.Row 7: With color A, purl.Row 8: With color A, knit.Row 9: With color A, purl..Row 10: With color B, k5, * turn,…
  • Rows of Circles

    Knitting Unlimited
    28 Aug 2015 | 1:20 pm
    Knitted in a multiple of 6 sts + 5 and a 8-row repeat.Row 1 - RS: With color A, knit.Row 2: With color A, k1, * p3, k3; repeat from * to last 4 sts, p3, k1.Row 3: With color B, k1, * sl 3 wyib, k3; repeat from * to last 4 sts, sl 3 wyib, k1Row 4: With color B, p2,* sl 1 wyif, p5; repeat from * to last 4 sts, sl 1 wyif, p2.Row 5: With color B, knit.Row 6: With color B, k4, * p3, k3; repeat from * to last st, k1.Row 7: With color A, k4, * sl 3 wyib, k3; repeat from * to last st, k1.Row 8: With color A, p5, * sl 1 wyif, p5; repeat from * to end.Knitting abbreviations:K: Knit | P: Purl | Slip…
  • Two Color Dip Stitch

    Knitting Unlimited
    27 Aug 2015 | 11:52 pm
    How to knit the Dip-stitch: Insert right-hand needle from front under purl loop of stitch 6 rows below next stitch, knit an extra stitch in this stitch; then knit the next stitch on the left-hand needle and pass the extra stitch over it.Knitted in a multiple of 8 sts + 3 and a 12-row repeat.Cast on with Color A and purl one row.Row 1 - wrong side: With color B, purl.Row 2 - right side: With color B, knit.Row 3: With color B, purl.Row 4: With color B, knit.Row 5: With color A, knit.Row 6: With color A, knit 1, * dip-st, knit 7; rep from * to last 2 sts, dip-st, knit1.Rows 7 through 10: With…
  • Pyramid stitch

    Knitting Unlimited
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:48 am
    Cast on a multiple of 8 sts + 1 and a 16-row repeat.Row 1: P1, * k7, p1; rep from * to end.Row 2 and all even rows: Knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts as they face you.Row 3: P2,  * k5, p3; rep from * to last 7 sts, k5, p2.Row 5: P3, * k3, p5; rep from * to last 6 sts, k3, p3.Row 7: P4, * k1, p7; rep from * to last 5 sts, k1, p4.Row 9: K4, * p1, k7; rep from * to last 5 sts, p1, k4.Row 11: K3, * p3, k5; rep from * to last 6 sts, p3, k3.Row 13: K2, * p5, k3; rep from * to last 7 sts, p5, k2.Row 15: K1, * p7, k1; rep from * to end.Row 16: Knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts…
  • Basket Weave Ribbing stitch

    Knitting Unlimited
    23 Aug 2015 | 9:40 pm
    Simple Basket-weave Patterns Knitted in a multiple of 8 sts + 3.Row 1 and all odd rows - wrong side: P3, * k1, p3; rep from * to end.Rows 2 - 4 - 6 - right side: K3, * p5, k3; rep from * to end.Rows 8 - 10 - 12 - right side: P4, * k3, p5; rep from * to last 7 sts, k3, p4.Rep Rows 1 - 12.Knitting abbreviations: K: Knit | P: Purl 
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    DIY Candy

  • Iron-On Floral Patterned DIY Shoes

    Pretty Life Girls
    2 Sep 2015 | 4:03 am
    Today I have the funnest DIY to share with you! It is so simple, the possibilities are endless, and the final product is so so good. I found some white canvas shoes in the back of my closet the other day, and I decided to revive them to make them more wearable. After searching and searching, I...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • Sparkly Witch Pumpkin Craft

    1 Sep 2015 | 9:56 am
    I think this year my color palette is going to go more towards black, gray, and purple . . . various shades of purple . . . and a little less orange. I like to change my color palettes slightly each year for the holidays while still being true to the “standard” shades of the holiday. It...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • DIY Chalkboard Sandwich Box

    Special Guest
    31 Aug 2015 | 4:31 pm
    I’m totally that mom that loves to slip notes in my littles’ school lunches. I usually just scribble something down on their napkin, but I thought I’d try something new for the new school year . . . notes right ON their sandwich boxes. Are you ready for a fun and easy (and budget...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • Gold Foil Mini Personalized Notebooks

    Special Guest
    28 Aug 2015 | 9:47 am
    Hi guys! It’s Aki from Minted Strawberry here again to show you a simple and fun DIY! I love personalizing my supplies and one of those things are notebooks – I resist getting the really cute ones that cost more at the store since I know I can very well DIY them without breaking the...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • Deliciously Frosted Caramel Apple Cookies

    Pretty Life Girls
    27 Aug 2015 | 6:44 am
    Although it is still hot outside around here, when I see the school buses starting to pick up the kids on the corner I can’t help but start dreaming about fall. And since there aren’t pumpkins at the farmer’s market yet I decided to get to baking with one of my other favorite fall...Read the rest here . . . »         
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    Mod Podge Rocks!

  • Spray painted message outdoor chairs

    2 Sep 2015 | 4:45 am
    There’s a project that we’ve been trying to do around here for quite awhile! My outdoor chairs have needed an overhaul and until now, I just haven’t taken the time to do it. The reason for the desired revamp? Because when I moved to my condo, the blue outdoor chairs and white table...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • Decoupage doily pumpkin craft

    1 Sep 2015 | 11:58 am
    Do you ever browse the $1 bins at stores? Actually I’m not sure why I’m asking that . . . of course you do! There’s a good reason why I’ve posed this question, which I’ll let you know in a minute – but in the meantime, you should know that I’ve gone doily...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • Decoupage faux birch vase

    31 Aug 2015 | 12:46 pm
    I have an undergrad degree in forestry, so I notice trees. I’m losing my memory of dendrology, and specific tree types (it’s been 20 years!) but I know a birch when I see one. At least I thought I did! When I first spotted this vase by Melissa, I was convinced she had somehow made this...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • How to build a rustic pumpkin stand #DIHWorkshop

    31 Aug 2015 | 9:00 am
    Disclosure: Compensation was provided by The Home Depot via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of The Home Depot.Can I tell you how excited I am for fall? The cool weather cannot come quickly enough for me!...Read the rest here . . . »         
  • Super Cute Crispy Treats book review and giveaway

    30 Aug 2015 | 3:07 pm
    Baking is not one of my strong suits. I do it on occasion, but honestly, it never ends up looking as good as it does in the pretty picture that goes along with the recipe. Therefore when an opportunity comes along to make something tasty without baking – food crafting as it were –...Read the rest here . . . »         
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    Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

  • Purse Birthday Card

    Carol P
    24 Aug 2015 | 7:08 am
    Have you missed me? August has been a month of crafting, but not much paper.  I did make this birthday card for my best friend. The purse design was inspired by a card I saw on Ligaya's Creativity Zone. I used tiny squares of self-stick magnetic tape to hold the card shut. The inside pieces are adhered with thick foam dots to pop them off the page.  I only make remarks about her
  • Beautiful Free and Sale Fonts

    Carol P
    10 Jul 2015 | 8:12 am
    Ah, fonts.  Who doesn't love a beautiful font? What's all the rage?  Samantha, Samantha, Samantha. Yes, it's everywhere! Yes, it's endlessly useful! Yes, I'm ready to see something different! Do I have a deal for you!  Check out The Summer Bundle from The Hungry JPEG. TWENTY NINE fonts,  $1 apiece.  That's 95% off, until the end of July.  You get everything you see and more--ALL the
  • Support the arts!

    Carol P
    7 Jul 2015 | 2:31 pm
    If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may know that my older daughter has graduated from art school and is a freelance illustrator.  Over the years you have occasionally seen her work (and when she was very young, her hands holding things while I took the pictures). Scroll down and see if you remember her drawings! Here's the exciting news. One of her illustrations was recently chosen
  • Fireworks Chysanthemum July 4th Card

    Carol P
    28 Jun 2015 | 10:44 am
    Inspired by a card by Kagi Sippo (which looks like it is hand colored--or maybe created from paint chips--and hand cut) I went looking for a suitable layered flower file to make a similar exploding fireworks card.  I didn't find one, so I drew one! The result is...okay.  My flowers / fireworks lack the subtle color variations in the layers, and I wish the card stock were shiny. I threw a lot
  • Tiny Pleated Star

    Carol P
    23 Jun 2015 | 12:29 pm
    If you enjoyed making the larger (3") pleated paper star, try this one!  It is tiny, but it's not ridiculously tiny.  Perfect to use in a grouping on the front of a card or as a scrapbook embellishment. Suitable for hand or machine cutting. Click to download file set: Silhouette Studio, PDF, DXF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space). Files download for free. A huge thank
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    ACTÍVA Products - Projects

  • Air Dry Clay Boho Pottery ~ Designed by Candie Copper for ACTÍVA Products

    Activa Products
    31 Aug 2015 | 3:35 pm
    These beautiful, original Boho Pottery dishes were made using PLUS air dry clay in black.                                                                          Materials:    ACTÍVA  Plus Air Dry Clay   Small, pie plates   Rolling pin   Round cookie cutters   Wood block stamps   Plastic wrap   Clear acrylic gloss spray sealer   White paint   Soft paint brush Instructions: Roll out the clay approximately 1/8 to ¼ inch thick.    Stamp with wood block stamps to create unique impressions.                Cut into circles…
  • Stoneware Clay - Creative Card Holder Using Blackjack Clay - Designed by Karen Lowrey

    Activa Products
    20 Aug 2015 | 6:46 pm
    Would you like to display your personal or business cards in a creative way? Follow these easy steps and create your own calling card display! Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a kiln, you can always use Plus Clay air dry clay to do this same project. Materials needed:½ lb of Blackjack ClayDoily, buttons or stamps to push into clayACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kitCotton sheeting cut into a 8” x 8” squareA Small cup of waterWooden skewerOval pattern cut out of cardstock or fun foam 4 ¼” wide and 5 ½” long Access to a kilnStoneware glaze Begin by cutting a thin slab of…
  • Pumpkin Patch Project Using CelluClay - A Halloween Craft Project

    Activa Products
    13 Aug 2015 | 3:26 pm
    It’s not too early to be dreaming about your very own pumpkin patch!! With CelluClay you can create a pumpkin that is sturdy and decorative!          Materials needed:10” balloons ( get extra in case one pops) 1 lbs of CelluClayPlastic glovesMeasuring cupHot waterGallon plastic bagFour thick rubber bandsTwinePalette knifeLong, narrow paper bag60” of 20 gauge copper wireWire cuttersRulerXacto knifeBrown corrugated cardboardScissors Plain paper for pattern GluePaint brushAcrylic paint in white, orange spice, pure pumpkin, earth brown and a gold metallic Clear acrylic spray to…
  • Birds of a Feather Using Color Plus Air Dry Clay

    Activa Products
    14 Jul 2015 | 4:29 pm
    Create these one of a kind feathered friends by using Color Plus air dry clay. No need for a kiln as they dry to an extremely durable finish. No paint is needed as the clay is colored! Materials needed:Color Plus air dry clay in red, yellow and black for both the black and red birdCotton sheeting, cut into 8” x 8” squaresA small cup of waterWooden skewer or needle toolACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kitDrill and 1/8” drill bit 18 gauge craft wireWire cuttersNeedle nose pliersHammer and anvilEmory boardTwo part epoxy glue Clear acrylic spray to seal 1. To make the red bird, pinch off two…
  • Color Plus Air Dry Clay Sunflower

    Activa Products
    7 Jul 2015 | 4:21 pm
    This air dry clay sunflower is sure to brighten any day!  Materials needed: Color Plus air dry clay in yellow and black ACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kit Cotton sheeting cut into 3 8” x 8” squares A small cup of water Wooden skewer or needle tool Pattern for circles 1” and 1 ¾” (think quarter or bottle tops) Burlap ribbon Rectangular glass vase Hot glue gun ACTÍVA Product’s colored sand in green Clear acrylic spray to seal 1. Condition the yellow clay in your hands by kneading and lightly spraying with water if it is dry. It should be smooth and pliable when you are finished.
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    Smitha Katti

  • 30 Day challenge: Week 1

    1 Sep 2015 | 10:04 pm
    For the month of September, I am doing a 30 Day Challenge. A 30 day art challenge where I draw, paint and create everyday. I did something similar in the month of June (which I shared on instagram) and I loved the challenge. It makes you focus, and carve out time to make something. And by trying to do something everyday, you push and test your capabilities. For week one, my supplies are a Strathmore Watercolor sketch pad, Faber Castell Gelatos and Big Brush pens, an aqua brush and a Sharpie. I am going to try and create a pattern or some repetitive design for each painting. Here is what I…
  • Felt Flowers

    31 Aug 2015 | 2:01 am
    Try your hand at making these special, unique flowers using a favorite supply of mine – Felt. These Felt flowers are perfect to decorate a book, journal or wreath. Or, like me you could turn them into pretty hair accessories that would delight any little girl!Felt Flowers are easy to make and the softness of the felt make these so pretty! I love the yummy colors that these basic felt sheets come in.  Felt flowers are easy to put together. Simply cut out your petal shapes and layer them together. Since I was making these for kids, I chose to sew the layers of felt together. If you were…
  • Knit Multi Colored Blanket

    25 Aug 2015 | 12:01 pm
    This Knit Multi Colored Blanket is a simple yet beautiful pattern that will make a snuggly, colorful afghan. Click here to download the pattern for this Knit Multi Colored Blanket For this blanket I am using Bernat Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Yarn. You will need 10 skeins of it- 2 of each color, approximately 1670 yards of yarn. I used 11 skeins because I added a new darker colored fringe at the end. You will also need a size 13 circular knitting needle. The entire blanket is knit holding two strands of yarn held as one (much like my previous Handknit Color Blocked Afghan) Start by casting…
  • Ganesha painting on canvas

    8 Aug 2015 | 10:18 pm
    Over the past few days, I started and completed this Ganesha Painting on Canvas. This is a Mixed media canvas- there is paper, paste, paint, gelato and marker/pen work. There are many layers of details and for me that is part of the fun! I first cut out different patterned papers and adhered them onto the canvas. I added the dimension for the jewelry with paste. I then started bringing in color with paint and stencils. I then tied everything together by drawing lots of details with some Faber Castell Big Brush Markers in various different colors. FOLLOW…
  • DIY nightstand makeover: Before and After

    30 Jul 2015 | 8:00 pm
    A step by step tutorial showing you how to do a DIY nightstand makeover. Take something old and upscale it into something you would find in a boutique! You will need- chalk paint, gold or copper foil, adhesive and sealer for the foil, stencil, wood filler, sander de glosser, scrub, and brushes. Step 1: I sanded the nightstand down using some Sander deglosser with a scrub. Think of it as removing nail polish- and scrub lightly all over to create a rough surface for the paint to adhere onto. Step 2: Place stencil on top of  the drawer front and position it where you want. The stencil…
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    How To Minute

  • Scissor Artist Takes the Blades to Hot Model

    2 Sep 2015 | 6:39 am
    Okay, so there are a lot of “let’s cut up a t-shirt” projects on Pinterest, but what happens when a scissor artist goes at a hot model in a skimpy bikini? This and it’s nothing short of a work of art. I mean, this guy takes it to a whole ‘nother level and quickly. Does he do hair? Is he the real “Edward Scissorhands”?  What’s his story? We have no idea. The only thing we DO know…he’s having his way with this model and her bathing suit. By the end, we all want to watch. Yep, it’s that sexy. Check it out. The post Scissor Artist…
  • Skin a Watermelon and the Internet Goes Wild

    2 Sep 2015 | 6:10 am
    What?  Skin a watermelon?  Yep, one guy took it upon himself to make a naked, baldy, smooth watermelon. Why in the heck would anyone do that?  Maybe he skinned his knee and thought to himself, “Hmmm, what a pinkish, awkward-looking thing.  What else can I make look all creepy like that?  I’ve got it.  Watermelon!” We may never know the reasons why.  The only thing we do know is that once he DOES skin that watermelon the place in your brain that deals with both gross and fascinating is going to light up like a firefly. OMG. HE’S SANDING THE WATERMELON. Why, Lord,…
  • Chipotle Life Hacks for the Cheapo in You

    1 Sep 2015 | 11:30 am
    Everyone likes a bargain, right? That’s why you’re going to love these simple Chipotle life hacks.  Who doesn’t like more than one meal for the price of one meal?! Oh and a Howtominute bonus:  Chipotle is going to start DELIVERING to these 40 college campuses in the fall! The key takeaways to get the most bang for your buck outta Chipotle: – go for the Chipotle burrito bowl – have them smear the guac on the bottom of the bowl – ask for extra tortillas to go That’s it. You’ll be eating like a king!  (Oh and bonus:  they’re paleo, if…
  • Should You Buy a Keysmart?

    1 Sep 2015 | 7:20 am
    There’s an acronym online you should know and it is, EDC or everyday carry. My “everyday carry” is a mess of keys and a phone. If this is you, you might want to look at the keysmart. I know I’m looking and pretty much obsessing over this product. So, what it is? It’s pretty much a Swiss Army knife for keys. There are interesting additions like a mini phone charger, screwdriver or usb you can attach and carry. It looks super easy to put together and there’s a normal size, as well as an extended version. The extended version is supposed to be for…
  • How to Prevent Ice Cream Drips From Dribbling All Over Your Armani

    31 Aug 2015 | 11:45 am
    Okay, maybe you’re not wearing Armani.  Maybe it’s Armani Express.  Either way, you don’t want to drip and dribble ice cream all over it, do you?  You want to prevent ice cream from melting all over beautiful you. Thankfully, this incredible and awe inspiring hack from Instructables is coming to the rescue. It looks like you simply mush a mini-marshmallow down at the bottom of the cone.  At least, I think that’s a mini-marshmallow.  Instructables never says.  It could be a small boric acid pill or a tooth.  We’ll never know for sure, but for now,…
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